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  1. What else could it be about? Objectively speaking the female system body really isn't that bad (the male one is, though, with the murder shoulderblades and the amazing folding torso), but it's possible to make the female one look pretty decent...). It's even better than the most common mesh body in some some respects, such as the shoulders! The only way a theme would justify it is if the sim's meant for body types that the system body just can't manage, which is entirely fine if that's what it is.
  2. Honestly, there are plenty of mesh bodies that look worse than the system avatar*. So what sims like this really communicate is the owner wanting some eyecandy, and it'd all be far more honest if they just admitted that. It's no form of discrimination, it's more of an entitlement issue. "if you visit, you need to be dressed in a way that titillates me, because I own the place". That's what it's about, not mesh in particular. *well, the female one... It's hard to do worse than the male system body.
  3. I'd just make an alt and use one of the starter avatars. They're all mesh. Or perhaps the Ruth 2.0, which is free.
  4. I generally aim for dark clothing with some kind of (eccentric/flamboyant) flair, as well as sharp but not unpleasant contrasts. Generally with more coverage than bare skin, though not exclusively so... mainly because you stand out a lot more being modestly/formally dressed in our scantily clad virtual world. Favorite stores would be... For moddable clothing: Neve, CLBlue, Krankhaus, Mutresse, AsteroidBox, Razor For non-moddable clothing that's still customizable enough: L&B, Blueberry
  5. Having the wireframe outline "highlight" a little dimmer instead of eye-searing bright to the degree I can't see what I'm selecting if it's too densely detailed.
  6. This isn't helped by the fact that Lindens themselves use- or at least used - "sim" in the sense of "one of those 256x256 chunks of Second Life"
  7. It I ever do this, I can tell you exactly why: because you IM'd me despite me being right there in front of you, possibly already chatting in public. Generally from what I've seen, a lot of people have a preferred approach. Either local or IM. And those of us who do might generally budget out attention towards that. There only a limited amount of attention one can pay, after all.
  8. Friends. Me 14 years ago, and every single newbie I talk with nowadays, too. It's always word of mouth and friends wanting one to join.
  9. What you described isn't really an exploit, no. But generally a better option is to just favor buying moddable items. :P It'd save you a lot of time while also supporting better creators.
  10. I can't even think of a situation in which this check would do anything useful, pertaining to this topic, given that realistically the same person would have to own all the relevant objects if they wanted to scan through all eleventy billion channels.
  11. Indeed there's nothing wrong with doing what you want with your own items. Purchasing something automatically includes the right to take it apart to whatever degree you wish. (and SL-specifically, though not legally - as long as doing so doesn't violate the "no modify" permission.) Any potential ethical dilemmas come from how you use the knowledge you've gained, but curiosity itself should never be shamed.
  12. A major one: Groups that don't allow you to post links. Especially so if it's a creator group, someone asks where to get a product by that creator, I link it and some helpful moderator chimes in like "please don't post links in chat". Okay, I'm sorry for daring to help someone send you money. SL in general desperately needs fewer cargo cult rules that serve absolutely no purpose. I assume the idea is to avoid phishing links, but then you could just forbid those. Because if a moderator is actively watching the chat, they can be selective. If not, those phishing links will still get posted.
  13. I haven't, but I have seen people get catty over "only" being tipped 100L. I've always thought of 100 as sort of the standard tip, but some seem to expect more.
  14. You could always just alpha your butt out when wearing old clothes too.
  15. Only that your butt would clip through old clothing, since Maitreya clothing isn't (generally) rigged for physical butts.
  16. This isn't a new thing, griefers have been doing it for a while, only with far more obnoxious methods in the past. It's not bannable as per se to take permissions from a sitting avatar, but it is a violation for the creator to abuse those permissions. Assuming that you didn't actually mean they steal prims, which is not possible, but I assume that's a typo.
  17. I just report any automatic subscribers like that. It usually seems to work, too; I rarely get spam from the same one twice.
  18. Items disappearing until a relog if they fail to rez because you dared accidentally try to place them on a mesh surface. Please just return it to my inventory. Please.
  19. Nobody really knows. There was this idea of it meaning that they're investigating your account (for copybotted items or such) but that's probably not the case. It's safest to just assume that it's some kind of routine reboot of the account servers, I think. But as usual, I wish the Lindens were a little more talkative about these ancient mysteries.
  20. I have *never* witnessed furry sims that don't allow human avatars to at least visit. Like, over almost 14 years of SL I've not seen it a single time, whereas I still run into the reverse. (I keep a human in my pocket for those occasions) Also, fresh new pet peeve: hunt locations that place the items roughly 4096 meters in the air and don't clearly label which of 10 teleporters at least goes to the correct skybox. Bonus points if there are ban orbs strewn about the sky to make flying there a more difficult solution.
  21. While that's true, I see Belleza bodies all the time (well, Freya at any rate, rarely the others) and they have a similar position on the market. I. E. Quality/beauty over performance. It might just be that it's much older than legacy, of course. I do actually inspect almost everyone I see, unless I recognize the Maitreya shoulders or the Hourglass mega-butt. (mainly to get ideas for new looks for myself...) So far I've seen three Legacies in the wild.
  22. It is a little peculiar how everyone is very vocal about how good the body is and how there's tons of support, but when you're actually in-world, almost nobody wears it, and beyond the initial big brands that spontaneously started supporting it, nobody else has begun to.
  23. Regalia (the athletic variant in particular). But then you'd have to be a furry.
  24. Before I was notified and therefore started caring about scripts, I was commonly wearing 8 mb of them. The average person that I see is wearing about that. So assuming that you have a modest 20 people in a sim, that's 160 mb on top of all the scripted decor, vendors, what have you. And coming in with just 1 mb (what I managed to diet myself to, without losing any everyday functionality) is a noticeable difference... But only if others also do it. That's why I always recommend clothes and bodies and hair that's either mod or has removable scripts.
  25. I came from WoW. It was always the immersive nature and customisation that I enjoyed, not the gameplay.
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