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  1. It's a heavy burden, but I carry it with great humility, as long as everyone constantly praises me for my eternal rightness about things.
  2. Pff, if there's any argument that's invalid it'd have to be this one. Let me modify something and it'll leave a better impression than the original. Creators are not inherently better at making appealing designs than modders. The most obvious evidence of that is the mass of primary color outfits at events. You can do so much more with the whole rainbow at your disposal. Also, none of the hair I buy is rigged. Not only do I have short hair, but rigged hair will not and cannot fit on my head. So it must be resized. It's not even a matter of opinion: I literally *cannot* wear no mod hair. Thankfully, many creators (CATWA for one!) allow it.
  3. Basically if I had to tell anything to no mod creators is at least have a full RGB palette of color options with a HUD. Just primary colors is not enough.
  4. I don't, personally. Or rather, it depends on the item. If it's clothes in particular, the creator better have exactly the color scheme(s) I like, or just leave it modifiable. Otherwise I'm not buying. It's fully within their rights to decline my money. Not that I understand why but not everyone's going to understand each other.
  5. People initiating roleplay in IMs without even saying hello first. I'll play along maybe 1/100 times if you have an avatar so stunning it literally takes my breath away, and the stars align, but generally it just makes me feel pressured as hell. Also any mention of entitlement, particularly if it's from a merchant who I bought something that doesn't work from. These darn millennials feeling entitled to functional products that do what the product listing says! Ye gawds!
  6. Short answer: Other than banning everyone from the entire sim there's no way to stop them from camming into your house. Best you can do is make them unable to see avatars in it.
  7. Inworld by far, it's just much more... I don't know, touchy? More immersive? After all, if I never leave my home, what am I buying all these clothes for? I don't like the crowded events, but I'll generally go to a "physical" store over marketplace. Marketplace is only useful for finding out about products in the first place. Plus the creators get more money from in-world purchases.
  8. Copybotting wasn't that big with furries from what I remember. There is a tendency to edit textures for personal use though, and oftentimes if you IM a creator to ask for permission they'll tell you to go right ahead as long as you don't sell the result. Mainly because many furries have rather elaborate patterns that are tons of work to make for just person, so it's easier if they all do it by themselves, I'd imagine. (and since almost all creators are *also* furries, they know how important it is to get them just right) Very enlightening post, it's interesting to see where the population of SL diverged like that.
  9. You're looking at very dense legalese. I'm not a layer, but generally the legal definition of "Impersonation" is more along the lines of... The intent is important. Simply wearing an avatar wouldn't qualify. The rule is phrased like it is to, well, prevent abuse. As long as you make it clear you're actually an adult, and aren't actively trying to deceive others - minors in particular - it shouldn't be a problem. I'm sure someone with a more law-focused education could clarify that further. I'm merely a linguist.
  10. Hello, dear Second Life. I've noticed that over the years the various wider communities of SL have all developed their own cultures, often with rather striking differences, and I'd like to talk about what things you've noticed. For example, contrasting furry and human groups... (these are just personal observation, highly anecdotal, and your mileage may vary; it's all a sliding scale rather than absolute differences anyway). 1) Human DJs are far more likely to talk on their streams. Furries typically prefer text for this, even though they do talk on voice otherwise. 2) Almost everything sold by and to furries has the modify permission. The fact that a lot of very big SL brands are no-mod - particularly mesh bodies and clothes - is generally a jarring difference. 3) ...and because everything is mod you're generally expected to know how to modify yourself. It's a DIY kind of attitude that reduces the need for customer support! 4) Human clubs use way, way more gestures on average. You almost never see the "applause" or ASCII art gestures in furry places. Just some examples. I'm wondering what differences you notices between whatever groups you visit. Do gorean DJs (if they exist) talk? Are vampire teeth sold modifiable? Who knows!
  11. Even the full-sized ones? They seemed to stop doing the release events, and they were always limited in number, other than to people who already owned one.
  12. There's Starax' magic wand. It's all very dated now, but back then it was amazing (and I never had the chance to buy it). Similar could be said for the Isle of Wyrms dragons and the old Mutation Industries avatars. Most of it wouldn't be impressive to a newcomer at all, but they all have that mythical quality to me. Some of them I own, some I don't.
  13. It bothers me somewhat that all the avatars are just regular humans. SL has so much more room for creativity, and a huge part of the population don't even use human avatars. Why not have a robot, a furry, a flying toaster...? Edit: Like, the man carrying the dog is cute, but if it was the dog carrying the man it'd be a thousand times more memorable.
  14. Group invite bots in general, but especially for groups with a join fee. Like, it feels like store itself is a beggar aggressively demanding lindens. <.< A lot of big SL shops do it, too. It's a good way of making me far less likely to actually buy anything, unless it's of truly singular quality.
  15. Unreadable display names, and there's a lot of them. Particularly delightful if the holder of said display name complains when I refer to them by their username instead.
  16. 1) Social interaction. It's my favorite platform for being social online. 2) Roleplaying. 3) Music. 4) Therapy for a certain dysphoria, since I can look like whatever I want.
  17. There's nothing wrong with it, like I said, 99% of the time, but the remaining one percentage when it just feels like an excuse. Any other clear violations of immersive roleplay rules are ignored, like as I mentioned, by having scantily dressed ladies on the street in Victorian England (and they're not RPing as working women), but a properly modestly-dressed furry is shown the door. I'm sure there's some kind of reasoning behind it, but those scenarios are so rare that I've not bothered to ponder on it.
  18. Almost all of the time furry and human avatars get along just fine in my experience. Particularly in furry clubs, which almost always spell out that yes, humans are allowed, and they'll also be stared at in a suggestive fashion. The fandom was built on an LGBT foundation so the acceptance runs very, very deep. Human clubs are a little more iffy, 99% fine but then there's the 1% where they claim that it's, say, a victorian RP club or something, despite the women having cleavages deep enough to hide a coke can in, and it feels like the roleplay rule only applies to furry avatars. But that's *very* rare. That said I don't understand why anyone would go to human clubs anyway. It's just gestures. Gestures until the cows come home. </s>
  19. I think it's hilarious when I get kicked from some medieval marketplace area for being a furry. It's like, oh, you didn't want my money? That said, species dysphoria might be a real thing. It's been paid more attention to in academia in recent years. Still... considering you can ban black avatars, women, men etc in SL, it's really not worth trying to fight for your right to be a furry everywhere. Just don't go there, they're the ones losing out, not you.
  20. Yup, it's not loading on my desktop. It does kinda load on my phone, though. Both use Chrome, so I have no explanation. edit: Hey, they fixed it. edit 2: Kinda...
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