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  1. Thanks so much for all your help Tari and Lillith.. and yes that is the exact hair I was referring to, and again so sorry for not putting up a link for it.. I will try every place in the marketplace if need be I don't mind if it's not a new style I just like how it looks and it's cute to boot so thank you thank you thank you for all the help.. I will get to practicing putting up links so that next time I will have a link to go with whatever I need help with.. You guys are lifesavers.. Thank you again..
  2. Yes that is the hair i was talking about!!!!! im so sorry that i didnt know how to put up a photo of it but thats it.. I will try the places that you guys mentioned thanks so much for all the help..
  3. Hi I have a question, I was trying to find a hair on marketplace from a ad for a whole avatar that I saw but I have no info on the hair itself, all I know is it is from Jstyle and the hairstyle is a half up half down style blond hair, sorry i dont have a pic of the hair but the avie price is 99L and she is really pretty if that helps.
  4. Hi I have been on secondlife for a good while now and recenIy started searching for it on marketplace tly saw a hair in a pic on marketplace that i wanted to get for my avie, so I started searching it on marketplace . well they have tons of hair on marketplace and something like over 4000 pages so i doubt i will find it. is there a faster way to find it? the picture didnt have a name for the hair it was a ad for buying a whole avatar so I dont have any information on the hair except that its a really cute style that I like. its a half up half down style. the ad is from Jstyle for a woman avie
  5. I am an asian but only use caucasian avies in game because they seem to look way better skinwise.
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