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  1. Slink has always been the "responsible" brand, the problem is just they don't leverage that in advertising. Even the layered version of the hourglass is about half the polygons of Maitreya, and a tenth of Belleza, while still managing to get just as pretty a shape. If they did advertise it like that it'd surely be a wise move; who hasn't experienced huge lag spikes around certain avatars in SL? So they're like the electric car of SL, competing against regular Joe car Maitreya and the gas-guzzling luxury vehicle that is Belleza. The tradeoff being that it's a little harder to make skins for, and now you can't use appliers anymore. It's consistent with their brand identity, at least the perceived one, and if that's how they marketed themselves I'd definitely think it's a smart move. Alas...
  2. Slink does, of course, still offer the old applier bodies in the same purchase as the BoM ones. I certainly don't want the onion layers on any new bodies. They're a completely useless drain of resources at this point, and all creators should definitely offer versions without them as they implement BoM. I'd go one step further and say they should discontinue layer bodies entirely. That's the responsible option for helping SL's lag issues, but I can understand why they might not if people aren't willing to change. Have to make a living, after all.
  3. Thank you lindens (and thank you Slink for being so quick to update)! Finally we can be rid of appliers and onion bodies! I *never* liked that system, so much so that I already just added tattoos to my default skin, even before BoM. Should save some processing power too since there's less invisible geometry.
  4. In some circles of SL there's this general attitude that playing as the other sex is wrong, and that's basically them trying to reinforce that they're actually that sex IRL. You could speculate for a while as to why they think it's wrong.
  5. It's an interesting phenomenon, probably because of how things work IRL and people unable to differentiate the two. In RL I don't want uninvited visitors because they might steal, break or wear down my things. In SL, all they can do is enjoy them. Personally I never use banlines or security orbs. If I'm not at home, I don't care what people do in it. If I am and they bother me, I can eject them.
  6. Slink is, as far as I know, the cheapest full-featured body that has a lot of clothes and such available. I believe the free Ruth 2.0 is also omega compatible, but very few creators make any clothes for it.
  7. Depends on what you want. Realistic but a little limited? VAW (looks amazing, but only has three states and such) Fancy but anatomically incorrect? Lady's Secret. (looks very good and is animated, but it's positioned roughly where you'd normally have pubes so it's more on display) Feature-rich but not seamless? Psicorp. (They're not rigged, so there's always a seam, but they have tons of fancy features.)
  8. Shop peeves: 1) bombarded with group invites and notes/landmarks upon entering. 2) Doubly so if there is a join fee. Automatic group invites for expensive groups are the best way to drive me off. 2.5) advertised "freebies" that require me to join your 500 linden group. 3) forced landing point so I can't just appear in front of the vendor I wanted. 4) point 3, and flight is disabled so I can't even fly to the vendor. 5) needing to activate the group tag to receive store credit. Just register it by avatar key, which you store anyway since you're using vendors that allow redelivery! 6) unclear perms. Some things I'm fine with being no mod, others 100% need to be mod. Also, unclear land impact. If I don't know if your furniture thing is 1 or 20 LI I'm not buying it! *pants*
  9. I really like the fantasy homes from the old ones. I hope they remake those eventually. The layout couldn't matter less to me personally (you don't really walk around in your home sim in SL, or at least I don't. I've never had neighbours visit either) so just making the plots bigger with newer plots would be enough.
  10. If you leave the teleport hammer running for a few hours you should get in eventually (are you sure it's actually running?). Could set it for one of the cam regions if you're fine with that.
  11. The reason picks get used for information more than as actual picks is because profiles don't support nearly enough text to give all that info you might want to. As for locations that ban you for utterly trivial reasons, they are universally not worth visiting.
  12. The average female furry avatar with a mesh body, hair, fancy clothes and a bit of jewelry tends to be around 100k in my experience. Then up to some 120k if you really want to accessorise (guilty...). Humans without tails and muzzles are usually some 10-20k lower than that. All in all, though, if it hits numbers like 200k there's probably some very badly made items on you, like old hair.
  13. I have one, and only as a mechanical aid for stuff I need two characters for, like certain HUDs.
  14. Oh, it's not that, I am one of those folks with a really fast connection and computer. The SL servers actually can't serve the pages as fast as I load them, and I'm still not having any luck. But yes, it does seem like I'll be waiting I just wish they'd release a few more houses at once. My heart can't deal with this teasing of seeing a new home and it already being gone when I click the button.
  15. So, having been trying to claim a home, every new drop of them sells out in approximately three seconds, and that's not an exaggeration; I was refreshing every second, and claiming a home takes approximately two (mostly due to the site loading), and by that time they're fully sold out. Just to give you an idea of how fast you have to be to get one right now.
  16. Well, I saw the homes. I tried claiming one ten times, got an unknown error each time, and they were gone. Good. So not only is there a rush but the system outright fails regularly.
  17. They're actually releasing more homes? I've been checking for weeks and not seen any. How am I meant to know when they're available? Agh.
  18. Yes. Certain body dysmorphic stuff I'm working on resolving... SL is both like therapy and training.
  19. I liked the mentor program. But on the other mentioned topic, if the first thing I saw as a newbie on welcome island was a ton of ads I'd probably just quit. People in general are extremely sick of ads, as you can see from the rise of adblock and similar tools.
  20. The Body Parts folder has always kind of creeped me out. Mine's just a mess of heads, tails and hands. If I ever do start making skins in SL though, I'm definitely playing into the creep factor for the ads. "Do you want to look like this beautiful young woman? BUY HER SKIN!"
  21. When viewer 2 was released and they finally retired viewer 1, I quit playing SL for a long while given that the viewer was absolutely terrible. I've tried viewer 3 as well and it's not a significant improvement. It lacks features and the UI is downright offensive, especially to anyone who has studied graphic/UX design at any length. My very first advise to every newcomer is to get Firestorm (or literally any of the TPVs) because I know that if they're anything like me, they won't stick around if they think the default is the only option. It isn't elitism, it's me wanting them to have a better experience, and more often than not, they end up agreeing. If they actually like the default, there's plenty of others who can help. But if I were LL, updating the default viewer would be my #1 priority.
  22. I buy a lot of stuff and the only place I see new products being announced are in groups, in-world.
  23. The problem with the "LL is here to make money" being though that a lot of us basic users spend a ton of money on SL. We just have no reason to go premium specifically due to lack of meaningful perks. The new homes were a good try but most can't actually get one yet or I'd have done it. This is, in turn, a bad attempt to make it more appealing.
  24. And to say something more about that, reducing the groups for basic members might hurt creators in the end, and those are the lifeblood of SL. I'm not leaving my social groups. DJ groups, my event groups, old dead groups that I just have nostalgia for (and couldn't rejoin if left) or my land groups. The only ones I can ditch are the creator ones where my favorites advertise their new releases, so it'll be harder to keep track. I do hope that those group slots are really hardware-intensive and cutting them saves LL a lot of money (/s) because otherwise it's just a completely meaningless net loss that won't get anyone to go premium. The price hike? Well, inflation and all... I think that one's reasonable, but it should probably be accompanied by asking premium members what perks they actually want in exchange, rather than punishing basic users. There have been so many good suggestions for possible things that'd cost LL basically nothing.
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