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  1. Your inventory is nothing more than a list of pointers to the actual entries plus any relevant property data, on top of there already being a cache on disk (which is how/why you can have "missing" inventory on one Viewer and not on another). As for the Region data ... again, that already exists to a certain degree. Having it otherwise would eat a fair bit of your disk space for a marginal gain - it has to contact the servers for updates/to update anyone else that may be nearby for Region data at the very least. Your inventory is given a similar treatment for each and every single outfit change, item rez, item creation and edit.
  2. Yeah .... no. That one is not "right" whatsoever where any of this is concerned and it shows with each and every single response. This is not the first time they've made similar "observations" either. You are correct however - it is a bit of forewarning that what you see one day may not be what you see the next time.
  3. Like any service, once it has gained a particular reputation there is nothing whatsoever you or anyone else can do do squash/change that perception. Nothing. When you see such things, shake you head and move on. As for this recent trend some have shown in trying to compare it to newer environments .... It needs to stop. Short of a complete rewrite from the ground up, it is not going to even superficially resemble any of the more recent comers. At all. And that is good. Some time ago, I would answer such calls for such seemingly drastic change with the following: "Are you going to pay for any replacement content for everyone?" The usual responses amounted to hand waving and "It's not my responsibility" - showcasing that many simply do not care how much time and money others may have sunk in, they want these changes and they want them yesterday. If Linden Lab is to go forward with such an overhaul, they need to do so as a wholly separate project. They need to build on what made the original Second Life so appealing - not the failure that was Sansar. And there's a lot of people they need to simply ignore. If they develop such an upgrade on the side and then deploy it side by side, they can then get feedback and can properly gauge interest/reactions without sacrificing what they already have. Give people the option to move and replace any inventory they may lose.
  4. As stated in another thread - if your PC is following anything at all similar to the "specs" listed on the "system requirements" page ... no it is not within the specs as those are outdated. Your OS is only a singular part of the picture - you will end up being asked for the output of the About Firestorm menu entry. ETA: This has nothing to do with the Server unless these crashes include a disconnection message and even then it is likely to be an issue somewhere between you and the Server. This should have been posted in either the Viewer or Tech Discussion sections.
  5. If you are going by this page for that statement ... no, your computer most certainly is not within the specs. That page is woefully out of date.
  6. Funny .... Just re-enabled Voice and tested myself. MMB shortcut (which is the default for voice transmit toggle) functions properly. Having the toolbar button set to lock or not does not affect this whatsoever.
  7. Even with four people on our network, our data cap (somewhere around 1-2 TB a month) is in no danger of being hit. So yeah .....
  8. Ah yes, recommending a dedicated streaming system as a "replacement" for an actual Viewer .... Until someone comes along to code an actual Viewer for Android, there isn't going to be an actual replacement.
  9. Lumiya has no staff. The Dev has not posted any updates in some time and any version you can find outside of the google Play store is out of date and questionable. If you have/had it on a prior Android device, great - try to get it copied/transferred over to your new device (Samsung, LG and most other device manufacturers have their own apps for this, as does at least one of the US mobile networks). If you tossed/nuked your old device before properly copying/transferring the data or you had to do a factory reset ..... you're SOL. That's the reality. Live with it.
  10. The answer to your second question is always a "Yes" in most of these circumstances.
  11. Having a business that used the now banned system is not a requisite for seeking clarification nor for asking when the new rules will be codified in the ToS, CS and AuP.
  12. Almost a month later but .... I may not go to many places these days but yer welcome to poke me.
  13. Some Viewers (such as Firestorm) did indeed have a method for setting different, altitude based Windlight settings. it relied on using up a portion of the Parcel About box however. Mind, it was still quite a bit more flexible than the current EEP method, allowing for far more granularity and zones to be set than the present EEP setup. This was allowed at the time because it was functionality that Linden Lab had looked at implementing - they just wanted an 'easier' method.
  14. Ah yes, laying out how things work requires a backhanded, attitude filled response ....
  15. Ah yes, and there's that age old, tired out ploy - if they don't agree with you, why they must be a troll/be trolling! There can be no other explanation!
  16. What part of this having been discussed before is difficult to understand? What part of it being an ill fit for Second Life is difficult to grasp? What part of people quite understanding the concept of a Non-fungible Token and choosing to not engage you in your gatekeeping attempt is difficult to understand? You will get responses to this thread from people pointing out exactly what has already been said, generally over the course of several days/pages. They're allowed to do so - deal with it. If you only want those interested in brainstorming, find another venue that you actually have control over.
  17. Ah yes, pointing out reality is "nothing to add" ... and apparently one must "have something to add" to warrant a response in a public thread .... What you meant to say, amounts to telling anyone who does not want to see a rehashing of the exact same (lack of) arguments - along with the truly out of conspiracy land tripe - to pound sand.
  18. Welcome to a public forum. You lost any control over who responds the moment you created the topic. You want to "exchange peacefully"? That's what PMs are for.
  19. The entire thread, started by the Lindens, over the policy change. That thread was locked. There was no reason to make a new one to rehash the same "arguments" nor to give a space to those clearly not playing with a full deck. There is no "discussion" to be had - it came, it went, it is done.
  20. The entire Grid. There, that was easy.
  21. Ah yes, someone answers your question while seeking out what your plans/suggestions are and you jump to their not understanding what you're babbling on about, all while praising one of the usual Forum posters who is known to have their head in the clouds and wanting Second Life to be more like its non-existent competitors. Sit. Down. We do not need such things here. Want them? Go to where they are.
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