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  1. Here are the 2 lovely creatures who inhabit our home. Luna Moonshadow,, a black Maine Coon and Cocoabean, a domestic long hair Tortie Thank you cat people ❤️
  2. Go to the store and get a redelivery at the desk. It's at the back, near where they body is sold.
  3. Hi Charlotte! I was trying to be helpful to the OP by suggesting your homes. I do use them frequently but perhaps the way I wrote that wasn't clear enough. I actually have The Hoxtan rezzed on my land now and am having a blast making small changes and decorating it. One of my favs so far 😍
  4. Many of Charlotte Creative and Concept's builds don't have windows on every wall. It's the one reason I wind up not using them since I rent on a private estate and have nice views all around. I like all that light coming in also.
  5. Frequently, all positive, from both men and women and everything in between. I've never had anyone say something negative about my appearance Now, my personality is a whole other thing...
  6. This location in Fantasyland's Augment region is amazing. I derezzed the house to show the land better. It's wonderful, kind of sitting on a peninsula, surrounded on 3 sides by water, 2 bridges flanking and to top it off a straight on view of small island out there in the near distance. This, was an abandon. Got it last week. The first house I got in Fantasyland was this region, also quite lovely but not like this. Muchos besos to whomever let this beauty go.
  7. Same. All my Belli homes are more or less temporary. Some harder to release than others but eventually all get turned over for something new. I have a few alts coming up for renewal in a month or so and probably will not keep them premium at this point. The homes I have now all are all in pretty good locations and probably almost impossible to improve on them.
  8. I hate to tell you but I think that's one of my alts that got it. I know it was about a week ago give or take. Bishopshead, dead end street, cute little waterfront promenade in the front of the house with a good sea view from the side facing off to the other side of the cove and pink hydrangeas?
  9. Yea, pretty sure fairies have no need for food, let alone a bathroom LOL.
  10. I really wasn't sure at first but the surroundings won me over. I took a canoe ride through the waterways and it was so beautiful and peaceful. The Moles have inserted a lot of ambient sounds; water gently lapping, frogs, birds, etc. When it's nighttime and everything starts to glow it's particularly endearing. I had a ton of odd objects which I never had the reason to rez much as I love them. I'm enjoying rezzing out some old favorites and finally being able to enjoy them.
  11. I'm not going to be living in the Fantasy home so may as well go wild
  12. Lots of homes available right now since people are releasing to get the Fantasy homes. For s--ts and giggles I gave it a try and got one! And finding it far more engaging than I expected!
  13. Asian Not Oriental. She's not a rug.
  14. This would be more useful with links to the mentioned places 👍
  15. Cuter than I expected. Love the window and door shapes a lot and they are generously sized. Wonder if the final regions will be as watery as these? Probably will get one of these at least for a while to play around with.
  16. I tend to move. A lot. But I have a couple of long term keepers. This Victorian's location is near perfect. It's set out further than the neighboring houses, last house in the row and has water in the back and on the side where it sticks out further. The front fencing is to die for, a semi-circle of brick like a small fortress out front. Right now it's pretty empty; I took up a lot of things the other week and haven't had a chance to redecorate yet. But gosh, I love this location and pretty sure it's a forever house.
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