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  1. And? SmartID. MobileID. They're application based authenticators - tied to a form of government ID (an incredibly foolish idea). Your country as a whole does not use 2FA/MFA but instead uses the above applications or similar? Congratulations - they're fooling themselves into thinking their method is any more secure than existing authentication. That said, not much use going around and around on this one - Linden Lab took the road they took. Including going about implementation that is backwards (securing individual sections/leaving certain ones at risk). And as another poster has mentioned: This entire thread could be skimmed by someone unsavory that is looking for targets/loopholes. Congratulations to a few that went and pointed them out - here and elsewhere. Cat's out of the bag there now isn't it?
  2. And? Two, rather common place suggestions for Authenticator applications. Nothing more than that. So again, All you've listed are alternative application "solutions" - all of which are downloaded.
  3. Oh for .... 2FA/MFA has incredibly little to do with Microsoft - they are just one of many software side avenues to get a 2FA/MFA application from. All of that being quite beside the points some have been making here - both for and against. ETA: If by some chance you were meaning text based 2FA, that's SMS or MMS.
  4. There is no "Default AO" - only a default set of Animations which are overridden by AO devices and such - hence the "O" in "AO" - Animation Override. Now as for the looking around - which honestly is not "unrealistic" or "unfriendly" at all - with all other sources shut off, you should be looking for the LookAt settings. Firestorm has those easily enough accessible under Privacy -> LookAt. Beyond those, you may still see occasional eye movement. Which is normal.
  5. For both at this point it is going to be down to where you spend most of your time. With incredibly few exceptions these days, I remain a Fur/Anthro type and tend to stick around places that cater more specifically to such. I do still need to see about getting my Sidhe/Elf and Hybrid forms updated to use the more Andro look I have for my Anthros these days. It'd be oh so much easier to do if there were a proper option I could use ... As it is, I have to carefully position certain things so as to make it clear that what one is seeing - when nude anyway - is not confused for the Herm types one can often find around SL Adult regions (in my case, supposed to be a guy with a fem chest).
  6. Not surprised At All. And warned people that it would likely not be implemented properly - at a minimum.
  7. It also remains to be seen if they implemented the opt-in process to include manually setting up the key as you would have to do for 2FA PC side apps like Authy (which has both a smartphone and a PC app). If they only allow for setup via scanned QR code .... yet another implementation failure.
  8. Which of course means that - just as was warned - they'd find a way to bork things or implement it in a wonky manner. 2FA - for places that use it/actually warrant it - is supposed to be done on log in. Optionally to verify it is indeed the actual user for accessing/making changes to sensitive site segments beyond that (some places do it, some don't). They've 'secured' individual rooms while waiting on the main door/gate. Absolutely backwards.
  9. From the way they have it phrased ... They opted for a page by page/section by section implementation. In other words, they found a way to mess things up. Log in, then try to access say ... your billing information or payment methods. While you're at it, test to see if they allow for a few seconds leeway when the current code is about to expire as nearly all other 2FA using services do.
  10. All the while, likely breaking more and more things along the way ... If they have managed to not break anything - even on a time delay - lovely. Not holding my breath.
  11. General rule of thumb for multi-tasking: More RAM is better. Especially if you're on a Windows Machine.
  12. It should be noted that a few items (such as Direct Deposit information - handy to have but I don't use it for PayPal) are in some odd spots on the web page. But yes, country might also be at play.
  13. Funnily enough, none of the information I have needed to update (and none of it I may need to update going forward) requires said updates to be done in their app.
  14. Well .... If my avatar is presently using a Vulpine Anthro form and has a sandy or honey colored fur coloration then you'd be picking up that scent of old books (or parchment) that tends to hang around much older libraries and archives as well as a hint of cherry tobacco and - even fainter - the scent you'd get from an active Blacksmith's Forge. If you want to stretch it a bit and include things that don't have an actual scent per se .... In most other forms (many of which correspond to the RP character I use within Second Life) the best way to describe the scent that tends to hang around them (when they're not mimicking some other scent and even then, it's still present - just buried) is as Starlight and Stellar Wind.
  15. Force refresh worked - though needing to do that is so rare, didn't even cross my mind. Was not expecting the errored page to be so sticky in cache.
  16. Hey uh, Mazidox? Normally I'd let it slide but uh .... that release notes page is still throwing the following
  17. Alt+Shift+U hides the UI on my machine. Ctrl+Shift+F1 is another command for such - try either.
  18. Got a few new outfits! Feeling more and more "me" and "right" now! (Not sure if I've posted any recently - not entirely Fem!)
  19. It is almost as though paying for the parcel gives one the ability to determine who has access to it, the manner in which that access is granted and when said access is granted .... Now if they'd simply stop pretending that Belli is anything other than a Vehicular User Project continent .....
  20. Which. Cannot. Happen. None of it is built even remotely similar to GTA, WoW or any other game that uses pre-built assets in any way, shape or form.
  21. Your inventory is nothing more than a list of pointers to the actual entries plus any relevant property data, on top of there already being a cache on disk (which is how/why you can have "missing" inventory on one Viewer and not on another). As for the Region data ... again, that already exists to a certain degree. Having it otherwise would eat a fair bit of your disk space for a marginal gain - it has to contact the servers for updates/to update anyone else that may be nearby for Region data at the very least. Your inventory is given a similar treatment for each and every single outfit change, item rez, item creation and edit.
  22. Yeah .... no. That one is not "right" whatsoever where any of this is concerned and it shows with each and every single response. This is not the first time they've made similar "observations" either. You are correct however - it is a bit of forewarning that what you see one day may not be what you see the next time.
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