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  1. Me too, it's by Salt & Pepper called Siren. I got the fatpack because all the colors are so awesome. The HUD can make it look wet too, it's interactive with SL water. I have a matching crown for it also
  2. Could be now that you mention it. I was using a custom EEP on this. I'll try some more common lighting good for photos and see what happens.
  3. New house, new "chubby" Akeruka head - tweaked. Having neck seam issues though. Gotta figure that out.
  4. Yes, I remember seeing your house there, and noticed today you had moved out. It's one of the best Chalet areas I've seen so far. Quite happy with it, visually.
  5. Try doing an avatar reset/rebake of yourself. Go to: Avatar - Avatar Health - Force Appearance (Rebake) and if that doesn't work try using the Reset Default Avatar for whatever gender you're using as your base. That usually fixes it.
  6. Exploring requires a stop for ice cream
  7. Oh boo. I thought this was going to be a Friends Roleplay sim. /me haz a disappoint
  8. Out of curiosity - has anyone else been experiencing doubled up trailer/campers? I've caught a few this past week that all had 2 homes on the parcel. All different regions. I didn't care for any of them so wasn't going to go through the bother of resetting but it's quite odd to have that happen so many times.
  9. I had bought that whale a while ago and oversized it as a larger sculpture in one of my homes. It's quite impressive.
  10. Thanks for this. I was looking for a refrigerator EXACTLY like the glass door one. Just bought it!
  11. That's awesome. I had done an ice cream parlor at a trailer I had for a while and was thinking of using the chalet for something similar. This looks fantastic. Can't wait until you finish baking
  12. The real, inner Elora FYI I didn't notice @Whirly Fizzlewas holding a chicken too
  13. Ditto - maybe a tad shorter. Only because I got tired of looking so short near everyone else. But that's as tall as I'll go.
  14. Homes: Victorian - all except the Doyle (I've found it difficult to work with though it's cute). My rl dream home style. Traditional especially the Winchester. Such great add-ons for all model. Stilt, Havana and Bayport - thought I wasn't going to be able to decorate any of these at first but I sure was wrong. Houseboat - I like Windlass best but I have used all of them. I find they lend themselves to creative ways to utilize the space plus ability to have a boat. Log Homes - so homey feeling. Wish the Grandview would be able to rotate whatever way you preferred. Frequently can't take best advantage of views but it's the one I kept coming back to. Campers some models are cute but very challenging for me. Less is more here. Chalet. So far these are doing nothing for me. I'm trying though. Landscapes: Victorian - Garden perfection! Lush! Nearly every region has a great view, even those without water. Log Home - I love walking around with one of my virtual dogs in these regions. It's peaceful especially when the lighting is at midnight. Also great for riding Teegle horses around too. Campers - same as log homes. Lots of unique spaces and places. I still kind of regret giving up one of them that overlooked a large lake. Stilt - Some regions feel cramped to me, but others have wide sweeping water views which I love. Traditional -Depends on the region. I've had some remarkable homes in these areas that have really made my heart sing. Houseboats - would have loved if these areas had a bit more interest to them but again, wide open water and that is excellent. Chalet. Honestly feel like things went wrong here. Every region looks exactly the same to me. Generic. I have no desire to explore.
  15. DeeTalez and The Skinnery were my go-to for my Genus heads. But depends on how you want to look of course. More "real", kawaii, other wordly? Give us an idea and I'm sure someone can suggest something you'll like.
  16. A good way to get more haute couture looks, is to buy pieces from several designers based on the RL ones you like. Lots of interesting designers such as Mimikri, United Colors, Bauhaus Pixiecat, Amias, Asteroid Box and Coco have more unique looking clothing and accessories which will mix and match well with others. Finding good basics to layer (BOM tights/t-shirts) are excellent at pulling a look together with other pieces. Find a few that feel like "your look" and go from there. For me the real fun is mix and match.
  17. I know who you mean. I'm always shocked this has managed to continue. Vuitton too large to care about a virtual knock-off I'd guess.
  18. I had this happening for the last couple of months. When I ran the new update, it cleared the issue.
  19. I finally found a chalet site I can live with for now. It's in Alpen Springs. Everything I landed felt very generic but this one, for now, has wide open water in the back, a lot more trees/flowers than I've been seeing and the house itself is positioned pretty well. So, making what I can of it to see if I wind up liking it. We'll see.
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