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  1. You obviously have never been griefed.. it's easy for someone to make judgements of what others "should" do when they haven't experienced what we been through. Date Registered 09-10-2012 03:35 AM (?! ah huh)
  2. Very true MaryJane....the amount of money Linden Lab is losing because of only two people (not to mention of other griefers) has got to be alot.
  3. Very true MaryJane.. they ruined the game for many...they went as far as to change their display name to Lolene Quicksand.. copied everything within her profile down to the letter....I'm very good friends with the real Lolene....one day.. unaware I was speaking to a griefer posing as Lolene.. I had them lined up to play at our venue.. totally caught off guard.. they crashed our sim several times. Linden Lab did nothing.
  4. while listening to Anek Fuchs at Key West a few minutes ago.. a griefer attempted to push him off the stage. :matte-motes-frown:
  5. They now following me to venues and crash them..they even have a prim that has my name on it (I assume they got this prim during the time I had a venue.. it was a copyable prim with a T-shirt inside).. attempting to make it look like I'm the one doing it. They crashed the Helle's Angels Music & Art club 8-25-2012 during the 4pm slt and 5pm slt shows. They have also managed to get my alts name on a griefer list thats been passed around to several venues so they must be in kahoots with some one that will stab you in the back.
  6. He is a professional MaryJane...he can get banned with one account and be right back in Second Life within 5 minutes with another.. same goes for his girlfriend. They are very well known.. and I believe they are hired to grief people/venues most of the time.
  7. yep...and people are leaving sl like their is no tomorrow.. they are tired of being treated like dirt.. Second Life used to be alot of fun.. honestly. They gave the griefers the welcome areas in hopes they would not bother anybody else.. Nice job Linden Lab.. really nice job.
  8. I honestly think Linden Lab has lost the war with griefers.. I would assume thats why they let 30% of the staff go...so now.. they are just trying to save every last penny they can get before they take second life off line.. and at the rate it's going.. I don't see second life being around much longer.. who in their right mind wants to invest into a game.. griefers control?! Abuse Reports are useless... how can Linden Lab expect a hand full of people to investigate 100's if not 1000's of abuse reports every single day?!.. this is why nothing gets done. I think they should sell security items at every welcome area...that way people would at least have a chance to protect themselves.. Linden Lab isn't going to help protect anyone. Big sign reads... Welcome to Second Life... don't forget to BUY protection items.
  9. I never said LL was "making" it happen.. but they sure as hell are in no big hurry to stop it either. They earned 75 MILLION dollars last year and they can not spend some of that to get control of their own game?!.. Somethings wrong with that picture.
  10. We lost our venue.. these griefers are professionals at ruining people's life... organized crime by a group of people to run people out of the venue business.. they run performers out of Second Life too. People buy security items trying to protect themselves and their sims.. useless items when you dealing with an army of griefers.. with countless accounts.. the profits are made by taking out the smaller businesses.. so to eliminate competition..
  11. Maybe they should dedicate statues of legendary griefers at Ahern and Violet welcome areas.. and a Memorial Wall for the victims.
  12. The only logical explanation I can think of as to why Linden Lab fails to do anything about these griefer issues, somehow has something to do with "profit". It doesn't matter how much we invested into opening a venue.. how much we were renting the land for each month.. the loss of income performers may have earned during a show....this is about how much we will spend trying to protect "ourselves. Years of abuse reports.. years...and you see how little of concern griefers mean to them. Do I sound bitter?!...I think I have good reasons to be. Not once in 5 years have I heard anything of Linden Lab addressing griefer issues.
  13. So I received some very troubling news from a very dear friend a few minutes ago: quote: It's gotten out of control with these griefers, Ron. Sorry to say I need to delete pretty much everyone in my friends list as a precaution. Please dont take it personally. But they are here in FB keeping tabs on me and those closest to me. I can't win with these assholes, so I need to quit singing in SL. If I come back one day, will be as an alt no one will know. Talk to u soon my friend. unquote Again.. another great performer is forced out of his Second Life music career due to the harassments of griefers in Second Life. I have seen this happen to alot of performers.. and Linden Lab does nothing what so ever to protect people from abuse...This is truly a very sad day in my life. Would someone mind telling the following person to get out of my sl life? quote: Choufleurs: hows it going bob unquote
  14. You would think...Linden Lab would do something about these griefer problems... problems keep repeating time and time again. They let 30% of the employees go..so you would think they would want those remaining to do a good job.. these endless abuse reports have got to be a major pain in the butt for LL staff. Hopefully LL will find a way to resolve these issues in the very near future. I love the game, the people I have met.. the honor performers given me to capture their shows... and most of all.. my SL wife Annasue.. I would not have ever met her had it not been for SL live music. Linden Lab.. should start monitoring the welcome areas...mainy Ahern and Violet.
  15. The same person who changed their display name to mine.. also mentions this in another of their accounts about me: Biography Robert69 Little repeateadly films my avatar, and also opens and films my profile hes creepy Robert I love Admiral so much. I will never leave him for you STOP BOTHERING ME ROBERT GET A LIFE YOU WEIRD STALKER and more in another one of their accounts: Biography Robert69 little is obsessed with me, and will post my profile on his libellous blog. He stalks me like a filthy old pervert, hes a nasty dirty old man, who is just a creeper. this man will deform himself and blame griefers for attention, he will also crash a sim and blame anyone. Real World Biography This is me rl smiling at admirals willy. I love him and I hope robert69 little leaves me alone and stops hitting on me (I never thought I would see the day when an adult would act this childish.. so they go around crashing sims an attempt to make it look like I'm behind it.)
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