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  1. Personally, I find it rather difficult to know if I like someone or not when I don't know them at all. pffft You call britbong trolling? LOL Man that is lame compared to the old flame boards. And I mean old flame boards not this namby pamby crap that passes for one these days.
  2. ... slobbers wolf kisses all over your face...
  3. Fred Sanford would call us "touchie-feelie". Humans need physical contact. I'm human. So there.
  4. Um... I was born in 59, not yesterday. No, no, no, no, no. He must go back to working outside the home or ... . Call me selfish, after 60 years of being the caretaker, I don't care. I need the me time.
  5. A complete stranger approaches you, offers you a deal and you don't bother to check the store group to see if they are an employee before throwing money at them or being TPed to who knows where... color me not surprised.
  6. This work from home thing is never going to end.
  7. Well... we made it a week without springing another gusher. That was 4 days ago. So now, or rather this weekend, the whole place is getting replumbed and hopefully the old water heater hooked back up if there isn't enough time before Monday to get the new one in and hooked up. Day 4 without running water... This work from home thing is never going to end is it.
  8. Terrain tools in the Sims 2 and 3 are almost identical to SL's. Sims 4 is close enough that it will let you get the hang of it without mucking up SL. If you don't save what you do in Sims 4, it's gone. Just a thought.
  9. I've always admired the courage it takes to do a self portrait.
  10. Longstanding issues put Native American communities at high COVID-19 risk
  11. They could still do both since they are allowing first and/or last changes and not just last name changes. Register with first and last... realize later on it was a mistake to pick that first name (Wussy* Galore of James Bond fame!) or they are in a long term relationship and want to share last names. Yeah, you know where I'm going with this. Just think, if (lol) they had never removed last names and just added the ability to change names, just think of all the time and money they would have saved and all the profits they didn't make. *another name for cat or kitty or pussycat. Yeah, yeah most of us know regardless of silly censoring.
  12. Since facial recognition can't be relied on in SL I've had to substitute name recognition. Now that we have name changes, that's gone out the window and I'm surrounded by a bunch of strangers. I don't normally speak to people I don't recognize. *sigh* I can't win for losing.
  13. There are 24 hour bugs that are flu like and sometimes last 48-36 hours. Usually bacterial in nature rather than viral. On the other hand, there are those who recover from Covid-19 rather quickly and if you are taking normal precautions you wouldn't necessarily become ill. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.
  14. No. I refuse. I will never, ever ignore you. I'm just going to not pay you any attention.
  15. Lucky shoes. Mine have to share a closet with my clothes-that-don't-go-in-a-dresser.
  16. First it was SamSpam. Now it's TariSpam. Have we truly sunk that low? Well... we aren't in Canada... yet.
  17. I was in AW for many years before coming to SL in 2004. Owned quite a few worlds as well. All of which were hosted on my pc along with the objects paths for each one. A few I won playing Bingo back when they still gave worlds as Bingo prizes. Ah the good old Juno days of AW. I've known how it works for 20 years.
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