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  1. Wait! What? Everyone else is 25? Dadgummit I've been doing it wrong again. I thought it was never trust anyone under over 30!
  2. That was the whole point. I kinda like this Riot guy. He has a sense of humor.
  3. There was a bit of confusion but it appears to have been cleared up. Until the next one comes along and we have to repeat it all over again. Par for the course eh?
  4. You are cruising for a bruising aren't you. Of course JM!!
  5. Is your name Love Zhaoying? No? Didn't think so. . . . . .
  6. You had to. You just bloody had to didn't you. And I was doing so well! *heads for her bunk*
  7. He is indeed. I'm not a fan per se. He's just a damn fine actor (no pun intended). His looks come second.
  8. Aquaman? lol It goes all the way back to StarGate: Atlantis. ETA: And yes now I am speaking directly to you.
  9. I was speaking directly to Love. I was responding to what he said. It really wasn't about you. I'll let you know when it is about you.
  10. I'm thinking there are those who really do not understand or know what blackface actually means. Here's an example for those who aren't getting it. Both men are wearing blackface. Both men are white. They are pretending to be black and overly exaggerating (read belittling) the behavior of black people for the purpose of entertainment. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackface
  11. Who is ranting? I posted an informational link. What others do with it isn't on me.
  12. What part of "be whatever you want to be" did you not comprehend?
  13. uh oh... I can see the flames now...
  14. Better ditch the human avatar then because humans do exist in real life. My point is, be whatever you want in SL just draw the line at cultural appropriation.
  15. Gor is fiction ffs. Very badly written science fiction.
  16. Yeah, don't let Maddy scare you off. She's the only one that sets people on fire. The rest of us just throw more gasoline.
  17. No no sweetie. Chasing men is an exertion, not an exercise. They're supposed to chase you, not the other way around. Don't think so. Perhaps the missing old one is a clue?
  18. I can see where that might be a problem. Maybe a little exercise now and then will help?
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