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  1. I am pretty sure I grew up in that building. Apartment 6A, corner LOL No joke.
  2. Maybe I answered this years ago when this thread opened? Anyhoo. I'm the Director of Finance and Operations for a well known small NYC architectural company which includes HR/billing/ and anything else related to $$$. Been working for architecture firms for more years then I care to remember. Ask me in a few more years what I do and hopefully will be able to say retired
  3. Discovered this a few days ago and can't stop laughing over it The mouth area can use some work though.
  4. Avalon. Love
  5. I have the Zoe, Diana and Lia Vista. I liked the looks a lot when it came out but Lelutka and Genus were always much better. And now, all I wear are the Lelutka EVO heads. I just looked my pix up on my Flickr and I still do like the looks so also interested if @Tess Falworth hears back on it.
  6. He's great, and rarely shares his secrets for modifying. He's a magician. That's all I can figure out LOL
  7. Thanks for the explanation @PrudenceAnton. Happy to hear you have it under control for this year!
  8. @PrudenceAnton fyi, I was never credited with last years submission within the video which was a condition of me allowing its use. I assume it was an oversight but for this year, someone needs to make sure that credit is made as promised to avoid disappointment.
  9. I had that happen last week. I tp'd elsewhere, came back and it was fine.
  10. I bought this. I didn't care for it as a dining table so I scaled it down to cocktail table size and it's perfect.
  11. I was lucky to get a really good on-land in that first release. Part of my land extends into the water, which I have on 2 sides so I can easily keep a boat there if I wanted to. Decent landscaping too. Glad I kept it.
  12. This would have made a great outing for the Forum Cartel. Not that anyone really seems to be into those kinds of things anymore but still would be fun
  13. I meant to warn you! Seriously, got busy and forgot to mention it. I was shook LOL
  14. It's from Serendipity, pretty sure that's the name. Very cute stuff but a lot is too many prims. That dresser is 6, which wasn't awful and yes, the objects are part of the piece. Can't remember off hand if it was modify. I assume I never looked because I like it as is
  15. I like that the shell can go vertical in addition to horizonal. Kept the exterior color muted because I didn't feel it looked right otherwise. I started with a light orange ("Sunkissed") but it looked out of place with all the home so visible to each other.
  16. It's from Infinite, called Leslie's Bed. Texture change for the bedding and frame. Quite different textures from most I see too. A lot of the furniture I've used has more prims than I normally would use but the house is small so it doable. Plus one doesn't need much landscaping so that's a savings right there.
  17. Bought this earlier today. It even has animations built in. And a texture change HUD for cabinets and countertops. Huge plus. Dislike the stools but that's an easy swap.
  18. Working on the Havana. Found a few add-on's which I like for this.
  19. I really like the Pepe skins too - most are just a tad too young looking for me personally. There was one a while back before BOM hit that I adored, I should see if they updated it
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