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  1. Hello! I would very much so love links to new skin stores! Pepe is outdated, but I love their content. ❤️
  2. I want some new and old friends, the ones who are on my list of blocked will stay blocked- but those who know who they are, have not been. I would like some friends who I can hang with; role play, have fun. I am a blunt person, and I protect my own. discord available; if you've ever felt hurt; insulted, harassed,pestered; annoyed by me, I am deeply sorry.
  3. Guys; I just want to do a PSA; with out being insulted for it. please remember in roleplay sims, your goal is to have members, so why the heck, would you insult your members for giving a fair opinion and say"YOU WANT IT YOUR WAY?" When I just want to see people happily sharing a good story? if you want someone who is a detailed roleplayer; please add me beacause I have no luck in finding other people who understand what it is like to speed type. please ignore the "Drama " Claims because in short- they are to blame - I asked people to stop so many tim
  4. Up to five accounts per household. No more than two accounts in a single 24-hour period." <---Up to five account's .answers me. thanks!
  5. What's the official statement,thats saying someone can have how many account numbers? TOS may be a little outdated because I think that should be greatly upped. Some folks have 20+ and one of them is using them to harass me on.I'd just like to know what the official number is? thank you.
  6. WHY CAN'T THINGS BE SOLVED THIS EASILY FOR ME? -eye twitch- What did you say to get help with people defaming you etc?
  7. THEY need to focus on THIS World more then Sansar. instead.they need to implant new graphics on SL and stop being memory hogs x.x ; I love SL but I would rather have SL as it is instead of Sansar trying to be something like every other world. they need to improve this. not let it falter.
  8. ps. if it helps , I've been role playing since I was age nine and can detail post.
  9. Hello, Some of you may know me and some may not, I'm a long term member with a full bento avatar and a customized shape I'm proud of. I'm seeking a Drama as free can be, (because as some of you know I don't want in,) I'm a hard worker, I've worked at several places, I just want a safe ADULT rated place to work.I'm verifiable. I'd like to begin working and learning how to properly do a card as well.I used to host and do other things a lot. I'd like a place that just is accepting that I'm willing to put the time in. PLEASE CONTACT ME IN WORLD! !!!! I barely respond here despite recent issues. I
  10. I am wondering that myself. because LL usually reacts to things like this right quick lol.
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