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  1. We get it - you honestly believe your own little fantasy concerning LL's ownership change. That is not reality - at all. Period. Deal with it, stop grasping at straws and pulling straw men (as well as Fruit to Mineral comparisons) out of your waste disposal chute. You. Are. Not. Helping. Anyone. At. All.
  2. If I could get rid of the tummy I have these days after also developing a bit of a bust (will need hormones for that) then - situation depending - I'd absolutely wear some of the clothing in my Second Life wardrobe, in Real Life .... assuming I could buy it!
  3. Newsflash for you: Not every VoIP enabled service uses VIVOX. Far more often, the problem is with the VIVOX servers - which Linden Lab nor any TPV Dev team control.
  4. Simplest answer: There is no reason whatsoever to cater the entire Mainland to Vehicular Users.
  5. And now the obligatory: What does this have to do with Second Life Tech?
  6. I read. Perhaps you ought to do so a few more times. I'll save you the trouble however: Such is only possible in content controlled, highly optimized environments at present. You are not going to get upwards of a hundred or more users in the exact same space while allowing for truly customized content. Not with present tech. At all. So again: Read. Listen. Accept. Move on. Further responses won't be required - I am not at all interested in having any sort of discourse with anyone who actually believes the level of customization available to Second Life (and the more recent but still decidedly different VRC and Neos) is possible while allowing "hundreds" of avatars to exist in the same region.
  7. Yeah, no - not happening, Sapphire. It's been explained in this thread and others over the years. Read. Listen. Understand. Accept. Move on.
  8. Ah yes, slap an ESRB Absolutely Useless sticker on it ....... No.
  9. Such individuals aren't looking for an immersive experience.
  10. It also means far more spill over, elsewhere, than we see as it is.
  11. As stated earlier in the thread: There's already a place for such "discussions" over at an SL Adjacent forum, run by one of the users here. You want to discuss Politics? Go there. It's that simple.
  12. ... And cue the attempts at rationalization ...
  13. All of them use pre-made, easily downloaded content. Every. Last. One. Find an Apple for your comparison next time instead of a piece of basalt. ETA: Staying in the realm of fruit to fruit comparisons however - VRC and even Neos do not have such high numbers as a possibility for their worlds. Most for VRC are set around the twenty to forty user range - as an example.
  14. Want to discuss Politics? There's an entire SL adjacent forum that allows such, started by another user here. Go there.
  15. No. Facebook's offering as well as ROBLOX are meant for far different audiences/age ranges than Second Life. Only Fans dealt with the content and money more directly and had quite the RL Adult Content presence - they're taking the nuclear option, similar to Tumblr. Even dedicated Adult Content services have - in the last year or so - nuked content and placed stricter guidelines and such in, in an effort to combat trafficing and such. None of that really applies here.
  16. That's nice. This isn't Roblox. It isn't Fortnite. It isn't anything else. Being quite frank and bringing yet another "other" place into this: I cringed on seeing Among Us as a place in VRC. Want to make something similar? Meh - not my cup of tea but sure. Leave the actual Among Us and Fall Guys where they belong - as their own games. No, this does not mean I am for doing things to attract gamers (or Gaemrz either).
  17. This whole thing started because someone refuses to admit that their reading of the ToS where Copyright is concerned (and Copyright law in general mind) is quite mistaken - from the entire concept they hold, down to some fanciful enforcement that they believe could be done.
  18. Not that it matters. Privacy issues are not the same as Copyright issues.
  19. No, I am simply not interested in "discussing" or "debating" anything with those who are unable to stick to reality. You have had everything laid out for you, repeatedly. You have had explanation after explanation given, as well as a challenge issued. All of it was ignored and you persisted. So yes, outside of my last response and this one ... all you're getting are reactions. There's only one "troll" here. Look in the mirror.
  20. Misinformation should be addressed, concisely and to the point. Address it, move on, let the one peddling it bury themself and anyone who still chooses to believe in it after it is addressed as well. If you continue to address it with each variation/vector change, you're never gong to be able to rest/stop and you will be playing into their hands/giving them more legitimacy than they deserve. ETA: There's a reason I swap out to/default to the Reaction buttons for some things/people.
  21. Selective reading, confirmation bias and twisting of reality are quite the thing to try to confront, aren't they?
  22. Willfully posting misinformation, pushing said misinformation endlessly and basing all of it on an absolutely flawed reading of the ToS/CS.
  23. Why is anyone even bothering with them at this point?
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