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  1. Im not a native speaker, and im likely more wrong than you, but i still dont see any allowance to share the account. The yellow marked part appears to say: "doesnt matter if you gave a stranger your account login on purpose or not, you alone will be hammered if something bad happens." A few lines later they even ask the user to keep the access to the "internet device" restricted.
  2. Its not? I mean, i dont know the rules, i have to admit, but nonetheless it sound very unlikely.
  3. How on earth are you able to do that? If you are logged in to your own account and you are fast enough to get a LindenHome, its yours. How do you make it your customers plot?
  4. If i dont have any objects rezzing extra prims on a click (surfboards, etc.) its always all in.
  5. All of them make me want to try the demo. Thank you very much.
  6. Good morning Anyone maybe has some knowledge to share where i could find messy, straggly and windswept hairs? Im heading for that look you get after a day at the beach, after dipping a few times into the salty water of the ocean, the look you have, when scuffing slowly to the coffee machine on a lazy sunday morning. I already found a few. DeLa "Brynn", and another one from Argrace, then Maitreyas renderweight heavy "miabella" and "kim", but would like to have many many more. So, every suggestion is very much appreciated.
  7. Not that i like locks or dorrs in SL in any way, but if you use your sim just for you and your friends, set up the access list and let no one else in.
  8. Maybe check the furniture itself. Many come with the option to adjust the avatar while sitting. If you hit "Save all" instead of "save" after altering the Z axis, that setting might be used for all the animations the furniture offers.
  9. But that shape would have to come in different versions fit to maitreya, TMP, ebody and all the other bodies out there. Not to mention the vast amount of mesh head used these days.To me it sounds like thats never ever going to happen. Its way more convenient to create an alt, just for that purpose. You have all the time you need to bend and stretch that avatar to make it look the way you want, and he/she will never complain, if the photo session takes more than one hour. You just need to read your size displayed at the top of the menu, when editing your shape. Or get one of these https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Avatar-Height-Scale/1789002 Just not sure, if its a nice decoration for a home ^^
  10. For a pic, where you just can see the heads, just adjust the hover height. No one will ever notice if her feet are floating 10 inches above ground. Changing the Avatar height is a matter of 10 seconds, already including pressing the save button. (Well, altering several neecssary body parts to match the new height, might take more time. Lot of folks forget to adjust head and hand size, for example)
  11. Then you dont know german online magazines. Sadly its not anymore what it used to be. If its not plain copied and pasted from a big news agency, its studded with typos.
  12. Actually thats easy to achieve. Lets say you got a partner way taller than you. As soon as both of you to agree to grow and to shrink to meet in the middle, you should have a pretty decent fit. Not sure if someone would buy a meshbody and shape, where you cant alter anything.
  13. Dont know a lot about the phototools, and if those could mess up your movement. But have you already hit all the "D" buttons to have some options set back to default?
  14. Try: Ctrl-Alt-P Avatar → Movement → Move Lock Or get the toolbar icon:
  15. If you dont move, while your avatar still makes the walking animation, then you have movelock enabled most likely.
  16. No, you dont. When logged in at secondlife.com, you find at the left side of the page "Buy L$", right under your account balance.
  17. Every thinkable answer i want to give you, would erode your paperthin skin even more... Keep calm, no harm done.
  18. Supongo que las imágenes en sí están bien. De lo contrario, no podrá subirlos a SL. Pero necesita algo de tiempo para que se carguen. Como todo lo demás en SL. Su secuencia de comandos muestra la primera imagen, luego su visor SL comienza a cargar la imagen, pero después de una fracción de segundo, la secuencia de comandos ya muestra la siguiente imagen. Creo que es solo cuestión de paciencia. Espere hasta que se muestre correctamente o, para hacerlo más rápido, reduzca la velocidad de fotogramas o la calidad de las imágenes. I assume, the pictures itself are fine. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to upload them to SL. But it needs some time for them to be loaded. Like everything else in SL. Your script shows the first image, then your SL viewer starts to load the image, but after a fraction of a second, the script already shows the next image. I think its just a matter of patience. Wait until is displayed correctly, or, to make it faster, lower the framerate or the quality of the images.
  19. Sounds like lag, when it comes to load the animation. Happens to me quite often, no matter where i am and despite the fact i have a pretty decent internet connection.
  20. Unlike Love im not that sure, if your comment is meant to be serious or not. But as much as i remember, you have acted quite relaxed when we talked about rain dance and tulips. In fact, after i have seen several videos of chinese escalators, im slightly afraid of them in general. @animats Your video first shows both escalators. The left one with the black handrail goes downwards, the right one with woodgrain handrail goes up. Then you zoom into the black one, and it still goes downwards. Nothing changed.
  21. @animats You just got the chinese version of an escalator. They are well known for breaking down and even eating humans. Sadly thats not a joke.
  22. Something remotely similar is already done by a few bdsm furniture, as much as i know. When you sit on, your avatar gets wildly shaken for a few seconds and after you seem to be better aligned than before. But thats just about how you are placed on that bed/chair/device. Doing the same with avatar animations itself would require a script whats able to alter SL animations live and on the fly, depending on the avatar shape. As much as i know, there is no way to do that. Would could work though, is to upload 3 slightly different versions of the same animation (Its not an easy task to create one single animation, dont even want to think about multiple ones) and then a script selects the one what fits best for the given avatar height. But still, then the clever script doesnt know how the other avatar looks like (imaging a hugging scene), and the arms of the avatar still will poke through the back of the other. What cant be done technically, has to be fixed by roleplay
  23. A animation itself is just a pile of commands how and when your bones are being moved within a defined time span. Like a movie... 30 consecutive pics a second make a 1 second video clip. There is nothing you can scale (according to the avatar size) on a animation. Imagine a kissing scene - He is a giant, she is short. The only way to "fix" it is to attach a beer crate to her feet and adjust her hover height.
  24. Right, trolls like you deserve no answer at all. Good luck.
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