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  1. You want the t-shirt? I'll give you mine. It only has a few small holes in it.
  2. Some of us are on very limited, low incomes and can't afford to spend thousands of Ls to replace everything we already have or made ourselves. I suppose we shouldn't be allowed in SL since we have so little money to spare.
  3. lol You read my mind. Get out of there! It's dangerous! lol
  4. There are many kinds of drama. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drama You likely already know much of what is written on the Wiki. Dictionaries also define drama as which is the sense of the word as it is used in reference to events in/around SL. Mostly. Not always. Context is important as to how the word is being used.
  5. Re-texturing isn't all there is to modding a purchased item. Perhaps I'd like to link the ottoman to the chair so when I move them they move together and can be re-positioned. Unlinked, you have to spend twice as much time moving and positioning. Sorry, you can't save your self time (which you have less and less of as you grow older) and effort because a creator says you can't because they're afraid you're going to ruin the furniture. Perhaps I'd like to add some animations to an item or adjust the script a bit to more accurately fit*. No, I'm stuck with the ones already there that having me sitting too high or too low and are just not intended for shorter avatars. No mod tosses "your world, your imagination" right out the window. *True, not everyone should be dinking around with scripts. There can be some really horrific unintended results.
  6. Ah. Your sister is your alt but is your alt your sister? 🛸
  7. I wish RL clothing manufacturers would make their clothing mod so I can tailor them to fit since I can't afford tailored to fit clothes. It's a pain in the butt to have to shorten the pant legs on every pair of pants/jeans I buy or add darts in the waist of skirts because they size their clothing differently. Or having to pay extra for a larger sized blouse because I have broader than average shoulders for a woman and the blouse with the outfit is too tight through the shoulders and the sleeves are too short. Oh.
  8. https://knowyourphrase.com/what-am-i-chopped-liver
  9. Oh ffs. Here we go with the "insult the other's intelligence" bit again. Sorry. Not playing that mind game.
  10. I wasn't matching black and red. I was matching the reds with the black being nothing more than accent. You're taking a general statement to be a personal attack.
  11. I was neither trying to prove nor disprove that as it had nothing to do with my point. I was pointing out that it can be done both in RL and SL to someone who does not believe it can be.
  12. I've been in her shoes more times than I care to remember. I've been on both sides of that counter since I was 14 off and on. I avoid working retail whenever I can.
  13. Like I said, I do that every time I go shopping, RL or SL. I'm sorry my example, which was the only one I happen to have handy, didn't live up to your expectations. There are tons of SL blogs out there where you can find others doing the same thing. It helps to be knowledgeable about women's fashions, fabrics, dyes, dye lots and a myriad of other things that go into creating a wardrobe.
  14. Yet it's up to us to make it right for the customer so they will come back again and again and again and spend more money so we can continue making the customer happy and making money.
  15. Women do exactly this every time they go shopping in RL. SL bloggers do it. I'll even give you an example that I put together when I was still modeling in SL. The description at the bottom, is called a style card. https://phedrelefevre.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/alice-in-wonderland-revisited/
  16. Gee. I don't amount to chopped liver anymore. Not even a blip on the radar.
  17. A rock garden with a waterfall. Something I have always wanted but can't afford.
  18. Yes, they remade West Side. And there is a new remake on the way. https://www.classicfm.com/discover-music/periods-genres/musicals/west-side-story-remake-cast-release-date-auditions/ None of which can hold a candle to the original Broadway production.
  19. From the legacy (inworld) profile, just copy/paste as you would normally with ctrl c etc. ETA:
  20. Bleh. /me disengages Firestorm support autopilot Sometimes I forget other viewers don't have the same features and just automatically give the answers I was once used to giving.
  21. You do it like this: [http://www.url.com Welcome to Second Life] Note that it will only show the proper formatting on legacy profiles.
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