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  1. Nope. A quick search would have told you that the majority of screenshots aren't copyright violations. Find an actual case that was litigated - recently - where it was ruled otherwise. Or sit down.
  2. Except ... they aren't. Find a legal case that proves otherwise.
  3. Plenty good enough to/for some that have been here since well before they stated posting the threads.
  4. When? When they figure out the root cause, devise a fix and implement it. That's how this works. Nagging didn't make the repairs for Beta Grid access (which still has some issues apparently but is now at least workable) occur any faster.
  5. Eight gigs of VRAM? You should be good to set the main slider at the maximum with the other two set similarly to how I have mine: No more than a ten. The description/tooltips aren't gibberish whatsoever either. Top slider is texture buffer allocation (same as the original function above it), middle slider is additional cache for textures not presently being displayed (so they load in faster when they are finally displayed) while the bottom slider is a percentage of your VRAM reserved for all other functions.
  6. To be somewhat fair, any TPV (and even the Linden Viewer) can see/use the older profile format, provided they have the older code and hooks. Linden Lab never shut down the backend functions that make those work. - partly because the Web Profiles use most of the exact same information and structure.
  7. The offered Name Change is and always was about nothing more than vanity. It was never meant to be used to hide oneself from stalkers and the like. If someone is stalking you, use the tools at hand to combat it. That also includes making sure you have your privacy settings, correctly set up and changing up your habits for a time. Mute/Block as needed and do not respond to them in any way whatsoever. The list goes on and on.
  8. That's nice. They don't do that here/agree with your point of view - nor should they. Deal with it or make your own forum.
  9. Test. Edit: It's a dynamic editor window - what you're seeing appears, for me, when the page is zoomed in to about 200%. At 175 and lower, it's the "normal" box options.
  10. Topical Peeve: Overcompensation Legislation anywhere along with the eventual overkill reactions by those seeking to fall in line.
  11. There are plenty of options out there for those who want to Keep Up With the Joneses.
  12. Yeah ... No. VR Chat has its share of the same griefers, trolls and other types that people have (and still do) seen/griped about. Don't believe me? Spend a bit of time there - I have. Do I like the concept? More or less. Is it more "immersive"? More or less - it depends on your set up (HMD increases this and that is not always a good thing). Same with NEOS VR by the by. So uh, yeah. Those trying to say it is "better" over there? Sit. Down.
  13. Related to prior post but a separate sentiment (more or less): OP? If the thread in question does get pulled? Chalk it all up to a learning experience.
  14. Ah yes .... A prime example of when to not remove a thread or content, even if requested by the author - if OP had not mentioned any such thing ... it would have likely remained buried.
  15. Oh no, I understand the thread and your complaint quite well. There is no "discussion" to be had here as you simply refuse to listen to anything whatsoever that runs counter to your own narrative. There is nothing to "dish out" here and such a response further showcases the mentality mentioned in the very post you've quoted for this response.
  16. Ah yes, the childish antics now come out. Use a different playbook.
  17. Oh for .... Point blank for you: No survey of any sort you or any other user creates will ever be indicative of a single thing concerning the performance issues you insist are occurring. The only way to have even a shred of legitimacy in your data would be to pol the entire user base and receive a response from each and every single user. You're not going to get one. You have issues, some other users may or may not also have issues. For some, these issues may be transient whereas for others, they're not. The root causes can and will vary. The only reason so many jump to the conclusion of it being related to the full cloud migration is incredibly simple: It is the easiest, most visible scapegoat. There have always been network and other performance issues - some of which have nothing whatsoever to do with action/inaction on the part of Linden Lab. Such is Life.
  18. You are suggesting they turn the Void into additional, empty Regions - just for the sake of vehicular users. No. You want a path? Buy the Regions needed.
  19. Once again, cute. You're assuming you know what is and is not "on the table" from a singular, one word response to a specific section of Bree's post. You do not, hence the laughter. I am quite for forward momentum. I am not for doing it based on what Facebook, Roblox et al are pulling. I am not for doing it based on absolutely vapid buzzwords and other claptrap.
  20. That's nice. Not at all a response to my post, just what you imagined it to mean. ETA: To make it somewhat easier for you, note exactly which part of Bree's post I responded to.
  21. I've got two locations like this: One for Packages (boxes) and one for items that show up as unpacked folders!
  22. Ah yes, because pointing out that the quoted reaction made no sense to what was said is so telling you what you were thinking .....
  23. Read what I wrote a second time - you're reacting/responding to something that was not said. I said: Allow for 2FA for the Website and for those truly concerned about it, they can shut off purchase through the Viewer. Not for Linden Lab to remove the option.
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