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  1. LOL I saw the map last week and could not believe it. I'm sure I'll have no luck though. I've been so busy in the daytime with work that I frequently forget to check release status.
  2. I'm dying to get one in Luna Sea For obvious reasons
  3. I'm a big fan of The Skinnery, here shown in Toffee and Deetalez too. Shown in the European tone last one is Amara Beauty - not sure which tone since I forgot to write it down but obviously, lighter than the other two Plenty more but these are my "go to" appliers for Lelutka
  4. Well it appears my living situation has changed from what I wrote already. Ghosty decided that he's going to take an extended (possibly permanent) break from SL. So, letting our private estate land go. Looks like I'm now a full time Belli resident. I have several homes already on nice water parcels due to having quite a few alts (except a camper, just could not get into them no matter how hard I tried) so my intention is to use them depending on my mood. Right now, my favorite is my on-land stilt which by chance is one which has it's back stilts in the water so I have a great sea view from the back and not too shabby on each side either. I've already finished decorating and it's exactly what I wish I had in RL LOL. I am trying to let go of one traditional but it's difficult because the 2 I have are both pretty fabulous water locations and both quite private.
  5. I reported it yesterday - I landed the house near it (didn't keep it). Hopefully it will be taken care of shortly. Probably was someone who's house didn't rez and was too lazy to learn how to reset the controller.
  6. Took out the Bandit for a spin today. I forgot how nicely it handles. However sailing through the stilt regions takes some skill in the tight areas which I do not yet fully possess. Oh so sorry if I crashed into your home today
  7. My method is to attempt to categorize (I have furniture folders, broken down into creator names) or rename the file if needed. Problem is remembering to do this. I tend to use some pieces over and over as "anchors" so I usually can find what I need or by searching "sofa" "kitchen" or whatever. But there's more times than not that I can't remember the name of something which is maddening. I have used the word "FAVORITE' when renaming if there's enough characters left. That, has been quite useful to me
  8. Another vote for the Bandit here. Not sure which model I have, would have to log in to find out but it only came out a few months ago if that. I've been keeping it at my houseboat, but will rez a copy at the stilt. I find this quite easy to handle and animations are really good and you can do some customizing too. I have another larger sailboat (can't remember the name offhand, it's been a while since I've used it). It's a gem, but the Bandit just feels more "me".
  9. It killed me to let it go, I'm so happy someone else got it that truly appreciates the location. It's not for everyone. As you can see, I kept it for almost an entire year. A rarity for me. May you have many happy times living in this home, which felt to me like it's floating on the sea!
  10. I think I have the bedroom *finished* (for now) Santiago. I'm calling it Coastal French Provincial 👍
  11. Also used as a place to clean yourself off from the beach, a lot of people install outdoor showers there or just nearby on the side of the house
  12. It grows in New Jersey, wild too. I'm sure someone imported it originally but it's around lots of areas. The house I used to live in had a small forest of it in the backyard. It was the running kind, so it was a real PITA to keep under control (prior owner planted it) but made for a wonderful screen between us and the neighbor and we used to tease our nieces and nephews when they were smol that panda bears lived inside the thicket of it
  13. For my stained glass, I used (Luc) Bloom Stained Glass, Cream. I have it in pink too but this color scheme went better with the home. It's a textured prim with transparency set at 40 and full bright on. Copy/mod so you can stretch to fit. It's a little tricky getting it positioned perfectly so it doesn't appear to be floating on the Linden glass but can be done without too much fiddling around.
  14. Great work everyone! Working on my Santiago. Not done but got a lot accomplished today. Nearly done, just needs some chachkas. Back yard view
  15. The view from the back of my home. Blush lives across the street, as I found out /waves @Blush Bravin
  16. Can't keep up with all the messages. Is anyone else having problems rezzing their home? I'm in Gorgeous Aurelia Beach. House was there when I initially got to the location but as soon as I touched the controller it disappeared, never came back and I'm getting this: ""Abnor Mole's 'LH - Stilt Homes - HouseController v7.11' Please choose a building to rez, an instruction notecard, or a content pack." EDIT: I already logged out and back in, did not help
  17. I got one on a pier, very end of it in Gorgeous Aurelia. Has a small "island" and is about as "private" in location as one can get there. Keeping!
  18. Got one on the land, still trying for other type.
  19. I've vacationed on the NC coast - Outer Banks a few times in various locations. The stilts are very similar in feel although there are none over water there. Certainly a hurricane risk. Land is a premium so unless the house is upper OB where there's a lot more space between the houses (but really hard to get to unless you have a truck lol) you're going to find densely situated houses right along the shoreline. Also similar to some Florida Key homes and I assume other coastal homes in the Panhandle. Seen some like this even at the southernmost areas of the NJ coast.
  20. I was over there yesterday to p/u the new head for my alts. I saw the same people still standing there each time I'd log back on with another alt. Clearly just hanging around. AFK? They all were oldbies too. Get it and leave. Took me less than 30 seconds each time; took more time to log on and rez. FYI had no trouble at all getting into the sim each time. Seems like traffic has wound down a lot.
  21. You have the ability to change the length of the lashes via the HUD if that helps. I found they look better on the shorter side. Having said that, lots of great looking lashes by other creators available, that's for sure!
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