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    Conversion starters

    Taking the A6 from the bavarian Lebkuchen city itself , going eastbound, and back... Its quite empty most of the time, and without serious potholes.
  2. Resi Pfeffer

    Conversion starters

    I better dont judge anyone about that kind of knowledge. If someone tells me he is from the netherlands, my mind spins around tulips, gouda cheese and weed. What i do like to tell about germany is the lack of a good public wifi reception, the not so bad highways and the low food prices in general.
  3. Resi Pfeffer

    Conversion starters

    @Gabriele Graves Mostly the conversation will turn into a sudden silence. But also be prepared for a "fu.. off". Horny guys (the naked ones with permanent errection) dont like that answer at all ^^
  4. Resi Pfeffer

    Conversion starters

    Depending on the vibe i get from that person, thats what i like to answer sometimes... "Thank you. Its a GA.EG "Mia" head, self made shape, Maitreya Lara body, Hilly Haalan Shorts, Gulabi Shirt, DeLa "Alba" hairs, ROC "Patchwork Boots".
  5. Resi Pfeffer

    Shape Changing

    Its mostly about try and error. And about saving the shape as soon as you like what you created I refused to turn myself into mesh for for a lot of years, most likely because i didnt want to literally loose my face shape. So, when i did want to give it a try, i looked up all the available heads and chose the one matching best with my current face. Then i took pictures from my bald head, shot from different angles and placed that pics behind my avatar. With the demo mesh head attached and the pics from my old face right next to it, i hade a good base to "copy" my old look. Like "Cheeks, i dont know, still to low. putting them higher by 5. noo, that was too much, back down a bit. Perfect!" Give it a try. Its worth the effort.
  6. Resi Pfeffer

    Linden Dollar

    Ist das so? Bin schon fast 12 Jahre alt, habe aber immer noch das 30 Dollar Limit. Ich bin aber auch noch nie Premium gewesen...
  7. Resi Pfeffer

    Seeking answers for Female Avatar

    I use the Mia and Barbara heads from GA.EG and im quite pleased with the way it fits to the maitreya body/skins. Of course the neck seam isnt perfect at all (also depending on your graphic settings and daytime) , but it easy to hide/mask it with a variety of chokers, necklaces, hairstyles. I got the one and only they offer for maitreya, and have to say there are better ones out there. And if i remember correctly, not even with the GA.EG skin applier for maitreya body the neck seam was really seamless. That leads me back to my previous advice to "hide" it.
  8. Resi Pfeffer

    Set up my Avatar

    /sighs "im so glad, the forum isnt struck by the mandela effect yet."
  9. Resi Pfeffer

    My Avatar constantly floats about 1m off the ground.

    Check your worn items - you probably wear system shoes, pushing your avatar in the air that far. Check your hover height...
  10. Resi Pfeffer

    Updating personal info on account.

    The officer imediately steps back, putting her right hand close to the holster, still aiming with the flashlight directly at your face. "Sir, i need you to get back to the the car, turn right and place your hands onto the roof!"
  11. Resi Pfeffer

    Updating personal info on account.

    The more you talk about , the more suspicious you make yourself. Shhhh 🤐
  12. Resi Pfeffer


    Thats why we quote Try to stick to what you have said. Sugar Daddy will not be pleased if you tell him something else every day.
  13. Resi Pfeffer

    Updating personal info on account.

    I bet, a lot of people, including me, are not able to answer a secret question, wich they had to define 10 years ago. Just update your account in the best way you can, and then have fun with your new mesh outfit. Keep calm, nothing happened yet.
  14. Resi Pfeffer


    Your request is not charming at all. If you want sugar, try to be sweet in exchange. Use "i would love to have a mesh head X, if possible" instead of a demandig "I dont want that, but i need this!" I would recommend you to flock around relevant places in SL. IF you should manage to mesmerise a guy by the way you are, it should be more or less easy to get what you want. Its always good to have multiple options to reach a goal. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/312-inworld-employment/ You are welcome.
  15. Resi Pfeffer

    Looking for a Job

    Sounds like you should head for you own inworld business. Just create, whats still missing.
  16. Resi Pfeffer

    Do you use ban lines or those things that kick people out...

    As i live on a lonely homestead, there is absolutely no need to lock anything. Hardly the neighbours are online once a week, or less. The security orb is rezzed, but just to tell me who was there.
  17. Resi Pfeffer

    Need feedback on my new avatar

    Its not meant as harsh as it sounds, but i wouldnt date anyone who is needlessly insecure about himself. I recommend you to slide the shape sliders until your mouse pad starts to smoke. Just stop, when you are completely satisfied with the result. You need to like the way you are. That will reflect on other users. No need to change the angle of your forehead, just because someone else thinks its too steep at the moment.
  18. Resi Pfeffer

    Private Investigations on the Grid?

    Someone told me, there is a very popular adult addon for females, what literally sticks in a sticky way to your skin. And if you open the menu of that addon, it will give you a list of all the guys using a scripted dick you have been "connected" with.
  19. Ever thought about trying GTA or candy crush, combined with visiting your local bar around the corner?
  20. Resi Pfeffer

    Haven't played since early 2014

    Now i really would like to know more about the questions i would be asked, if i would call in. Is it that insecure? Like that typical security questions... "color of your cat" or "name of your father"? Anyway, welcome back
  21. Resi Pfeffer

    Off Grid Woman Wanted

    I can imagine its already kinda hard to find a dutch person who wants to live in france, but adding the off grid lifestyle and being able to make a living out of SL business sounds like building a handcrafted watch with 20 complications. But as the watchmakers show us, its possible. So, good luck.
  22. Resi Pfeffer

    Sansar is now officially on Steam

    You still got some time until you have to adapt. "Neuland" is obviously not just Merkels impression about the internet, its also something new for LL, it seems.
  23. Resi Pfeffer

    Sansar is now officially on Steam

    Most of us know about Lumiya already since years. It was an officially LL supported viewer. It still works and i use it a lot, but LL says "naaaaah" About the reasons we just can speculate: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/418930-linden-labs-will-you-ever-create-a-mobile-phone-app-for-secondlife/ So my post was about a mobile viewer created by LindenLabs and not third party viewers. Seems LL is still insecure about if smartphones will be a thing in the near future. ^^
  24. Resi Pfeffer

    Sansar is now officially on Steam

    And while we discuss about concurrent Sansar steam users (these days between 0! and 25), we dont even get an official answer, if there will be a mobile client for Sansar and SL anytime soon. Hard to get what LL is up to at all.
  25. Resi Pfeffer

    What is this AFK Poseball thing you speak of?

    Thats right, there is mostly no way to pay off all the investments within a reasonable amount of time. But otherweise, running the Lumiya viewer on a cellphone (connected to your flatrate wifi) over night wont kill your electricity invoice.