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  1. I managed to slot myself in and... the whole setup is just weird. You have to register for limited-hour events to just walk around and play games. If you want to play any more involved games, it costs money. There's very little with any kind of mass participation or spontaneous drop-in stuff. And then, like I said before, the sim shuts down instead of letting people explore freely once scheduled events end. I dunno, I strongly feel like they should've looked at how SL events usually work before trying it. Better luck next time. I do hope it doesn't discourage other conventions from trying to have events on SL.
  2. I planned on going but they're doing it in a really weird way, where the sim is only open a few hours per day. They're not exactly playing to the strengths of a digital platform...
  3. I think what this author means is that camping is a thing (members getting paid for staying at someone's land...) but has some difficulties mastering the art of communication. Further evidenced by them thinking that IP in this context means Internet Protocol.
  4. Neve, CLBlue, Krankhaus, Caboodle, Razor, Asteroidbox...
  5. Mm. I've never seen the word used in that sense on SL, though. I suppose it's defined partially by the context.
  6. ...oh, really now? I've only ever seen the word "escort" used synonymously with "prostitute" in SL. Of course, obviously a prostitute would have limits too. What other kinds of escorts are there?
  7. I would definitely buy a necklace/pendant of the SL all-seeing hand of doom.
  8. The problem is your neighbours. Belli is already full of detail, so a person or two using badly optimized furniture can slow even gaming PCs to an absolute crawl. You could figure out who and kindly ask them to cut down on it, but since this is SL, a more likely solution is switching homes.
  9. Definitely. A lot of it depends on the type of jewelry too. Like a bracelet shouldn't be rigged. An earring doesn't have to be. For a necklace it makes more sense, especially if it's a long one. And for a belly chain it's basically a necessity.
  10. I was going to take a fancy photo, and then decided I don't want to spend forever doing it, but still put in too much effort the raw thread. So, here.
  11. I feel like there must be a real case here, like others have pointed out you can't really file DMCAs frivolously or anonymously, so Genus knows who it is (regardless of what they claim - if they don't know who it is, the DMCA isn't valid), and could sue.
  12. Locations that participate in hunts but hide the items too well. Like this unnamed one, where they are in an unmarked skybox with an unmarked teleporter somewhere, and flying is off. Like, the point of a hunt isn't to drive the visitors insane. I don't want to go through both ground level (to find however you get up there) and then also several skyboxes! edit: Two for one, but also people who ask "should I do/buy X" and then it turns out they just wanted you to validate their already made choice.
  13. I got a gift from Surplus Motors, the Sim Runner 7, pictured here in a typical SL-icious landscape that you'll probably encounter just driving around. These definitely control well enough for a roadtrip, at least! (imagine how beautiful this view would be without the hovering garbage...)
  14. Yeah, that's why I'd want one with good handling. Meaning it doesn't go from 0 to 100 in a split second like most cars on SL seem to. Bicycle would be an option, too, but I've not seen any with place for passengers!
  15. Hello! I've been thinking of taking a road trip in SL since we're still rather discouraged from such indulgences in real life. But what car to use? I have the classic Dominus Shadow which handles like a dream, but sadly rather explodes on sim crossings. Since then I've been to a few places, test-driving cars - most either look bad, or handle bad. Does anyone have any recommendations? It'd have to have place for at least one passenger, and I tend to like 80s design! Yours truly, an otter
  16. The SL population has never reacted well to basic accounts getting more restrictions, but perks for premiums certainly seem to get more people to pay up. Bellisseria certainly seems like it worked, for example.
  17. Regarding those ratings: one big and constant peeve would be sims with rules different than the settings suggest, but yet not communicated clearly. Adult sim, but nudity not allowed? Well, you're going to have to tell your visitors that. Flying allowed, but not over rental parcels? Yeah, you'll have to tell me that one too. This, in general, extends to groups too. Adult group? Well, I'm expecting adult chat to be allowed, unless you say it isn't. No, group X, not being allowed to post links is not the expected default. And so on. I wonder how much unnecessary drama could be easily avoided if everyone just outright stated what is and isn't allowed.
  18. I have absolutely no idea how SL determines room to sit, but it doesn't follow geometry.
  19. I made a custom script to have my eyes move around naturally. The idea is a simple thing that sets a random timer and then rotates the eyes a little, setting a new random timer, while also syncing each motion for both eyes. Granted that won't work for rigged eyes, but maybe unrigged is an option?
  20. I can't wait to meet a shady poseball dealer in a dark virtual alley.
  21. Doors that open really slowly and stay physical while doing so, making sure that you can't get inside before waiting until the five-second ritual of opening has been finished. Especially fun in laggy sims.
  22. In the end it all boils down to if the buyers understand the product or not. Microsoft acquiring Mojang improved the product massively. Square Enix doing it to Eidos went rather well too. Only time will tell what our glorious over-avatars will be like (but if they actually put in the effort to put together avatars of their own, that'd be a good sign).
  23. Yeah, I mean, to be fair, the Linden leadership of the past hasn't exactly been stellar either. The whole Sansar thing, namely. And everything M did. If we look at silver linings, there is a possibility that things will improve. I never got the feeling that the really high-up ones cared about the SL community much, beyond the first, hallowed be his name.
  24. Of course, we could also be positive. If issues like covid keep popping up, a platform like SL is practically a goldmine. Maybe our benevolent overlords invest enough money to totally revamp the client code for modern performance and true VR support, and then keep investing because the moment that happens SL is going to become the past app of the future... again.
  25. Is there really demand for linden homes, though? From what it seems to me, it's mostly people who already have one trying to roll a location they like more. The notion of SL being "stronger than ever" is categorically untrue, also, but...
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