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  1. I have spent the better of a few years, working on my character here. "Catherill'a" has formed her own personality. I am a OCD shape maker- redo. what do you all think? in a world full of new clothes, I can finally dress a bit better.
  2. I've been hurt because people slandered my name on a drama website.. if you'd like to get to know who I am actually , please don't hesitate. I want people who are nice; and don't judge me based on false rumors. I've been in a group of bad people and I just want peace. <3.
  3. I am interested in helping; how ever I have not a want to be admin; one other stipulation though.
  4. Please at least let NON premi's do it once or twice? that'd be unfair if we couldn't.
  5. CONTACT ME IN-WORLD- Samantha prater resident- I am a long term role player , SL player of going on eight years on February 21st. I've been role-playing both in world and out world, since I was nine. I can paragraph, shorten it, you name it? I can do it. I am an all mesh avi, I have two custom character's that have extensive backstories, ( I just never really wrote them down as it would take me forever.) I am an original player of Everwind, the first Medieval sim on SL.(You may remember a Leah, a blue ice dragon that worked with the royal humans.)I used to play in Mystara before it shut down, i've tried many many sims, have had my faults, but I want to find a home that suits me; More importantly.. I would like to not sit on the side lines, I'm a "Vetran" RPer, and have earned my time fair and square, this may seem power hungry, but it is not. I am tired of being shoved aside for what ever reason. Some people might say"Don't hire her, she's a bad egg." Please get my side before you judge me. I have had issues in the past, i'll admit I've been banned in now two places. ( One non roleplay related.) and the other was because I stood up for what was right, and the admin was nuts(Others will tell you that too.:X) The third is no longer available so I no longer count it.the third was basically the owner did NOT want me around, and banned me the first chance she got.I do not know what I did to her. if you need any lead spots , even if its IC only(prefer it really)I can also run Taverns. Meta-gaming is the act of knowing some-thing ooc and using it in character, againt's the rules. power gaming is the act of over powering your character( Catherill'a is a Psion, she has a weakness of magic, add weaknesses to Psions and they can be balanced perfectly, i've played one for eight years.) God-moding- just don't do it. you're not god, you're not immortal. (Unless said sim okays it.)
  6. Seeking a co -owner for bleach; the anime sim, we all-ready have land etc, and i've been paying for it mostly on my own, but we need the help! if your interested contact Samanthaprater resident, co-owner gets a half of the rental portions and the arrancar lead spot.Please contact me before January fourth!
  7. Does second-life have liabilities( I.e Do they care?) when users share problematic logs within their users(or Administrative teams sharing a problem within teams, etc) sharing on skype , User logs between users as proof of problems? Does Linden lab have a TOS about Skype and logs shared between users OFF of SL?
  8. I want to do maya the problem is , my copy I have wont install threw my proxy servers for some -reason , if someone can help me install maya that'd be even better. <3
  9. I am offering to pay for a blender teacher to teach me the basics of meshing things like gowns, shoes, etc. I am trying to learn it on my own - but I need a hands on teacher; I know I cant afford much - but I'm willing to pay as much as I can too get a hands on teacher so I can learn mesh. You can get free clothing from me in return as well!! I am legally on SSI for a disability; so my disability hinders me in learning quickly; I normally don't admit this because I don't want people to feel sorry but for people to understand.I am cappable of learning but I've allways had a teacher. please help !:)
  10. I have litterly done..everything too try and connect too second-life; for more than five seconds on some cases. the loading screen the bar? takes AGES too even bother connectign too the sim! and trust me, i've done it all THIS IS A MORE THAN CAPAPBLE SYSTEM TOO RUN SECOND LIFE PROPERLLY. SOMETHING, THOUGH IS NOT WORKING CORRECTLy. http://gyazo.com/a9457a2ce41a966439f5fe04ef8296ae My groups and everything but some of my friends load . my linden balance takes FOR EVERR to show up. from : clean install reinstall removal of inv.giz or w/e that was. when I finally DO log in, it doesn't even bother too let me do or talk or anything! its like, im in world but I cant even respond if I was in a wrong area!!
  11. *P.s I have CLEANED INSTALLED EACHTIME. I have done, everything- to fix this; My laptop is an expensive high graphic laptop ; that I made sure would run SL perfectly.I made sure my applications & stuff were disabled & allowed thru both my windows firewall and my modem. I do not under-stand, why I still can-not connect when I was connected just fine three days ago. I have tried several viewers , and all are doing the same error. Why can I not connect; I am currently using a paid for version of norton anti-virus; and even that allows it in. I spent FOUR some days , and a weeks worth of hours with best buy to make sure this thing can run SL. Please do not let this be in vain, and help me solve this issue.
  12. Hello there; I'm an older member of Neveria despite the new account; I am looking for older members of the sim to get it going again; I miss it very much and I wish it had not shut down.I had a lot of fun in the alice themed sim; Please contact me in world ! SamanthaPrater Resident
  13. Gotham City needs a builder. Silent hill got cancelled .I'll pay for everything needed :).
  14. Any-one know where the old Gotham City Owner went off too? she owned Gotham City, Gotham City back in 2010; the Ice Burge. https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2164/3526550141_f96af831dc.jpg I probaly spelt her name way wrong ! Lol
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