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  1. Thats the ones asking you: "Why didnt you come back? Ive done something wrong?"
  2. Nope. i made 2 inworld purchases, didnt get anything delivered, went for (also failing) redeliveries and tried to relog, what made me stranded at the forums now.
  3. Put the wrench aside, you dont need to remove the drum from your laundry at all...
  4. If the Linden IT boys use the SL status page for monitoring, it never will be fixed. It still says, logins are fine ^^
  5. They didnt show how they rinse the hair. But there is always a clever solution https://youtu.be/sixQHFlHeUY
  6. Still got kinda the same issue yesterday. I cant move at the place where i login, no matter where. I need to teleport somewhere else to be fine. Besides that my hair and my top is always missing, when i cant move. After the teleport, all items will be attached. My antivirus is the one what comes with Win10. Nothing special, actually.
  7. Even though i was able to solve it by reinstalling the viewer, i think you are right about the real issue, as almost nothing around me was loaded properly either. Yesterday i was able to get almost the same result by accident. While being in SL, the windowa virus scan pops up, telling me that a "oneofyournawtygroups.txt" would contain a virus. I opened that file in editor and just saw group conversation stored inside. But i wanted to be sure and deleted it. When i switched back to SL, i was stuck again. Relog did help in that case.
  8. Hello, ts not about me, but about one of my alts. I used the alt hours ago and everything was fine, and now i still can connect, but thats it. I cant walk, i cant jump (Movelock is off. i tripple checked) i cant sit on any objects. All i can do is spinning, using the arrow keys. I can open an IM, but no message is sent, while i can receive. I cant attach or detach any items, no HUD works. SL MAPS search doesnt work.i opens, but wont find any region What i also noticed is the lack of objects around my disabled avatar. nothing loads at all, it seems. Every third login its even more weird, not even my avatar appears. its just a grey ugly doll, not even an orange cloud. Any ideas? P.S. My computer and internet connection is fine. I logged in 4 other alts, including me. i tried all the things i cant do with my disabled alt. Works fine. !!!SOLVED!!! It was caused by my FS viewer. I was able to login and move my alt with the older FS version. Just the new one (BOM) acted up, obviously. I did a de- and reinstall of the latest FS viewer and cleared the cache, and now it work fine again
  9. Wow. It seems there is absolutely nothing you cant do in an absolute stunning and perfect way. Ever thought about creating stuff on your own to finally rule the (second) world?
  10. a few more ideas to interrupt your uninvited guests moods or intentions to enter your place -a old women, swinging her purse -LOTR Gandalf "you shall not pass" -a fairly tall bouncer -Pennywise "we all float down here" -an aggressive dog -or create something like this:
  11. I would like to have the possibility to preset the environment (windlight) in the parcel detail page, as i have the need to force a special windlight setting for my place. But, as i dont own a whole region, i cant do it...
  12. I do understand why people possibly want or even need to create an income in SL, but i prefer to head to a different direction. SL is a hobby for me. A hobby like riding a moto/bicycle, taking dance and sewing classes or spending a weekend in the alps. Most of that hobbies are way more expensive than the annual premium and the land tier for a few square meters of mainland. So, why would i ask for tips? I just do, what i like to do and what doesnt really hurt my RL wallet.
  13. Go to a RL bar with a guest count around 30 people. 10 of them wont vibe with you just by the first impression you got from them, 17 of them are busy with their cellphones, 2 of them are talking to their partner, besides using the cellphone 1 might be up for a chat. Maybe the bearded motocycle guy, who knows? But you will never know if he could be your soulmate, because you expect the whole gang to enter the bar any moment. Try to burry your discomfort. You just expect too much from virtual avatars controlled by real humans. Everything will be fine
  14. Not to mention the fact, that the new models dont alpha glitch with sheer clothes anymore. And the very fine hair textures... Just love it.
  15. In RL i would be happy with complete new outfits fatpacks for around 5 USD already. Not to mention plastic surgeries within a few seconds and always having a perfect skin. Ill leave the wooden cubes in my garage...
  16. I think i dont really get what you talk about, but i would appreciate it, if you post a LM link to your place as soon as you built what you think the 4th dimension looks like.
  17. Is there a way to be updated about the next bicycle race? Would love to participate
  18. Thank you for that brief insight. Im almost 13 years in this world, but dont seem to know a lot about historical things like this. I recently got myself a parcel at Zindra. While all the Homesteads i have been on suffered from heavy lag and bad performance, Zindra seems to be way better in terms of lag and fps.
  19. Anyone knows why Zindra is that far away from the rest of the grid? Because of all the red lights?
  20. Cant say i have been to a lot, but that exactly describes most of the clubs ive been.
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