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  1. Thank you for your tips about forgetting password. And clearing my local date on my computer. This is good information to remember. On my computer this is mine. I am the owner. But that is not what I want. I am probably addicted but not as bad. as real drug. I am ok. I just want my account been deleted for real. Even in the database on the server of LL. I know that Linden Lab is an american company. But here we have a law "european data protection". I accept if the deletion time is 30 days just in case I change my mind or whatever. I can wait. But that information should be clear and easy to find. https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/policies/data-protection-reform/ I have the right to ask for deletion of my data (account). That information should be clear, understandable and easy to do. Sometimes deletion is so hard that people just let the account and don't use it. I think the database of LL should be full of non active accounts. But that is not my problem. My deletion is pending so all is fine.
  2. This is a free account. Yes I see in the middle of the page Your current status: Cancellation Pending The cancellation request is received and now I am waiting. How long does that take I don't know. I will check in the next days. Thank you for your help.
  3. Maybe I am not on the right place. But I still ask my question. I want to delete my account. I went to the site and click delete account but the next page is Account summary. Is my account deleted ? is it in process and I shall wait. I don't find any button or link I confirme deletion something like that Is it possible to delete an account ? Or it is hard like deleting a facebook account ? I hope not. I would understand if the account is not deleted immediatly. But at least I have no message that tells me. You are account is suspended and will be deleted definitively with all your inventory etc.. in xx days. But no message like that. Only Your Account: Account Summary I want to delete my account definitively. I want to have a real life. If I keep it open I risk to use it again. I don't want that.
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