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  1. Am I the only one left that has a Sperm Gun? My BFSL (Best Friend in SL) and I used to have a blast with them. I miss Tabby.
  2. No. You want cartoons, there are plenty of cartoony games already on the market. Have at it.
  3. Since you've only created alts from two different locations (unless I miscounted) there's no reason you couldn't provide the info for both with the explanation that you weren't sure which set of info was for that account. As long as you provide the correct info they will "return" an account to you. That's how I got this account back when some script kiddie managed to log into it. I couldn't remember which email addy I had used so I gave all of the ones I was using at the time. As you can see, I have the account still. Sometimes, offering info they don't specifically ask for will give them enough to make the correct determination. Sometimes. I make no guarantees you won't end up dealing with an @$$hole who insists on going "by the book". Personally identifying information isn't always addresses, phone numbers, SS numbers, DoB, etc. It can be the seemingly unimportant little details that make the difference.
  4. Missed out on the weather drama thread. Again!
  5. I hated those things as a child. They were nasty! Nassy! Nassy! Nassy! 🤮
  6. I can give you the full address if you want... including the zip code. /me sighs and shakes her head at all the strange things she never forgets
  7. Once you have ascertained the issue isn't on "your end", you should file a support ticket. This issue has been an ongoing, off again, on again issue for... well, since the beginning. Sometimes it can be fixed, sometimes not. The one thing you should definitely try is resetting the settings. You know, uncheck the checkie box, apply/save/whatever they are calling it these days, then recheck the checkie box, and... well... you know the rest. ETA: Just saw on another forum where someone seems to be having the same issue. Still, make certain the issue isn't on your end and try the reset settings before filing a ticket. LL may or may not be aware there is an issue.
  8. @MekaC I read your article. The only two constructive criticisms I have are the first paragraph seems to be worded a bit awkwardly, which in itself is nothing unusual as the first paragraph is always the hardest to write, the second is I spotted ONE typo. I'm pretty sure the word is teach. It's the only word that makes sense. Going back to the first paragraph, I just want to say that it may appear awkward to me and not others. This sentence is where I ran into trouble: Perhaps the word "with" should be inserted between related and us? Or is there a phrase missing? Punctuation maybe? I think I know what you were trying to convey with this sentence but I'm not absolutely certain. The uncertain is why I mention it. Other than that, Outstanding! I thought Prince giving a standing ovation was appropriate.
  9. Link is working properly now. Not sure what that higjacking bit was about. Something about Chrome and a cell phone. Anyway, I have to leave for work now but I will read the article when I get home this afternoon. Looking forward to reading it.
  10. Humans are not the cause of global warming or climate change. Humans are, however, the cause of the acceleration.
  11. Damn. I should have waited with my first answer.
  12. Nah. They were pokin fun at me. At everyone in the troop. There were one or two that were way worse than mine.
  13. #2 is the lie. ETA: For a few years while I was still a Girl Sprout Scout, mine was Lovable Lulu. Not sure where the Lovable part came from. 😈
  14. Nope. I've known guys like that in RL. They never change.
  15. Even though I quoted you, it wasn't exactly aimed at you. ...tips my hat at you then sets you on fire
  16. Mentors were not LL employees. They were volunteers. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Second_Life_Mentor http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Volunteer_Portal
  17. That wasn't to say I am never a "team player". Just to be clear. I will look out for/take care of myself first and foremost because if I don't, I can't look out for/take care of anyone else. That would be neglect.
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