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  1. There are no rules for when to start with a shop...being proud and wanting to share should do. Even if you have just one item to sell, set it for sale! Find a nice road side parcel on mainland and go for it! Why mainland? That is still there tomorrow when you log in again. Also, high traffic sims can be abandoned tomorrow, don't focus on that too much. Set up your marketplace, if you did not already, and also set up your inworld shop. On your marketplace, include a link to the item in world (See item in world), where potential customers really end up in front of that item, not j
  2. For me SL has always been, and still is, a way to express myself, to let my creativity flow. And yes, I too learned myself how to create nice and funny stuff out of some basic shapes. And now, in this MESH era, I feel like a dinosaur as it comes to building and creating. I can't coop with al those highly talented 3d artists. I tried several times, followed several classes, used payed and open source software but no, that will always stay a dream. Unless I start spending all my time trying to learn and getting better in it only to find out later that SL has changed again. Well and I'm changed t
  3. When I'm logged in with the official viewer I have 6361 items. When I'm logged in with FIrestorm I have 9270 items. But that is because the debug setting 'NoInventoryLibrary' won't stay on 'True' in that viewer. I have boxed all the other 38967 items and have no clue where I left them. Probably iin some organizers which I either can't find.
  4. I will do that, thank you!
  5. Ah I see. I searched the forums for this issue but could not find it. Just now I promised myself to (finally) get to know the Jira. I can't even remember why but in the past I had difficulties understanding it somehow. I always tried to avoid it since. Thank you .
  6. Hmm I see. That is, I think I understand what you say here. As long as it is not my computer graphics I can live with it..
  7. Especially if it was visible for all residents in the sim .
  8. No I did not. I just use this laptop for a couple of weeks now so what should be wrong with that in this short while? In 10 years iMac it never happened.
  9. It vanishes as soon as I cam around so if I stay put it lasts. As far as I can tell it only happens in the LL viewer..
  10. I have a new laptop since a while, and ever since when I log in and teleport to my sky platform my skin is projected on the sky/water. It acts like a giant blue screen somehow. It disappears when i Ctrl-Alt Zoom (out). It only happens when I'm just logged in. Here are the specs: Second Life (Second Life Release) Release Notes You are at 183.9, 154.0, 601.5 in Noguri located at sim10367.agni.lindenlab.com ( SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Noguri/184/154/602 (global coordinates 262,072.0, 232,346.0, 601.5) Second Life RC BlueSteel 17
  11. I have a road side parcel in Noguri.
  12. I live in the Netherlands, in the South of the North.
  13. Same here, using Safari. Just now I had to log in to reply while I already was logged in when I pressed the reply button..
  14. @ you and @ Harrison, Amaya never mentioned why a certified psychologist is needed. Besides that, if it is for personal needs I totally agree with the both of you. @Amaya, For whatever reason you are looking for a certified psychologist, this would not be the place to look for them. I could easily say I am one and even send you a copy of some certificate I made in photoshop, you would never know.
  15. What you say here is very enlightening and helpful for me (and yes, I've used the cube physics shape in this case). I know about the naming convention yes, I name my models as dictated
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