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  1. Thank you for the reply Alwin. The ticket # is given only after clicking submit, is it not? If so I can’t reference my friends ticket. Perhaps just her inworld name would suffice? I could then give her my ticket number when she submits hers. Would that be alright? Thanks again
  2. I too would like to gift a friend premium membership. I’m not a premium member myself, so I asked a friend to look into this for me. This is what they told her: So I tried to submit a ticket a few minutes ago, but the system is a little confusing, and I’d like to be certain I’m doing this correctly. I’m assuming that the Issue Type is either Account or Billing. If I pick Billing, should I then choose “Real World Payment Issues” in the drop down menu? I would appreciate it if someone could guide me. Thank you 🙂
  3. Hello Fairuza. It's the right place to ask First, to quickly determine if the problem is with the headset itself, go to the website below and run the test. If your headset fails the test, they have a troubleshooting guide and an operating-system-specific settings guide that are very helpful. If you pass the test, then the issue could be a simple setting in your viewer. But do the test first and let us know if you were able to solve the problem. https://www.onlinemictest.com/
  4. I’m new to SP myself, having installed it a few months ago. Just a few things I’ve learned and that may be of help: 1. When opening a new project, use the “PBR – Metallic Roughness (Allegorithmic)” Template, and, if planning to export normal maps, change the Normal Map format from DirectX to OpenGL (SL viewers use OpenGL). 2. Here I’m working on some ice-skates for a friend. Although everything else looked good, the metal blades were being exported without the details I was seeing in the 3D and 2D views. So I added the Baked Lighting Environment filter above the metal layer in the layer stack. That way, it will only affect the metal and none of the other layers above. Also, for the filter to work properly, allowing you to use the lighting parameters, drag an environment map to the environment map slot under image inputs in the filter’s properties panel. 3. Optimo’s method gives you the most freedom with a particular lighting setup should you need it, but it’s not the only mode of export. If you’re happy with the combined/diffuse texture you see in the 2D view, you can export it exactly as seen in the 2D view.
  5. Thank you for the reply. It was a problem with my viewport shading thanks to Blender 2.8’s UI “improvements”. What I needed was what was called the “textured solid” mode in 2.79. In 2.8, the lighting and colour settings of viewport shading have to be set to flat and textured, respectively.
  6. Hello everyone. I’m very new to Substance Painter and am hoping that I can get help with a few questions. First, when I export the diffuse map that is in the 2D view, parts of my objects turn out very dark, regardless of the position of the lights and regardless of whether or not I use the baked lighting filter. How can I, or is it even possible to, avoid these dark areas? If there is more than one solution to this, I would greatly appreciate an explanation of each. The one and only mention of this problem I was able to find is in a video by Anya Ohmai, where she suggests that the mesh be “flipped”. I don’t understand what she means, and the video was not recent (made before the 2D view export feature). Second, is the baked lighting filter actually necessary if I’m exporting the 2D view image to use on my mesh? I ask because I see the light information baked in the exported 2D image even when I don’t use the baked lighting filter! (Maybe I need glasses :P) Thank you very much in advance
  7. Devriv

    Unisex mesh?

    Some, but not all, outfits by Kitt Ragu come in Male and Female versions, and are both included in the folder of the purchased item.
  8. Thank you very much Skell :)
  9. I'm not sure if it's new or old, I haven't seen it before. But it's just my style and If someone can tell me the name I'd appreciate it.
  10. “I think it is also important to realize (and I am guessing you do) that just because the uploader came in with a low land impact, that doesn't make it better.” Correct I make my own lower LOD models (You’ll remember that we’ve discussed this before). This can often mean a higher LI, but that’s a “penalty” I’m perfectly willing to pay to keep the objects intact, from any distance, with the default viewer setting of 1.125. Unfortunately, I can only hope that it’s also a “penalty” the residents who purchase them are willing to pay. Short story: About two weeks ago, Chic, I bought some rugs, a sweater and a pair of shorts from two different events. Each cost more than 200L, minimum. The rug, it turned out, had all its lower LODs zeroed so it disappeared when I stood only a few meters away from it. The sweater and the pants had no Lowest LOD, perhaps even the Low LOD had been zeroed, as they both would disappear at 20 meters. I contacted the designers (You’d think you’re contacting Henry Kissinger and Associates with all the contacting rules and conditions they put in their profiles!). One told me that I need to raise my viewer’s LOD to “5 or 6”, and the other told me that my viewer must be running on a “very old system”. Naturally, I deleted these items from my inventory, and didn’t bother the rug maker additionally about the physics of the rugs making one hover a meter and half above them. “Your build is not "cube" at all and I am guessing (I really didn't cam out to see when I was there ) that the model breaks up nastily at a fairly close distance (with LODs set at 2 anyway).” Yes breaks up horribly with those uploader settings. I used the minimum amount of geometry for the High model (the walls are not quite curved, but give the illusion) in order to use it for the Medium slot, as there was nothing that could be removed, then reduced the 309 tris/178 vertices of the High/Medium model to 41 tris/44 verts for the Low, with the aid of a baked alpha texture. The Lowest is 23 tris (I was using 7 materials). It’s part of a three-storey treehouse, which has a total of 230 LI. Chic, I must say, your “I almost never make my own LODS” earlier was quite a surprise, as your builds have very good LODs.
  11. Thank you so much for the tests Aquila. I’ll see if I can make any modifications to the lower LODs and will post here if I manage to get the blue, otherwise I’ll leave it as is. “I assume the actual physics weight is the same and only the color the model is displayed with changes, right?” Thank you for the reply Rey. I’d also say that the gray seems somewhere between blue and yellow, with yellow indicating complex, and not “bad” per se. And yes, the physics weights remain the same; only the colours, and as Aquila has now pointed out, the display, change:
  12. Thank you Arton. Hopefully someone will shortly explain the meaning of this gray colour too, which is probably closer to the yellow than to the other colours mentioned.
  13. Thank you for the replies Arton and Chic. I even tried box (analyze) physics for it a few days ago, and still couldn’t get it to change to blue. Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to me then to do the same experiment. Regarding the colours, yes it is more grayish-beige than yellow. I haven’t been able to find the wiki page that lists and explains the colours.
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