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  1. I also experienced a demo so bad it made me not buy the product. It had: 1) a giant demo sign in front of the boots 2) only one boot 3) a 10 minute demo timer 4) only one texture available to preview when the full product supposedly had 5 of so 5) that texture had the word DEMO on it Between all of that it really made me feel like the creator absolutely *loathes* his customers. So I did him a favor and didn't buy that pair.
  2. You can absolutely have a very detailed outfit with all the bells and whistles below 100k (and an equally low polycount) even! It just might not be exactly what you specifically want.
  3. Hello, dear Second Life! I have a question: do you care about your render cost/complexity/polycount? For example, if you had hair that you really liked, but was 100k triangles, would you wear that or a 10k hair that you like a little less? How about an ideal 500k polygon body, or a 20k great one? The examples are arbitrary, but I'd like to get a feel for what the average user feels. Is your appearance all that matters, or are there things you'd not be willing to do just for beauty's sake? I realize that might sound a little judgmental but it's really not meant to; I just want to hear thoughts from people I don't yet know about this!
  4. I'll never understand where this "height discrimination" supposedly happens in SL (well, other than all the furniture being designed for giants...). I've never once, over 13 years in SL, been accused to RPing as a child despite being about half a meter shorter than average at 1.72. It might be because my avatar clearly looks like an adult woman despite being short in comparison! So, no, you can't judge an avatar's age by height, and it basically never ever happens. However, you certainly do get to decide it by look; if you look obviously underage, well... it doesn't matter how many thousands of years old you might be according to your biography.
  5. Build high up in the sky is my recommendation, if it bothers you. That's generally how you signal that you want privacy in sandboxes (and vice versa, building on ground level signals otherwise, at least everywhere I frequent). That said you could also sit while building. (i.e. the standard in sandboxes I make stuff in is ground level = feel free to chat or poke my build, sky = leave me alone).
  6. It desperately needs to take geometry into account, for one. According to the current ARC, a 500k polygon body is no worse than a 20k one, so I have to manually derender everyone wearing those.
  7. Well, isn't that interesting? I was told it does support it, and then I tried it and it seemingly rendered me correctly. And now I tested it again, and it doesn't. So... apparently it indeed does not? My bad, it's not a viewer I use regularly!
  8. It does, I tested it after someone mentioned that.
  9. The more script-heavy a hud is, in my experience, the more likely it is to be affected by the detach bug, and the Maitreya one is *very* script-heavy. Though that causing the detach bug to happen more often might just be confirmation bias. I don't know for sure yet.
  10. It is, if you ask me. I mostly use SL to chat, but the possibility of engaging in adult activities is a big part of why I prefer this over other alternatives. It's odd, I don't actually *do* it that much, but I like the freedom. That's the actual draw for me. Well, one of them anyway.
  11. That's what Slink did. They still provide the layered avatars in the same box (as "classic"), leaving the choice to the user. The only difference is you don't get BoM with the classic avatars, which is a good nudge to get people to switch.
  12. I do think it would be possible! People in real life are generally becoming more interested in stuff like sustainability and not polluting and such. Of course, it's not exactly a perfect comparison, but a parallel could be drawn in advertising, and I think people could be convinced to sacrifice just a little of their convenience in exchange for feeling (much) better about their impact. Just for the record, the Slink Redux is 16k polygons, compared to one of the other big brands having 500k. I think it's a great initiative personally; in a dream SL where every avatar is that well optimized, we'd all be having far, far better framerates. I do also think that lacking that approach to marketing, they might have to supply both options, eventually. Of course, this is all from a (hopeless idealist) consumer perspective; I don't create anything in-world, myself, nor am I terribly good at running a business.
  13. Slink has always been the "responsible" brand, the problem is just they don't leverage that in advertising. Even the layered version of the hourglass is about half the polygons of Maitreya, and a tenth of Belleza, while still managing to get just as pretty a shape. If they did advertise it like that it'd surely be a wise move; who hasn't experienced huge lag spikes around certain avatars in SL? So they're like the electric car of SL, competing against regular Joe car Maitreya and the gas-guzzling luxury vehicle that is Belleza. The tradeoff being that it's a little harder to make skins for, and now you can't use appliers anymore. It's consistent with their brand identity, at least the perceived one, and if that's how they marketed themselves I'd definitely think it's a smart move. Alas...
  14. Slink does, of course, still offer the old applier bodies in the same purchase as the BoM ones. I certainly don't want the onion layers on any new bodies. They're a completely useless drain of resources at this point, and all creators should definitely offer versions without them as they implement BoM. I'd go one step further and say they should discontinue layer bodies entirely. That's the responsible option for helping SL's lag issues, but I can understand why they might not if people aren't willing to change. Have to make a living, after all.
  15. Thank you lindens (and thank you Slink for being so quick to update)! Finally we can be rid of appliers and onion bodies! I *never* liked that system, so much so that I already just added tattoos to my default skin, even before BoM. Should save some processing power too since there's less invisible geometry.
  16. In some circles of SL there's this general attitude that playing as the other sex is wrong, and that's basically them trying to reinforce that they're actually that sex IRL. You could speculate for a while as to why they think it's wrong.
  17. It's an interesting phenomenon, probably because of how things work IRL and people unable to differentiate the two. In RL I don't want uninvited visitors because they might steal, break or wear down my things. In SL, all they can do is enjoy them. Personally I never use banlines or security orbs. If I'm not at home, I don't care what people do in it. If I am and they bother me, I can eject them.
  18. Slink is, as far as I know, the cheapest full-featured body that has a lot of clothes and such available. I believe the free Ruth 2.0 is also omega compatible, but very few creators make any clothes for it.
  19. Depends on what you want. Realistic but a little limited? VAW (looks amazing, but only has three states and such) Fancy but anatomically incorrect? Lady's Secret. (looks very good and is animated, but it's positioned roughly where you'd normally have pubes so it's more on display) Feature-rich but not seamless? Psicorp. (They're not rigged, so there's always a seam, but they have tons of fancy features.)
  20. Shop peeves: 1) bombarded with group invites and notes/landmarks upon entering. 2) Doubly so if there is a join fee. Automatic group invites for expensive groups are the best way to drive me off. 2.5) advertised "freebies" that require me to join your 500 linden group. 3) forced landing point so I can't just appear in front of the vendor I wanted. 4) point 3, and flight is disabled so I can't even fly to the vendor. 5) needing to activate the group tag to receive store credit. Just register it by avatar key, which you store anyway since you're using vendors that allow redelivery! 6) unclear perms. Some things I'm fine with being no mod, others 100% need to be mod. Also, unclear land impact. If I don't know if your furniture thing is 1 or 20 LI I'm not buying it! *pants*
  21. I really like the fantasy homes from the old ones. I hope they remake those eventually. The layout couldn't matter less to me personally (you don't really walk around in your home sim in SL, or at least I don't. I've never had neighbours visit either) so just making the plots bigger with newer plots would be enough.
  22. If you leave the teleport hammer running for a few hours you should get in eventually (are you sure it's actually running?). Could set it for one of the cam regions if you're fine with that.
  23. The reason picks get used for information more than as actual picks is because profiles don't support nearly enough text to give all that info you might want to. As for locations that ban you for utterly trivial reasons, they are universally not worth visiting.
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