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  1. I really dont know a lot about eyes at all, because im quite satisfied with the GA.EG eyes i bought for my head from the same brand, but even that eyes you can modify in every possible way. Resizing the pupil and the iris separately, resize the whole eyeball, let them pop out from the skull if necessary, change the angle of where the eyes are looking at, change the color of the pupil, iris, eyeball and the reflection. And a few more other things, if i remember correctly.
  2. And suddenly Barbra Streisand comes into my mind.
  3. Sure thing. As "enhanced" as all that fancy display names you have to decipher first, before talking to someone: ᵛⁱᵖ٠..::亗®€$¡ þf€ff€®亗::..٠ᵛⁱᵖ
  4. Even though im not interested or qualified in any way, i like that job offer and the way it is described in such a detail. But, what is bothering me a lot is not only the really low amount of payment of 300 Lindens a week - no, its also the fact how its written in the announce. When reading that job announce, my minds builds an image of a complete region, with a small forest, a pretty garden setup and a adequately huge mansion in between, where the Lord and the Lady are residing. In a setup like this, i would at least expect a line like "You will be paid 300 Lindens for the first week. Salary rises will be discussed and negotiated afterwards according to the progress of the skills you will make over time."
  5. I would love to give you the whole pile of my unused or mispurchased "standard sizes" and even fitmesh clothes, and im sure, others would do the same, but in general its all no transfer. No way to pass it to another avatar. But i will have a look later on. maybe there is at least a single transfer item hidden somwhere...
  6. Thats the first skybox i saw making me believe its a parcel at sea level...Well done. And as you pointed out about the sim border - size really seem to make a difference.
  7. Seems, im way off. 🙄 There are some good reasons to go with the SL standards, even though i resist until today. Someone my size dancing with a 2.5 meter guy just looks silly/awful.
  8. Small? Once i used to wear a group tag saying "Normally sized" But still, there is some truth to it. There are supermarket shelfes you cant reach that easy in RL, but you can use workarounds like asking someone for help, jumping, throwing something at the desired product or stepping onto the bottom shelf.
  9. Ah ok. Now i understood. First i thought, you took her forum post as a friend request...
  10. Just use one profile. Problem solved. Just the fact you dont like to login make its not a bug. If i decide to have my password saved, all i have to do is to type the first or the first two letters of my account names, pressing the tab key twice to get the password changed by itself and to select if i want to rez at home or at the last spot. Done. I really dont get what your problem actually is.
  11. If my lines sounded judgemental in any way, it wasnt on purpose. Im on the lower end of the scale with being 1.61 meters tall.
  12. As if that would be the one and only reason... Its not unlikely a female avatar is at least 2.20 meters tall, while males often exceed 2.5 meters. Where i live, the standard height of a ceiling is about 2.5 meters There is no way to build something proportional in SL, if avatars keep being between 1.5 and 3 meters tall.
  13. Thanks for reminding me. Have to see how much that old "heart of the ocean" necklace weighs. As much as i know its completely made out of regular prims. And there is a lot of them.
  14. I dont want to judge if its a good or a bad thing, but there are a lot of lonely people out there, happy to get any kind of friends. Write that down in your inworld profile, if you havent done it yet. And, whats even more important - prove it
  15. Great idea. I will call myself the leader of SL, as soon as i have exported all SL avatar names to a excel sheet what i will call "Her mayesties subjects". No one knows about except me? Who cares!?
  16. I really had the impression, SL got more and more stable over the years. Seems, i was wrong. Not to talk about the crash on TP issues and the silly workaround
  17. Something weird happens, and its not the first time i have experienced it. -Imagine i use a white dress from creator "A" -Then i detach it and replace it with a black dress from creator B. After 30 minutes being online i crash. ("you have been logged out, bla bla bla") -When i login again, i suddenly wear the white dress i used at the beginning. I mean, its two competely different kinds of dresses. Even the alpha settings in my Lara HUD tells me, i never used the black dress... Its like that 30 minutes of SL lifetime never happened. Anyone else slipped into that wormhole?
  18. A rope texture is just a texture. You have to apply it to an object to make it visible inworld. If you put it on a cylinder, you get your long tube, what you dont want. If you want someone to create a custom mesh rope, it probably will be more expensive than buying a complete wrestling ring from the marketplace. Maybe something like this? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/QUTWORLD-Boxing-Ring-ArenaFP/13981910 100% mesh. only 300 LDs, full perm. Would be a no brainer for me, if i would need something like this
  19. I will keep it in mind, but there is no guarantee, me or someone else never ever offends another person another day by accident. People are very different. While you are absolutely not amused, Zeta laughs about her own stereotypes, like i do, too.
  20. No, i think i got it. I will dance in the rain wearing my traditional dirndl costume dress. 😄
  21. Haha Looks like its similar to our "Schuhplatteln" https://youtu.be/Dz4Mm_RE2to?t=46
  22. Thats what makes the difference. Quality and a detailed menu. I usually dont buy no mod, but i bought your "basket" because i dont need to mod anything in this case. Its perfect for me the way it is.
  23. In general i agree with you. Especially for the fact in dont take myself and my own culture too serious, as you can see in my last post about the oktoberfest. But we are just exchanging words here. Sometimes its hard to sense, if something was meant to be mean or not, sometimes someone reads something between the lines, what not even there, as you cant see the face expression of the person who wrote it. And that was a lot of "some" in one sentence
  24. No, i had no clue at all. Just wanted to point out the fact that almost everyone has to follow rules, no matter of the society you live in. Sometimes more, sometimes less. And the rain dance came into my mind first, thats why i took it. I also could have written about how a bavarian like me goes to the Oktoberfest to kill some brain cells drinking vast amounts of beer in a colored Dirndl dress, and to throw up behind the tent later on celebrate. So, please take my apologies. Wasnt meant i a bad way at all. My very limited english vocabulary forced me to use that expression. Whats the better word for it?
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