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  1. If anything, it seems to run better for me. Not as well as some other viewers, but better. It might just be people switching to BoM avatars though, getting rid of laggy onion bodies, rather than because of the viewer itself.
  2. Really, any kind of conversation is fine! As long as it's not based entirely on gesture spam or extremely thirsty and nothing but!
  3. Hello, dear SL. I'm a furry about 99% of the time, but I've decided to explore the other side of SL a little in my fancy new skinsuit. Now, the problem is that I can't find any even relatively decent places to hang out at! The problem is that most are... just gesture spam, or just sex. I'm fine with adult activity, but ideally a lounge or club should be more than just naked people and poseballs, right? Plus being able to have relatively smart conversations with people is a must. I've just not been able to find any, and the ones I've been recommended in-world have exorbitant join fees (between 1000 and 2500 lindens... to join a club? what. That's completely unheard of on the furry end of things. The people are the content!) So, any and all recommendations welcome.
  4. Almost certainly, but although I'm very introverted in real life, it's all flipped in virtual worlds. I'm a social butterfly and don't mind talking to anyone, or dozens of people at once... As long as it's one conversation, and not a dozen individual ones.
  5. I'm actually surprised by the general sentiments in this topic, almost everyone I meet in SL is in like... their 20s. I actually feel old at 32. I'm almost always the oldest in the room, including in the human places I've visited! If anything I'd say it's extremely rare to meet anyone older than millennials.
  6. Definitely prefer local in general, I like it when everyone can talk just like they might in real life, dropping in and our of conversations. IMs don't bother me as per se, but they do bother me if I'm already chatting away in local and then someone in the same room goes like "hi how are you" in IMs, expecting me to pay attention to separate one on one conversation.
  7. Oh, did TMP release a version without layers already?
  8. It'd be simple enough to have the layers as a separate attachment. Or just have two versions of the body, one with and one without. But both options need to be there.
  9. I'd have to imagine that they're working on a version without onion layers/appliers. At least I hope they are, unless they want to fade into obscurity very quickly. Once that happens I'll actually put my money where my mouth is and buy it.
  10. Socialising with tons of nerds, and on top of that, socialising with them as what I want to be but didn't get in the real life meat lottery. It's just my social space, where I happily talk with everyone, unlike real life where I'm rather shy.
  11. I asked, once. They just want to see boobs but are too lazy to move. At least that one did.
  12. It is useful for attachments that are enormous, annoying or just plain griefy. Useful, but SL being SL, most seem to use it to remove your clothes instead. Nobody but the user knows it's done since it's all client-side, like blocking someone.
  13. Individual attachments can be derendered. Decent way to counter that is wearing BoM underwear, which can't be.
  14. From what I remember, the policy for mature land is that both nudity and more explicit stuff is perfectly okay "behind closed doors", I.e if you make sure nobody will accidentally see it. For mainland this is generally taken to mean behind solid walls with no way to see the "offensive" material through a window or whatnot, as well as restricting access to strangers (by, for example, locking your doors - banlines aren't necessary).
  15. There's not really much of a side to pick; the linden home sims are definitely packed with prims.
  16. This body doesn't have BoM yet. At least the demo doesn't.
  17. The TMP store sure is an adventure. It's practically part of the SL legendarium at this point for how difficult it is to use. The idea is that you accept the experience that should pop up after clicking the sign, which makes it a little easier. If that doesn't pop up they're probably experiencing troubles. (you can also cam around until you find the vendors - or just get the demo from marketplace, which is faaaaar preferrable)
  18. Since it's a gut feeling thread, I actually don't like this kind of grading. I mean, it makes anything below the top level less attractive to me. I suppose because it takes my mind to jewellery or medals... Bronze isn't very desirable when you could have gold. (so a user might think, "well, I can't afford platinum, no point in getting the lesser variants"). I feel like it's important to make all tiers shiny and desirable. Premium Plus, Premium Light, Premium Deluxe all work better for me, since those add more without making the original less appealing.
  19. The Slink Redux - if you own the bundle - comes with an item called the Asymmetry Harness, which allows for the asymmetrical kind of things!
  20. Let me tell you about my gacha peeves. I'm not the biggest fan of gachas to begin with, but there are some very effective ways of making sure that I definitely don't play yours. 1) Trash prizes. Every single item in your thing should be desirable, at least to someone. So if it's like "hey there's 7 good items and 7 random junk that I found in my inventory" I'm not going to play it because I don't want the latter, ever, even as freebies. 2) Mixed colors in one machine. Particularly if it's an outfit gacha. Imagine that you have a 10-piece set, but each one comes in five different colors. So even if I'm lucky enough to hit each prize, one by one, I'm still going to end up with a mismatched outfit barring absolutely grotesque numbers of plays. 3) Ultra rare items. Ah, so just the rare with a ~5% win chance wasn't enough, we're doing ultra rares with a ~1% chance too? Yeah, I'm not going to even try, especially if you don't tell me exactly how rare it is. 4) Too much variance in items. How many people are looking for both a kitchen sink, a washing machine and an outdoors sofa? I'm not! I just want the kitchen sink! 5) Expensive spins. I'm sorry, there's only so much I'm willing to pay for a random item that might not be what I want, and that cost is way below $L100. Actually just sell me the full sets. Please.
  21. You can't, unless you're using the Maitreya that hasn't been BoM-enabled yet (i.e. you've not used the relay that they sent out!) It's less confusing than it seems! For a BoM body, you have to wear a system skin (a skin item in your inventory). Almost certainly when Maitreya does a proper update, they'll release system versions of the formerly pre-installed skins.
  22. Extra life. But if that's too video-gamey, then Premium Plus seems like the most fitting title.
  23. I'm extremely happy with Slink's new approach. Alpha cuts were buggy, tedious to set up, affected heavily by lag while using massive chunks of script memory. The new system needs only a little initial effort and then it's easier, more granular, and faster than the old ways. I certainly never want the alpha cut system to return.
  24. You do need to wear system skins on BoM bodies, but they don't have to be old! They can be new and just as pretty as any applier skin! Others will also see that skin, and any system clothing you choose to wear. But you don't have to wear any system clothing, only a skin. If you want to have a skin, that is!
  25. Slink had BoM on release day for all of their bodies, and flawlessly so. It's not really a hard feature to implement compared the previous big new tech things.
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