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  1. My main home is a rental on a private estate that I share with my husband. Both of us have homes in Bellisseria also. I don't know if I'd call any of them "home" per se. I like them for playing decorator/landscaper. It's a hobby although I certainly enjoy the neighborhoods and ambiance of these homes. I tend not to stay in one Bellisarian home for too long - I decorate, memorialize it in pix and move on to something better. I have held on to my houseboat longer than any other because I like having sailable waters. The one log home I have is on an awesome lot and I can't bare to let go of it. I have a couple of trads and Vic in really wonderful locations too that I enjoy time at since most are water based. I like water
  2. I received 2 emails earlier this morning that someone (whom I do not know) sent me 4 items they purchased on the Marketplace. Clearly they sent it in error and meant to send the items to someone else. I do not have these items in my inventory so I'm wondering if they noticed and were able to "recall" the purchase somehow? I've looked in the Marketplace Wki and see nothing about how to handle this type of situation. At this point it's more for my own knowledge what would happen from the purchasers side when this happens. Or maybe it's just a glitch in the Marketplace this morning?
  3. Cape May NJ is the Victorian capital of the US pretty much. Every type can be seen there. According to National Park Service architectural historian Carolyn Pitts, "Cape May has one of the largest collections of late 19th century frame buildings left in the United States... that give it a homogeneous architectural character, a kind of textbook of vernacular American building." It's utterly charming. Anyone with an interest in historic residential homes should go at least once. Many are now B&B's and lovely to stay at (have been there many times)
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    This is worth quoting to see it again
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    @Orwar I love those. I have a couple of outfits in SL which have the same "feel"
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    Photo 1: So small, can't see it Photo 2: So small again, and only shows the back of your body. Why oh why? Photo 3: Terrible lighting. Photo 4: Yikes what is happening here? Looks like clothing wasn't rezzed or you were wearing one outfit over the other. Photo 5: Prisoner chic
  7. Although I'm not in this lifestyle, I do know of one group called Polyactive which you may want to look into. My husband (Ghosty) DJ's inworld and has been doing so at their event space. Everyone I've met has been really lovely and friendly. You may want to look them up inworld.
  8. a) There's other threads to show off your avatar. No need to make a thread for yourself. You'll get a lot more notice. b) This photo borders on being inappropriate for this forum. May want to reconsider the attire for the future.
  9. Looks like some kind of fabric. Silk? Still quite nice and I'll probably pick it up for that price
  10. OMG I just happened to open this thread to see what it was about and right away, I knew exactly who you were talking about!
  11. And letting another one go. Freeing up alts in anticipation of stilt release This one is actually nicer than the one I just let go. I totally forgot I had it. Another Vic, can see across the water to sandy trailer homes in Salt Marsh if you bring up draw distance. Nicely positioned on the land, feels somewhat private. Great brick and wrought iron fencing all around. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Whither/218/222/30 Letting it go at 11:50am SLT
  12. Letting a waterfront Vic go at 11:40am SLT In Dunbar, mostly green but has a little bit of sand in the backyard which happens to faces the water👍 . Totally clear view across. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dunbar/60/98/23
  13. I always have good luck just searching for what I need in Flickr. Something "Second Life Lolita" should do it. Make sure you specify SL or you probably will wind up with a lot of unrelated hits. From there, you could easily find bloggers, stores etc by looking at photos.
  14. One of my favorite Minimal offerings. I should go and get a few more just in case inventory eats some. FYI - some are fairly primmy but, SO beautiful. Worth it.
  15. This is the content I am here for! Below's moment of Zen is Luna Moonshadow a/k/a Googie. She is our (Ghosty and I) 1-1/2 year old Black Smoke Maine Coon. She is a HANDFUL and still full of kitten energy. She is very naughty but well mannered. Second kitty our chonky long hair domestic Tortie. She is the epitome of a Good Girl Cat in every way possible. Last is a rare sighting of both sharing a bed. They are friends but not cuddle friends.
  16. We're not hiding 😑 FYI there are in world synagogues you can join too.
  17. Same! I thought I already had all of them but found a few more. He is incredibly generous.
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