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  1. There is a reason my web profile is set to private and I use legacy profiles in world. I'm not looking for the code. I'm not a programmer so it doesn't mean anything to me. Can you understand that I and others do not want our information on the web like that? I've had my RL identity stolen and used to file federal income tax returns with. So no, I don't want someone I know nothing about putting any information about me on the web. It makes no difference if my RL information is associated with it or not. I do NOT want it out there. I can't file my taxes without having to wait for the IRS to send me a new PIN every freaking year now. You may not think there would be any negative consequences to what you are doing but you really have no way of knowing.
  2. No, he didn't. Define "helping to extend Second Life". That was the only "explanation" given. It didn't tell me a damn thing.
  3. Actors who not only drank on set, they drank during filming: Cary Grant W. C. Fields Peter O'Toole Joan Crawford There are more but those are the first ones that come to mind.
  4. You completely missed the point. I'm well aware of how vendors systems work in SL. I've used both Hippo and Casper. Merchandising in SL is no different than in RL. I would expect them to keep records of who purchased what, when if for no other reason than LL doesn't keep track of transactions beyond 30 days. I didn't ask a question. I didn't ask ANY questions. Your reading comprehension is a bit lacking.
  5. Do you have any idea just how often Experians DBs get hacked? Oh and on the last really big breach, all the non-answers/lies people were given over the phone was done by a company I refuse to ever work for again. I learned way more about Experian than I ever wanted to know. None of it good.
  6. Chisel and slate were used long before chalk and chalkboards existed.
  7. My accounts better not be on any of those lists. I never agreed to "help extend Second Life", whatever that is supposed to mean. Thanks. I've barely been back in SL for three weeks. Now I want to stop logging in again and I just paid a full months rent.
  8. He who? Innula? If that is who you mean, you're wrong. She is very fact oriented. It's one of the aspects of the line of work she is in.
  9. It came out in 1973. I was a freshman in high school. Now get off my lawn! ?
  10. You're about as dangerous as a kitten. /me runs before Maddy can set her on fire
  11. Generally speaking, if it is mature (M) land, as long as it can not be viewed by the general public, it's fine. G rated regions are a different story as those are the regions that allow underage (RL) residents. See also: Cindy's link.
  12. It isn't paranoia when you know they are out to get you.
  13. You accomplished more than I did then. I was more of an annoying gnat that they just couldn't pin down swat fast enough. Might have had something to do with the fact that my user name on a particular forum didn't match any of my active SL user names. ?
  14. You were on the lam? Heck I couldn't even get them to notice me much less need to be on the lam.
  15. You mean the one they were trying to replace with RedZone during the time that zFire was defying LL ToS and trying to get his "product" back on the market by circumventing the ToS and ended up back in jail for it as a violation of his previous conviction? That was 2011. ?
  16. In addition to the hobbyists, there are also the runway models that blog new releases. At least there used to be. I don't know of any of the modeling schools that don't require blogging while taking classes. Many models do continue to blog once they have graduated.
  17. I thought I had made it clear that there was never any common usage of the term and that it was a contemporary usage. The first usage was in 1861 but it never really caught on and became a "thing" until the 1900s. I couldn't remember precisely when it started and didn't really have the energy last night to dig for it. New job requires standing on my feet which doesn't make my back happy and the stress of the first work day (after training) had my head aching. So I wasn't exactly thinking clearly last night. Sorry for any confusion.
  18. Must be zFire Xue or one of his cronies. Or a JLU wannabe.
  19. They turned the cross sideways. You also should keep in mind that there was more than one so called battle flag. Even the Choctaw and Cherokee had their own battle flags as illustrated here: http://www.loeser.us/flags/civil.html#south Check out the 3rd Kentucky Mounted Infantry Regiment Flag, Cummings' White Cross Battle Flag, and Bowen's White Cross Battle Flag on that page. All three have actual crosses, rather than the rotated St Andrew's. Much of the information you are looking for was repressed or was never available and is now lost to history. Similar to the Dead Sea Scrolls and the repression of native traditions. Possibly because the term was never widespread and then was commandeered by the KKK and other white supremacist groups.
  20. It translates to "loud noise", according to John Kay.
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