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  1. In your particular case, LL is most likely correct. If you think I am defending LL, you are wrong. I have plenty of my own bones to pick with them.
  2. Incorrect. Once upon a time the only land available was mainland. Private regions did not exist. Mainland was designed for everyone. Homesteads weren't introduced until 2009. I don't remember exactly what year private regions were introduced but it was only a couple or three years before homesteads.
  3. Notre Dame Catherdral is burning. There's nothing left but the framework.
  4. Yep. Doom and gloom is really going to help things. You seem to be expecting perfection where perfection does not exist. If LL didn't keep the servers up to date, SL would have ceased to exist 10 years ago. When it comes to expansion, that is Sansar. No, everyone is not "itching to strap on a pair of googles". That sort of virtual reality is even more of a niche market than virtual worlds like SL are. Not to mention there are those of us who can't use the VR goggles due to TMI. A not so small niche group of people. There are times when it is better to engage the brain before putting the mouth (or fingers) into gear.
  5. That isn't being mature. That's covering up for someone else. Also known as lying. I've done more than my fair share of just that the past 60 years. It's the wrong thing to do. Others need to take responsibility for their own actions and words, otherwise they will never mature.
  6. That's part of what I have said about not having nearly the issues that seem to plague everyone else. I've recently been using the MP to make some looooooong awaited purchases and haven't had any issues doing so. Have you thought about clearing browser cookies? They can become corrupt. I know people don't like having to run cleanup and defrag once a week (many believe it not necessary or will mess up a SSD) but doing so is far better for your computer and your programs.
  7. Odd, I just spent about 12 hours in SL just today. I'm sorry I don't have nearly the issues that others do. I never have. Sim/region crossings have always been troublesome. I'm more concerned with the being logged out on teleport issues that is affecting so many people, including myself (just doesn't happen nearly as frequently for me than it does for many). That will drive people away if LL can't get a handle on it soon. Not me though. I was used to this kind of thing happening frequently 14 years ago.
  8. I'm back to being chopped liver again? What needs to happen is a change in the current SL culture... or rather the attitudes that developed the current culture.
  9. Were you in SL when RedZone was a thing? If not, then you are not aware of the fact that they were dossing residents and storing that information to grief people with. The guy who created RedZone? He was a convicted criminal. So yes, it has everything to do with SL. And the 9mm that was aimed at my head and the resulting bullet holes in the wall behind my head. That kind of stalker. The kind that will track you down no matter where you go, including online. Especially online.
  10. I've have said that I don't know how many times. Yes, I did. And I wouldn't do otherwise. So pretty much what we have now with mainland and privates estates. Just they aren't indicated on the map by anything other than location. How would you go about "marking them on the map"?
  11. Ever run into a perfectly clean and clear sheet of plexiglass or safety glass? That's what's gonna happen if someone who is flying, driving, what have you and can't see those lines. Then the bitching will really get started. And all because they forgot they turned banlines off. Oops.
  12. Philip's idea that turned out to be SL, was for a 3D operating system.
  13. It's probably the Vivox for voice. It often throws an AV false positive on TPVs.
  14. It can be. Especially in troubleshooting. Sorry if I came off sounding as if I were scolding you or something. Sometime I excise excess verbiage a bit too much.
  15. That one crash isn't the the same issue as disconnect on teleport. The issue that is affecting many users is being disconnected during a teleport. That is not the same thing as crashing. When your viewer just suddenly shuts down of its own accord, that's crashing. When you are being logged out, that's not crashing.
  16. At least you don't blame the dog... or the cat... or the mouse.
  17. Not true. SL is actually more stable now that it was in 2004. A lot more. Don't be such a pessimist. I like you better when you're more optimistic.
  18. Those who are mature haven't necessarily grown up. My mother never grew up. Neither will I. Yet, I was always considered to be mature far beyond my years. Figure that one out. lol
  19. Increasing my bandwidth makes no difference. I'm on FiOS, 100mbps. https://frontier.com/shop/internet/fios-internet
  20. You're a bit too far out in the galaxy. Left field is located on the third planet from the sun in the Sol system.
  21. You're preaching to the choir. Lighten up a bit. I was teasing.
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