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  1. TAXI: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wairbrow/228/70/2752
  2. I would say, lag is everything causing the users pc system and/or the SL server performance to drop. Too many or badly built scripts in rezzed objects and avatar addons, mesh with a ton of triangles, you name it. As im not a creator for the things im using/wearing, i only can try to keep my renderweight and script load fairly low. And of course, when entering a club with 50 people inside, its not the worst idea to turn down the graphics a little to squeeze out a few more fps on the client side.
  3. Im with you on that. I wouldnt be too worried. im using this arm band every once in a while: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/M3-Armband-Reds-Customizable-logo/21875188 It has more logos to it as you can see on the picture. also the Super Mario Mushroom, but nothing forbidden. If it would be forbidden, it would not be on the MP for so long and i would be banned, too, probably.
  4. Im pretty sure, in Warcraft there are no borders every 256 meters, where its pure luck to make it over them. Or, to make it less likely to crash, when you take off all armor and weapons at every crossing to get a better chance to suceed. SL could install something like the "genius" hyperloop idea above 4000 meters. You get in your space elevator, get into the tube and then you arrive at the other end of the world within a moment. Wait, that sounds like a TP.
  5. My contribution to the latest convo: https://youtu.be/B3zvzfAIsqc?t=15
  6. thats why you just can ask for 6K instead of 60K+.
  7. It worked somehow with your instructions... Thank you
  8. If you mean that one... https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/470482-trying-to-add-owner-only-access-to-a-menu/ I see something about dialogs there. thats not what i need, i think, and it makes it even more complicated for me. Thank you, but you overrate my skills and IQ level Well, the owner is not me, necessarily. If i give that script to someone else, it also should work. And to make it even worse, i dont really know how to call the particle system or any other function.
  9. Hello guys, im using that freebie Ama Omega Particle script and would like to turn it on and off with a simple chat command, only accepted by owner typing it into the chat. I somehow know, i need a llListen(), and then i have to check if the command comes from the owner, and then i have to call the particle procedure, but no matter how i do that puzzle, it wont work. Any ideas or fast solutions? Regards Theresa
  10. Mainland architecture, except the Linden homes, is always pure anarchy. If you get a parcel there, you better be prepared for the worst. The price is still 1LD for one square meter. LindenLabs also resizes/merges/divides abandoned parcels too meet the customers needs. I got notified by a ticket response that the parcel was set for me to be purchased.
  11. Adele/Amy Winehouse covers Taxi? Here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wairbrow/228/70/2752 See u over there
  12. Sometimes it doesnt has to be a club necessarily . Where i live there are neighbors...
  13. If you know how to handle layers in photoshop or gimp, SL BOM tattoos are some of the most easy things one can create. Especially when its just about small ones, where u dont need to take care about matching seam lines too much. Get the Templates for the right alignment here: https://www.robinwood.com/Catalog/Technical/SL-Tuts/SLDownloads/UVMaps/Vector-Smart-UVs-PS-CS2.zip Unpack and open the PSD file you need. Upper body for a shoulder tattoo, for example. You can see a lot of lines and colors, helping you to get your (tribal) tattoo to where you want it. As seen in the pic, just add your PNG or TGA tattoo as a new layer, and after you adjusted the position, size and opacity, delete all the other layers, leave just the tattoo layer itself and export it as PNG/TGA. Upload that file to SL, create a new tattoo layer, wear it, edit it, and select the PNG you just uploaded, attach it to "upper tattoo" Done!
  14. DJ application: https://forms.gle/rE65mxVcweRiF3Hb7 Host application: https://forms.gle/sCJm2AuuXisHnykS7 Have a small preview using the Foundry flickr group: https://flic.kr/go/3ftaWc We are looking forward to hear from you soon.
  15. Probably its much more than just a speculation after what happens recently
  16. The magic coding abilities dont replace a risk managment plan or a technician, able to fix the issue. Its 16 hours now, more or less? In most parts of the IT, thats just inacceptable.
  17. At least thinking about if its a good idea to have almost the complete inworld sales structure "outsourced" and no control about at all.
  18. I know, but it boggles my mind, as i stand for user created content more than anything else. Its just the impact it has right now. And no one, except one single person, is able to fix it. That sounds off, a bit, for such a big economy. I see it also being in Lindens responsibility, as its system-relevant for SL. But i dont claim to be right. Maybe Lindens dont get any revenue out of inworld sales and they dont care at all. (no sarcasm)
  19. Not being able or willing to do it better means not being unable to know how its done better.
  20. There are hundreds of store owners having no clue about the vendor system failing, but thats not Caspars fault, of course. Maybe LL will wake up now, after letting happen such a monopoly inworld structure with no backup at all. But still... running web- and database servers in 2 different datacenters (like soooooooooo many other companies do), would have solved the issue for customers in no time. But i can understand, why buying another sports car instead has more priority.
  21. I ranted a few minutes before u did, just in another thread Garnet did explain and tell, the CasperTech Usergroup got informed about the current status, and that group would contain 15K users. Why should i even know of such a group? Im just a simple customer, waiting for my things to be delivered, or at least to be notified about on known channels like the casper website, where i get directed to when i make a redelivery anyway. But what do we know? Maybe its a one man business, and he is entangled in a bunch of network cables. Good luck Casper
  22. It would be more helpful, if the word would be spread to all people being affected, not just to a few selected ones. When i tried to get a redelivery 11 hours ago, i just got to see a timed out connection. And that didnt change until now. Its not rocket science to set up a status site for anyone to read stranding there. In case the whole domain/hardware/rack/datacenter is broken, then just redirect it to a backup where some infos are displayed.
  23. At least we know now, caspers public relations office works even worse than their servers.
  24. Want to know what to expect before even jumping in the taxi? Convinced? Lets go http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wairbrow/252/86/2751
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