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  1. Hello, I decided to go a none traditional route and put the word out this way that I am looking for a son for my small family. Child or teenager, please no toddlers or babies. I am looking for a humorous, respectful, and dedicated future son, one who can devote a few hours AT LEAST every few days to our family. The main requirement is that you get along with my toddler daughter. We are only looking for a trial child right off the bat, only if myself and my daughter feel comfortable (and you of course) with our trial will we be delighted in making you a forever member of our family. My daughter
  2. I need help decorating my home. First off I love Roost homes but the thing that always put me off of them was the fact you cannot buy them furnished. Deciding to blow caution to the wind I would like to ask someone to decorate my Roost home soon. I can supply funds for your work AND for the furniture that YOU think will compliment the house. I want it to look nice and don't have the best furniture in my inventory, and really wouldn't know where to look. I'll leave that all up to you and pay you for all of your hard work in lindens. Please message me in-world or leave a comment here if you migh
  3. Well, let me ask you this: are you okay with your owner having a anime avatar? As in the Kemono human avi design?
  4. No, simply because I cannot stand VR. Neither the concept or the actual process of it, which always gives me a headache.
  5. I'm curious to hear what everyone based their username on. Harmony Breaker was originally what I was going to name my avi and though I used it, but in the end I moved away from her and created different characters. Regardless I got the name 'Harmony' from a pairing/ship name during my teenage years that I was really into, and 'Breaker' from circuit breakers because back then I was learning about electrical things. Not the most interesting origin story, but it's mine so I embrace it. How about yours?
  6. Hi! I'll probably message you in-world sometime.
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