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  1. So before anyone gives the obvious answer, that the other person removed me, I know that that is not the case. Twice within the past week different friends have disappeared from my list for no reason. In these two cases I became aware because I see and or talk to these people daily. In both cases neither of us removed each other. So yeah we re added, no problem right? Is is a problem because people always assume the other person did it, and even after re adding there remains some doubt. This is an unacceptable situation. And for more casual friends I may not noticed that they disappeared for several days. I use Firestorm, could this be a problem with their viewer, or is it on Linden's end? This requires an explanation.
  2. Best friends are how people feel about each other, not how they meet. Advertising and meeting someone agreeing to be best friends does not mean it will come to be. Honestly, the best things happen when you aren't trying.
  3. Velk Kerang wrote: Noob is just game slang for new player. People use it to try and be insulting or rag thier friends abit when starting out a new game and they do something silly, but really it doesn't look right to me when people try to use it in this game. Makes them look stupid. lol I had a blast as a new player. I worked at a strip club as a bouncer. Paid to watch naked women rocked to me back then. lol Does get old real fast after the newness wears off though. lol In my experience, "noob" is used more toward someone who is being ignorant, deliberately obtuse or trolling. The date on the account has nothing to do with how experienced a person is. More people use the word "newb" or "newbie" toward someone who is new and honestly trying to learn and open to recieving help.
  4. Lets say if you want to rent a place that's about 512 in size, most landlords are going to charge you about $2 per week. Now, if you are going to spend in SL anyway, and the L300 will be used, that is the same as getting real money back. If you keep within your 512 land tier, there will be no land usage fees, and the average of your premium is about 18 cents per week with the $72 per year. A little better than $2, right? Also, if you want to share land with another person, if you both have premium and deed your land tiers to a group, then you have 1024 and still pay no land usage fees. If you plan on using SL a lot and spending regularly, the premium is a pretty good deal.
  5. I always have to chuckle when people use the word "fake" in a virtual world.
  6. Quinn Lysette wrote: if u put in ur profile stuff lik ethis real life n sl dont mix or the sumtimes funny loading...... ya if u do that it means ur wierd and ur a gay preting to be female in sl so all that does is get u reported for impersonating a female so if ur a real good girla dn u have kik skype or any other means to keep in touch so we can get on at the same time What are you, 12 years old? If you want something real I suggest you turn off the computer, walk out your front door and find someone.
  7. Dylann Titanium wrote: Looking for good woman wich need loyal and good man. I not look good in sl couse i didnt haved time and linden to make me perfect...if she want she can buy me good shape and skin also i clothes - i will give her back with my love and atention. May I ask what would you like this female avatar to look like? Or is that also not important to you?
  8. On a related point, If two people have the premium 512 land tier, and want to deed both to a group to create 1024, is there still no land tier fee, since they are combining two premiums?
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