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  1. Oh no, it was read quite carefully and found to be counter to the reality and the current rule set. You have to be able to see what item you are presently buying. Many of the new machnes also show you up to a certain point in their internal queue with a numbered key. You know exactly what the item you are currently buying is and what the very next few items (at least) are. The only bit of chance now is which item cycles into the far end of the queue when it advances.
  2. Second Life creators and users are not Studio (or Indie) Game Devs (generalization as I am well aware there are a few creators or users that could fall into the latter category). Anyone can create content for use in Second Life without needing to jump through those particular hoops. Which is exactly part of what gave it so much draw and has allowed it to continue on. You could debate holding Content Creators to higher standards and where to draw the line as to which class should and shouldn't be held to those standards but you should not expect the normal End User to jump the the same hoops. If you're insistent on having those higher standards put into general place, remove the ability for the general userbase to create objects, severely restrict what they can edit and go from there.
  3. ... That warning being present or not should have had no bearing on the dismissal. If you need a warning against using your hand to stop the chain of a chainsaw, you shouldn't be using a chainsaw.
  4. Honestly? If new users are being driven off by the lack of Shiny (and yes, if the visual quality is such a deal breaker that is exactly what is happening) then good riddance. The only real "competition" I have seen in recent years to Second Life has been VRChat and Neos. The former can even run native on a Quest 2 (which runs a variant of Android) and honestly is not much better visually than Second Life (to me, using both the PC/Steam and Quest 2 versions) with Neos having the most potential. That opinion bolstered by the fact that of those two, only Neos allows for in world creation of assets. Both of those can be used with and without an HMD, by the by. Neos does not function on the Quest 2 as a standalone. As an anecdote: About a month or so back I introduced a close friend of mine from VRC to Second Life and gave them the proper caveats. Their only complaint thus far has been buying items - I'll be helping them get a decent avatar set up at some point. MY main point is that such Benchmarks and the opinions of Shiny chasers should be ignored.
  5. Unless you're looking to tack the ability to use VR HMDs onto Second Life there is no reason at all for FPS that high and even then the 300 range is in the realm of ludicrous overkill.
  6. For the last images I took of Aerie Isle, I kept my DD at 256 for a similar enough reason. Mind, that was also with an isolated Region.
  7. This is a bit more realistic. When at Home (and in most places) I keep my Draw Distance set to 96 Meters. 128 for some places and for a very specific Region, I crank it to 256. In all cases with the exception of a crowded Club or such ... the FPS never dips below 30. Now, can this be improved somewhat? Probably. There is no reason to use 1024 meters DD as any kind of Benchmark nor is there any reason to use an FPS above 90 or so as a Benchmark - outside of First Person/Combat cases.
  8. I am going by the actual measured size of a Region - 256 (x) by 256 (y). What you describe is standing at the center point of a Region (128, 128) and treating the Draw Distance as a complete circle around the Avatar. When set correctly, you should not be processing/drawing anything not directly in your Camera view. It might be loaded into cache to be displayed when you turn .... but it should not be drawn. Further, even standing in the center of a Region and somehow rendering that entire circle, you are not covering the entirety of the Regions around you.
  9. There is no legitimate reason - ever - to have your Draw Distance set that high. That is the size of four Regions. That setting should not ever be allowed beyond 512 Meters at most with the average user never needing to go beyond the size of an entire Region.
  10. This is a Forum. If you wanted to direct your "message" to Linden Lab staff, you have other avenues. Use them or put up with getting responses from other users.
  11. Oh for .... It is currently following the ToS/CS and Linden Lab declarations. Deal with it.
  12. Many of the warnings we see these days are for scenarios that should have any case (civil or otherwise) thrown out of the courtroom at worst, ruled in favor of the company with the plaintiff being made to pay them for the absolute waste of time and resources. Don't use unshielded/treated/coated electronic/electrical devices in the shower or bathtub. Don't ingest household cleaners. The list goes on and on.
  13. My mention and responses on the OS topic were in response to a few others and simply stating information. As for your supposition concerning the End of Life of a particular variant: Yep, you sound it.
  14. 980 Ti here. Only real things on my system that aren't "stock" Manjaro (some of my programs aside) are the Kernel and GPU driver set. The latter is the Arch (which Manjaro was forked from) repo version.
  15. Funny .... none of the issues being griped about has occurred for me here with X based Manjaro ....
  16. Today's primary peeve: "Think of the children!" So much has been done in the name of and excused by this one statement that it is maddening.
  17. RAM aside, that is what you should've gone with in the first place - if it were affordable at the time anyway.
  18. Oh for .... Double-posting is when you've posted the exact same thing twice, generally back to back or through some forum glitch. Post what you like in the image threads, staying within ToS/CS and reason and ignore people griping at you. Yes, there are specific threads for specific things - some made simply to draw more attention to specific photo/snapshot/screenshot types (individual shots - several of those type, group/friends and such) - post in whichever is suitable.
  19. Not a problem and just realized that my post came out a bit harsher than intended - that's what I get for posting before coffee. It's nice as a kind of general reference - especially if one is landscaping and such.
  20. Rowan ... ... A Region is 256 meters a side, not 128 ... It's great that people are more heavily recommending that users use a "normal" Draw Distance but come on, use the actual measurements when discussing things at that size. Your chart is showing the draw distance of 128 "covering" the Region from the exact center point of the Region. From there you only need to have your Draw Distance set to half the actual size to see everything around you.
  21. Log out aside, the part in bold is indeed expected behavior. It is the default.
  22. Reboots don't even nuke the 2FA tokens for some banks, GitHub and other places. Only certain system or browser updates or the cookie timer.
  23. That's nice. You done yet? Yes? No? Meh - doesn't matter.
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