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  1. FYI Apple Fall has least one (might be 2) freebie skybox way in the back of the mainstore. Low prim and looks great. NY Skybox or called something similar. One of my favs
  2. I had a house about 3 homes from yours there. It was one of my fav locations of all the log homes I've caught and released. It really is a great looking region.
  3. Releasing a camper in Sparkle Bottoms in 2 minutes Very good lake views! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sparkle Bottoms/152/134/46
  4. Yes, please! Not like we expect kids banging on the door all night looking for candy this year.
  5. For sure! I'm debating about picking up the bedroom pieces at this point. I never go upstairs anyway. I need MOAR ghosts!
  6. I've been just SO busy and have had little motivation to really work on my homes lately. But autumn always brings a renewed sense of joy and relief of summer so my log home has been getting some seasonal attention. Just a little sneak peek here I need more prims for Halloween, however, it's been challenging decorating for the holiday with the limited prim count in the Linden homes.
  7. So, I demoed the new heads. Good first: Very responsive to sliders. Really impressed with the head overall. Preferred the Soft head over the other one, which surprised me. Not so Good: Those teeth they look like veneers. So prominent. Dislike enormously. Might consider adding to my head collections if there's a way to correct the appearance of the dental work lol. I tried all the options, playing with the materials, etc and nope. I've never seen teeth sold separately. Is that a thing creators make? EDIT: Just noticed @Skell Daggeraddressed this and gave an option.
  8. To the OP - Honestly the shape you have on all of these is unattractive and just weird looking. Do yourself a favor and spring for one that you can purchase. If you are open to buying avatar components we can all give you plenty of suggestions
  9. Buy Lelutka's Ryn head instead of struggling. I managed to do a very good Asian look on one of my alts but once Ryn came out I jumped on board. Also, the applier you use will help too. Plenty of Asian styles out there; and remember "Asian" can mean many things so figure out what you want to achieve. Chinese does not look like Japanese for instance. You need to pay attention to the difference in facial features.
  10. Teegle's add on is one of the best around. It made me love the Adams. I have it up now but haven't gotten around to playing with decorating it yet. And like Chloe mentioned Blushed Living creates wonderful additions too. And I also have no problem spending Lindens on good quality.
  11. My first one was a houseboat in Isthill. I loved the area, it was quiet, low lag and a very nice neighbor across the way. I think I held onto it much longer than anything else for a long time. I did finally look for another area to live in only because I wanted the boat to face a different way. Had a few other houseboats in between. I know it was in the first release or soon thereafter - May 2019ish
  12. That's adorable. I have a lot of their hair but not that one. Heading over now!
  13. Oh yes! I have a few of theirs - one of them, I think is called Leslie maybe? Fantastic look. Very Twiggy.
  14. I think it was from 2017 or 2018, sadly. I haven't been there in a long while. Hair is one of the few things I don't tend to dump from my inventory. Shi is excellent. I have several edgy styles from them.
  15. This one by Tableau Vivant might suit you Or, this one by Argrace. It's older but holds up nicely One is from Shi? They have a lot of shorter unusual styles or, Opale (much older but maybe?)
  16. @Marianne LittleMost of my photos that are posted on this forum, link to Flickr. In my Flickr, I almost always notate what I'm wearing but, never put links to those creators. I'm not a blogger - I just think people like to know what you're wearing and where to get it. I've never had any problems on the Flickr end doing it this way; however, I am Pro so don't know if that has anything to do with anything.
  17. Thanks @Chic Aeon and @Elena Core for helping me understand by your clarifications. When I first went in, I saw some for sale and some not so was confused what the intent was. Then, I clicked on the for sale items and indeed they were set to $0. I'm surprised someone would give away that many pieces gratis, but it's nice gesture. FYI - I purposely did not mention the name/region since we've had many post here naming/shaming and I learned my lesson on that so I refrain. It was not to bring attention to whom or where, other than it being Belli and whether or not it would be allowed if it was for monetary gain.
  18. Deleted Went to the gallery - items are marked for sale, but don't seem to have prices (yet?) Can't imagine the photographer is giving away this work - may have been a mistake on their side. If that changes I'll repost
  19. Just got this one and letting it go also. It's nice enough, waterfront/sunset, nice front landscaping and a driveway too but doesn't make my heart sing. Someone else will love it though, if you've been searching for an ocean view http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Merriweather/68/26/27 Will release in 5 minutes, at 4:15 SLT Got one in Rousseau Park before but it's landlocked
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