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  1. I have come to the conclusion that a lot of drama ,etc, and I am not doing this to actually invite it to me, so please do not insult me. I am trying to not start it. , anyways, is started because people forgot what the general terminology's ACTUALLY mean. this is a suggestive terminology guide I have set up with resources attached.a lot of bad has gone down and innocent people including myself, and believe me I know I have made mistakes; are getting banned or removed from stories they love because of miss understanding. COMMUNICATION IS KEY TO A PEFECT SIM! TEAM WORK; IS KEY.A LOT Of bad is happening because people do not want to be involved; and you should very well be as it affects your entire community's at times. it NEED 'S TO BE SAID; that BEING A JERK? Will HURT your COMMUNITY. It is unfair that some of these are going u n noticed because NO ONE WANTS INVOLVED; when in reality THEY HAVE OPENED A SIM; they are RESPONSIBLE, dear reader, for THEIR MEMBERS. Please read it all; because you will lose your knowladge very fast if you get bored, or click off. good story tellers are being removed because they said"Harassment." "Cyber Bullying." And aren't being asked for their proof.it is highly disadvantaging to see the good vs bad, and bad win. You can deem me selfish for focusing on my issues; a lot but its not just me, which makes it not so selfish; people have insulted others for not controling some of their actions,a nd it is hard sometimes to control medical needs. LOGIC is a thing, I fear,dear reader; that is lost; LOGICAL COMMON SENSE RESPONSE , is lost. BLUNT people can be very blunt and it doesn't mean they are trying to hurt you. please; do not assume I know all; I do not . I, dear reader, am trying to simply say, the basics? should be followed. law of roleplay dictates EVERYONE should have fair treatment, it is inappropriate to go on like this. during my own issues, I had someone message me and thank me for saying something; its what thrived me to make a change. if you feel you can't say something out of fear of others? then maybe it is time you do; and step up for what you want to protect. : ROLEPLAYING ON SECONDLIFE has been LONG Dying due to issues; and if you bring these back? treat others fairly? YOU WILL SEE ACTIVITY FLOURISH; I PROMISE Dear reader. that ANGER is not the answser. ASSUMING is not the answer; you wanna roleplay with someone you like the avatar of? ASK. it is polite. - Continued- I wanted these on the forum because I think Second-Life does read the forum at least when they can. it helps. I made sure they would not break forum rules; so I removed all of the sources because of it. (Ask me in world for them, I will be glad to give it.) Due to forum rules all other names have been removed as well. (C) ORIGINAL SOURCES. I am just the mouth so to speak on it.I apologize in advanced if I grammar fail a lot; I am not the best but I used Grammarly to help me with it. to shorten this all? CHILL .OUT. reading it all is knowladgeable - if you do not , well- at least read your sim rules before entering a roleplay. ignorance is not bliss. thank you for reading . :).~S.P.~ This guide is pulled from the general source, and you can adjust it to fit your needs. Role-Playing has been around for a long long time, there is a rule book; and people cannot avoid it. you are inviting an unknown person into your sim- they more than likely have been role playing elsewhere. they know these terms, as should you.ALL OF MY GENERATION; are ALSO a lot of role players that go by this term set.dear reader; I am trying to state this clearly, I am not telling you how to run your sim. I am telling you what terms you'll need , to run a HAPPY Sim. people need to stop assuming one is the other; as these are pulled from sources, I give full credit to those who wrote them, but due to the rules of the forum- I cannot link back.-. Please understand there is a lot of un noticed drama and I for one am sick of seeing good stories die; due to it. dear reader, I am trying to be helpful; and the guide is a tool that all role-players use. it is time you remember what is what; because it will save you from grief. pain, drama.Dear reader, I am just a source of information; not a person telling you what to do; I rest assure you, but the stander-ed rule guide is not wrote by myself; but may be added too.I am someone who has been role playing a long long time; and I don't say that to brag. ever. I am saying it to be proud of myself; because even I didn't know what I was meant to be.Each Generation Has added their own terms, their own ways;and a giant book so to speak; has come out to make play for everyone- these are the terms I am used too, a Note: God Mod and Power Mod are ALWAYS Confused for one another. - Often times they are mistaken. - please understand these are the right full terms below. I am not forcing any-one to follow these. I am telling you these are from another source ( I did not write the below , * is Author Note) ; and general rules do apply to make for fair right use. I want you all understanding that hating on one another when most would generally like to role-play? isn't okay.You pay for your sim yes; but if you do not run it on fair grounds- all you'll have is a sim full of friends, and even that may be gone.IF YOU act Jerky. Dear Reader; I for one , don't like seeing hate; pain, etc, and I would love to see these come back into play because several sims you cannot even find them. you expect new players that don't even know the terms, dear reader, I am not insulting, to know them. I am trying to explain that- rules apply to even role play- they need followed; or chaos ensues; with these everyone is treated fairly and un accused. there are, some bad eggs, dear one, that refuse to even read it. posting it on a wall; etc, in your"LANDING ZONE." would be appropriate as well. depending on which is needed. Please stop fighting one another; and create. it's simple; dear reader; below are the rule's of role play - THANK YOU FOR READING; AND PLEASE UNDERSTAND i AM JUST suggesting . because with out these- they will cause chaos; there are rules for a reason even here on the forums; my good Sir or Ma'am. with out them- chaos ensues, and you don't want that,reader, do you? No one does. Please proceed down below to read. and understand the general gerontology "BOOK" Of Roleplay Terms.THIS IS A GUIDE; and you MAY Adjust to see fit to your Genre. (I.e Dice; Super hero, Medieval, Urban, Etc. ) But please remember, it takes a long time to make a sim, surely you don't want drama being the thing that takes it down after you spent SO MANY MONTHS preparing it? yes; you own your sim, dear reader- but you also need reminded that each person is a person; and they have feelings, if you wish for a sim,dear reader; please make it for your friends if you wish, no one will fault you if your honest; but if your looking to pull creative minds in? don't be a mean person .because with out them? There is a high chance you'll be dealing with an empty build. Dear reader, I have been talking too much ; but its needed said. these terms are forgotten, I am just a helping hand to remind them to be back in sims.Each sim member deserves fair treatment, and so much has gone wrong that I fear ,dear one; that these are gone. please read below! thank you, have a wonderful day; if you feel I have made an error or something, do not insult me below; contact me in world; SamanthaPrater Resident. Dear reader, you may also notecard these for your sims, but do leave my statements so people don't feel like they are being told to do this that or the other. Credit is a virtue, so do enjoy your visit to the GENERAL ROLEPLAY GUIDE: Sources can be asked for. Credit: SamanthaPrater + Outside Sources; I only re-wrote a few things to be better explained due to Grammarly. I do not claim these terms as mine; they are not; they are the general guide lines. you may re-notecard but I am requesting that you leave the above.and credits.I make general sources for roleplayers often, and I am not here to tell you what to do with your own sim, but remind you there is a General rule book. Don't Hate, Create, and Love one another; these will save a LOT of IMS.If wrong; or you'd like to share a healthy opinion these are on the forum, (If someone note cards them.) or you can put it down below. Please just be kind to one another, because with out rules- a Society Would Collapse.- Reading it all is a bliss; and it is considered rude in most sims , most forums not to read the entire thing. you won't get the proper knowledge if you do not . __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Pictures attached are NOT MINE. The terms are highlighted in red. * Means Author Note. How do you explain Role-play? Role-play is the act of imitating the character and behavior of someone who is different from yourself, for example as a training exercise. We have to communicate with each other through role-play. If people role-play, they do a role-play. Role-play the interview with a friend beforehand.* Often seen as a Story Book"" type , the role play can also consist of general / me use . / me has become popular over the years; and wasn't normally the stander ed; one of the first few role-playing games even was TABLE TOP DND.MOST DICE SIMS; METERED, run on a VARIATION of this. *Role playing has been around several years; and is not easily claimed as it is open source; how ever one may claim what they wrote. as it is legal .giving proper citations and credit of course. This role play dictionary attempts to explain some basic terms of forum role playing, as they relate to forum role-play. It is by no means comprehensive or intended to be an end-all, be-all guide — the precise specifics of each definition may vary from one game to the next. Always remember — role play terms can and will vary quite frequently. If your game community seems to use one of the terms listed here “strangely” — they’re not wrong. It’s not as if these role-play definitions are in the dictionary! Basic Role play Forum Terms On Second life a lot of the forum terms can be ignored; but may be helpful to you if you stumble on a forum you may like.* Post A single instance of roleplay, written by one player. Posts can be intial posts (sometimes called openers or starters, but not usually referred to as anything special), or they can be replies to other posts. Reply A single instance of roleplay, written by one player, in response to another player. All replies are posts, but not all posts are replies. Thread or Topic Several instances of interconnected roleplay, written by two or more players. A thread consists of an initial opening posts, and subsequent replies moving through a storyline. A thread may be short (spanning only a few hours IC time) or long (spanning months or years of IC time), depending on the game’s timing structure. Forum or Subforum Forums are organizational structures on the message board, grouping related sub-forums or related topics together. This is often used in roleplay to organize In Character threads by different IC areas. Category Categories are generally organizational structures for forums — a given category will have several related forums. Board or Forum The board or forum is generally the term used to refer to the entirety of this structure. Basic Roleplayer and Character Terms If you’re very new to roleplaying, the Forum Roleplaying basics guide will help you understand how some of these terms are used in everyday forum role playing lingo. Roleplayer, Player, Mun The person at the keyboard playing the roleplay character. OOC or Out of Character Things that the roleplayer is saying. OOC often applies to entire forums — e.g., the chat and discussion forums on a given roleplay are almost always OOC forums. PC or Player Character The fictional character created by the roleplayer. IC or In Character Things that the character is saying. IC often applies to entire forums — e.g., the roleplaying forums are almost always entirely IC. However, roleplayers are often permitted to include an “OOC snippet” at the top of their IC posts. This OOC snippet is generally used to deliver messages to other roleplayers in the thread. NPC or Non-Player Character A fictional character created by the roleplayer, administrator, or other roleplayers. Non-player characters are, as their name suggests, not actively played by any one roleplayer. Adoptable or Open Character A fictional character created by a roleplayer, intended for another roleplayer to “adopt” and play as their own. Types and Styles of RPGs AU or Alternate Universe These role playing games are set in a particular fandom universe, but do not adhere to the events that occurred within that universe precisely. An example of this is the Harry Potter game which has Harry, Ron, and Hermione attending Durmstrang instead of Hogwarts. Canon The “canon” is the original source material for a fandom game — as in the aforementioned AU Harry Potter game, the canon is still the Harry Potter book series (even though the roleplay universe severely differs). One-Liner Roleplay consisting of only a single line or a few short lines — often occurs within chatrooms, widely considered to be very amateur. Sometimes referred to as “action roleplay” wherein actions are interspersed with speech, like so: * Secondlife doesn't have a chat room, but a world and it doesn't cap as easily as one may think; it is okay t o do Para Roleplay( See below) as long as you have a roleplay title tool attached according to your sim's rules on them.You can more than likely also ask an ADMIN, or a GM(Game Moderator.) . *Azazel walks into the room, glowering.* I just got caught poaching from the boss’s private stash! *Azazel kicks over a trash can.* Para, Paragraph, Multi-Para, or Multi-Paragraph Role play that consists of many lines and, often, multiple paragraphs. Generally, role-play of this flavor is over 100 words. RPG Consent Level Terms See Choosing an Online RPG for more information about how you can determine the right consent level for your desired style of roleplaying. Non-Consent In this type of roleplaying game, In Character consequences are favored. Your agreement to consequences doesn’t matter in Non-Consent RPGs.- *In short - if someone doesn't want it, they mean it. don't force them. it is rude; and you could get banned. Limited Consent Limited Consent attempts to strike an even balance between consent and consequence. Certain negative consequences can be enforced without player agreement. Character death, physical damage, and other severe consequences still require role player agreement, though. Consent Players cannot control anyone’s characters but their own, and consequences or life changes of any sort must be agreed to by the player. RPG Member Types Member- *that's you! A person who is a non-staff (non-moderator or non-administrator) roleplayer in a given game. Moderator- *GM(GAME MASTER) Both often may have separated roles of Hierarchy. The “manager(s)” of the roleplaying game, with minor staff powers over certain forums or only some forums (e.g., deleting and editing posts, locking threads, etc.). Administrator * This falls under SIM OWNER as well. The owner(s) of the roleplaying game, with power over the whole forum (e.g., deleting posts or entire forums, moving forums, closing the board, etc.).* Closing sim down, etc; it is up to sim owners if they have to close down or not. they have chances of bringing it back some day,but you really should remember to consider real life being a thing. (ADD ON) REAL LIFE The thing that you do behind the screen? is the most important thing. assuming you know someones lively hood unless they straight up told you, reader, is not okay and gene really actually considered elsewhere, to be harassment.You cannot invade someones personal space, dear one.I am putting this under the section here; because it is often considered a "Member" "TYPE" and it really should not be.Your health is important, and if you wind up ,dear reader, taking it too seriously you can affect your health badly. I have been there and believe me, if you don't care for both lives equally; you could get sick. please do not get sick; but also do remember to take role-play and the first life, seriously.find an balance, and you will achieve happiness. Bad Roleplay Terms The four major forms of bad roleplay. The BAD ROLEPLAY and AND BAD ROLE PLAYER guides go more in-depth into these terms and how they are used in the forum roleplay world.(S) * These guides are highly suggested reading, especially for new roleplayers. Godmoder, Godmoding A roleplayer or roleplay character engaging in metagaming, powerplaying, or godmodding. See Bad Roleplay. Godmodding, Godmod Godmoding specific to character creation, skills, and certain situations (e.g., giving a character superpowered skills). See Bad Roleplay: Godmodding. Powerplaying, Powerplay (Synonym: Bunnying) Godmoding by controlling another roleplayer’s character without permission. See: Bad Roleplay: Powerplay. Metagaming, Metagame The use of out of character knowledge in character. See Bad Roleplay: Metagaming. Retcon, Retconning * Sometimes not used as this in world; this is usually referred to as Fade to Black by mistake; and that's not the correct term. The rescinding of a plot or In Character occurrence; roleplayers acting as if a plot never occurred. See Bad Roleplay: Metagaming. Twinky, Twinking *Actually a new term to myself as well. Characters that act nonsensically from an IC perspective; a gross violation of realism and believably. See Bad Roleplay: Bad Roleplayer Behavior. Cheesing, Cheesy Forcing the plotted or expected outcome of roleplay by invoking an unmentioned fact. See: Bad Roleplayer Behavior. Munchkin (derogatory)- *Again a new termnology to me. A roleplayer who plays a non-competitive game in an aggressively competitive manner. See : Bad Roleplayer Behavior. * I AM ADDING WHAT IS A TOXIC ROLEPLAYER AND WHAT IS NOT BELOW FROM ANOTHER SOURCE.I did not write these.I re-wordded the original some and added proper explaination on some terms. Signs You're In A Toxic RP Community Toxic roleplaying groups are a far too common reality, and it's sometimes very easy to get involved in one without truly realizing what's going on until we're deeply involved and invested in the game, which can make leaving a complicated and painful affair. Sometimes we don't even quite realize what's going on at all - all we know is that something just doesn't seem right, or that our game is really stressful. Here are some signs that you might be dealing with a toxic RP community - so that you can recognize any toxic communities you're in for what they are, and hopefully so you can avoid getting involved in one in the first place in the future. Okay, before I start talking about toxic roleplayers I want to take a time to discuss toxicity in terms of being around people. Toxic people in a word are people who have behaviors or relationships that are unhealthy. The most noticeable of these are people who only speak negatively about everything. The least noticeable of these are the people who are smiles, and charisma to the public but behind the scenes manipulative, controlling, and blameless. * I am actually guilty of being TOXIC for a situation; this guide made me realize it and forced me to change my ways.I was paranoid, dear reader over some old drama, and couldn't get out to try new sims that may fit me, even as old as I am ( Not bragging*) in Secondlife, I still have not found a genre besides the ones I did;t hat give me the thrill I am looking for; it is very hard to explain but I get eager and excited to roleplay a new storyline to the point I will have the app done fast; it is positive for me to meet new people and tell new world stories. The type of toxic roleplayer I have personally run into is the Narcissist. Charming, socially skilled, and with a personality of a thousand blooming roses they can do no wrong. *Now see; I have been claimed this. and I do admit to doing wrong a lot , and believe me it gets annoying to repetitively say"I'm, SORRY" to the point I was sounding like a broken record. Ever. *Example: Someone calls you out for Power Modding and they deny it; you then see them argue against the claim and NON STOP , they tell you NO THEY ARE RIGHT; even I am guilty and sometimes it takes a case to calm them down first; so you can explain thurarlly with out fighting, b ecause yelling with them only agitates them more.sometimes they feel bad enough to even re-do their post. a lot of people can be reasonable.toxic people often cannot be, and dear reader at a point we are ALL Guilty of this.some of us no matter how new or old; have forgotton the ways . of.being kind. to one another. And that’s because for those deeply embroiled in the Narcissist’s world, it’s always your fault. Always. In an RP setting this can range from your character being responsible for the Narcissist’s character’s pain, to ooc blaming. An example of OOC blame as follows. Me: Hey remember that plot I wanted to do, can we do that next? Them: Oh well you never said that you wanted to do it now. Them; I mean I guess we could do it after *Major plot started just now* Me: But that’s what you said last time. Them: Oh my god! I just wanted to run this plot. You have to be better about communicating to me. You know how I am. Me: Oh… sorry. The above is speech crafted carefully. There is no acknowledgement of the other person’s needs. Any hint of blame is gone from one person and directly dumped on the other person as full blown blame with the added caveat, of making the other party feel guilty. Of course you should know how they are! How dare you. You monster. This is a pattern of interaction, first and foremost, it’s also how timid personalities become dominated. And Narcissists love them some timid personalities. Or vulnerable peeps. And the RP community has an abundance of both. And then there’s Gas lighting. Gas lighting is one of the most insidious forms of manipulation. It can turn a rational person into an emotional train wreck. Years and years later I still go from being sane to crying in the bathroom because I hit a low point and oh god I just ruined friendships and no one wants to be around me and wow how awful I am. Gas lighting is manipulation at it’s finest and can leave serious emotional scars. But what is gas lighting? Me: Hey can we talk? Them: Sure! Me: I’m really bothered about the ways you’ve been talking to me. Me; I feel like you don’t want to do my plot at all. me: It really bothers me, and it’s feeling really hurtful. Them: Wow all I ever do is give and then you turn around and say I’m hurting you? Them: I just needed some space and you’re being too emotional. I can’t handle this right now. I took a step back to give myself a break. Them: you need to get your head straight. Like I love you and I care about you but I’m not going to let you bully me while you’re hysterical. Gas lighting like above usually presents when you’ve had this relationship going on for a while. It will start out small and casual. Small like oh well I think you’re over reacting. And there’s no big deal or explosive anger on top. Sometimes the anger isn’t explosive, sometimes it’s a concentrated simmer. Either way the person who is shy or timid is the one to start going “Oh man. Is it me? Am I really that hysterical? Am I that bad? This person I trust is telling me these things. OH GOD IT IS TRUE.” And that’s when you wind up crying in the bathtub while two small dogs give you really worried looks. And the worst part about that ***** is you believe it. It takes a lot to get over that. I still have times where I get paranoid that the abusive people in my past were right and no one wants to be around me because I’m hysterical and crazy and mean. It is normal to have these thoughts once you get out, the important part is to constantly tell yourself your feelings are valid and to make a mantra out of the good things you are. But if it was really that bad no one would ever get sucked into that trap! AHAHAHAH WRONG. This type of toxic person is all smiles and charisma. They are happy, perky, peppy, super extroverted, let’s party! They’re fun and they lavish attention on the meeker personalities. You’re special! You’re my special darling. Who wouldn’t be wary of a new friend that thinks you’re awesome. And that’s the spider web. You become elevated to this amazing place as the right hand of this celebrity. You can do no wrong, you’re special! You, yes you!. And then once they have you hook, line, and sinker, you’re no longer special. You’re the prize that’s been won. For me, looking back at my experiences I feel sick when I think about the courtship phase. If you are someone that fell for the bait, you are a special prize and any one that plays with you should treat you with the respect you deserve. you deserve respect and love. Tell that to yourself in the mirror ever day while standing like superwoman/super man. You are a *****ing delight, and worth respect. But after the honeymoon phase the veil comes off and holy *****. That beautiful celebrity who lavished you with praise and encouragement and this idea that you’re special is starting to treat you poorly. Suddenly you’re not one of the cool kids anymore. And man, that ***** can get super dark super fast. This is hard to talk about because I still have the feeling that I’m being hysterical when I speak of these things. And to the outside it looks like you’re being hysterical, surely the celebrity can’t possibly be doing these things that hurt your feelings on purpose. But that first example of blame is happening behind the scenes. You’re being called hysterical. There’s other things at work. On an IC note the roleplay is limited. Before there were hours wasted having fun there’s suddenly no time for you. If you ask for rp you are being a bother. The times rp will happen is when they demand it from you. On an OOC level you are no longer important. And any time you try to talk about it, it’s immediately turned around to you being unreasonable, controlling, or hysterical. You may be in the middle of a plot but it was dropped and any attempts to finish the plot are seen as you being too demanding to the outsiders. The discard phase is where most of the lasting damage comes from. This part is where the gaslighting and the blame shifting happens. The narcissist is hunting for a new special toy while trying to keep control over you. If you wander to far they will come back and put you into a position where saying no makes you look like a bad person. Walking away at this point is not available. You walk away and they have fuel for the “everyone leaves me” train of talking about how they’re the victim. And it’s a cycle. Some other key points to recognize: Moodswings - rp partner has severe mood swings usually accompanied by a temper tantrum. * SOME PEOPLE HAVE MEDICAL ISSUES; AND DO NOT WISH TO SHARE; IT IS NOT AN EXCUSE AS BIPOLAR IS VERY HARD TO CONTROL FOR SOME.This usually revolves on other people’s needs no longer lining up with their needs. Trash talking - The rper will talk poorly about those in their discard phase. This includes former rp partners who backed away for ANY REASON. School, work, running another guild. Any. reason. Trash talking will include talking badly about other rp guilds and any rpers that don’t follow their rp dogma. If trash talking about their discards they will tack on a just kidding or other phrases to make it seem like they playing. the discard will not know this. Secret adultery - Ok. this one sounds weird and controlling, but follow me here. There is one on one relationship rp. The narcissist is simultaneously rping their half in the same timeline with another character. Which if people are adults is fine, do your thing, have that jam. BUT here’s the kicker, they are deliberately trying to hide this from the main person as well as telling the new rp partner things like “don’t tell x! they’re really possessive.” or “this’ll be our secret romance.” OOC Communication is vital. if you want a cheating drama rp talk like a *****ing adult. if you do not communicate it says that the people involved do not deserve respect and courtesy. Sabotage - This in an rp world is saying things like don’t rp with them they’re really possessive. or other forms of trash talking to new people to make them unappealing to new rp partners and further the idea that all they have is the narcissist. Seriously take the time to evaluate yourself before you decide, any choice you make will be the right one for you. It is absolutely okay to wait until you’re emotionally stable and it’s absolutely okay to decide against a post until other people do so. It’s absolutely ok to not post at all. And some of the effects of gas lighting will persist for years afterwards. It is absolutely ok to see a therapist or a counselor for this type of emotional healing. Do not feel like because it happened in rp that lessens the validity of the manipulations. Be strong, and remember that you are a goddamned delight even if you’re crying at 2am about how crazy you must be from what they told you. You are worth respect. *And keep logs and keep screen shots. Now if you’re sitting here, feeling sick because all of this applies to you or loved ones take a big breath. Evaluate the situation. Do you as a person feel anxious or dread playing a game because the Narcissist in your life makes you feel like *****? There is hope. Disengage yourself. It’s tricky, might involve a retcon or two. Write yourself out. Take a couple weeks to treat yourself to long walks, water, a hike, maybe some nice bath products. You are going to be hurting. It’s like ripping duct tape off a rug burn. Grieve. Remind yourself that you are a wonderful person and that’s why they picked you to add to their crown. *Should I make a Secondlife Post and warn others about this person.(edited to fit Secondlife) secondlife * has an unfortunate habit of bringing out thescumbags who will belittle you and make you feel worse for posting a call out. Just watch the WoW tag and look at the angry people who are mad at a 15yr old girl talking about the grown men sexually harassing her and her posting the screen shots of Creepy MCcreeperson. *Keep the logs. Keep screenshots.* Hypercam is a good thing to use if you are caught introuble. IT IS LIVE RECORDED AND YOU CANNOT BE FRAMED AS AN EDITOR. If you do decide to post your story on secondlife , there will be white knights. There will be nasty people that will tell you you don’t have enough evidence. Be aware that these people would never believe that the toxic person in your life would ever do that. They have the charm of exceptional charisma and a personality that on the outside looks like a bucket of gold and rainbows. But there are people who will believe you and sometimes people will step forward with their own war stories. just tell your admins and such; provide ALL Proof. charged with harassment *A RIGHT TO BARE ARMS: IS OFTEN USED WHEN PEOPLE ARE THREATENED; IF YOU ARE GIVEN THIS IT MEANS ONLINE; THEY HAVE HAD ENOUGH AND ARE USING DEFENSE AGAINST YOU. IT IS NOT A GENERAL EASY THREAT.People have a RIGHT TO DEFEND THEIR OWN INTERESTS; NAME, etc, ONLINE Right to Bare arms is often used to tell you : THEY ARE DEFENDING THEMSELVES; it is NOT a threat.BUT A REMINDER THAT THEY ARE USING THEIR RIGHT.often used by Americans, a Similar can be used for The UK Populace. Dear reader; the Online World is VAST and the ONLINE PRIVACY ACT DOES STATE that if SOMEONE IS HARMING YOU RE PRIVACY; they can be FINED. please do not be a Cyber Harasser- as in most states now a days, it is ILLEGAL. Is Cyberbullying a Crime? Until the mid-2000s, there were no specific cyberbullying laws. But legislators have not been blind to the increasing number of high-publicity incidents, including tragic results in certain cases (suicides and school shootings, for instance). Laws have sprung up in some states, but many of these law often leave enforcement in the hands of school officials. As such, cyberbullying may often be treated as a civil, rather than a criminal matter. However, prosecutors have used existing laws on the books to prosecute individuals suspected of cyberbullying. Criminal harassment statutes can often provide a basis for bringing charges in severe cases, and more serious criminal charges have been brought in cases where the offense has resulted in suicide or other tragic consequences. Recently created cyber harassment statutes may also provide an avenue for charging online bullies in some states. Nearly half of U.S. states include "cyberbullying" in their broader bullying laws (PDF), while most states also include either "cyberbullying" or "electronic harassment" as well. The nationwide trend is toward greater accountability for bullying in general, both in school and off campus, including criminal statutes. Victims in most states may seek remedies in civil court in some situations. Examples of State Cyberbullying Laws Although cyberbullying is considered a relatively new form of harassment and intimidation, most state have school sanctions (and some have criminal penalties) for cyberbullying or electronic harassment in general. However, only about a dozen of those states have school sanctions for acts of cyberbullying committed off-campus. Below is a sampling of state laws addressing cyberbullying: California - State law defines "bullying" in the context of an educational facility to include "communications … by means of an electronic act," while theSafe Place to Learn Act, along with other code sections, establish a student’s "inalienable right to attend classes on school campuses that are safe, secure, and peaceful." The use of "an electronic communication device" to cause someone to fear for their life is charged as a misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000. Florida - Florida's "Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for All Students Act" prohibits bullying of any K-12 student or staff member, including specific references to cyberbullying (defined as "bullying through the use of technology or any electronic communication"). The law doesn't include criminal sanctions for such acts, but directs school districts to draft policies and to report instances of bullying. Missouri - Cyberbullying is defined by Missouri statuteas bullying "through the transmission of a communication including, but not limited to, a message, text, sound, or image by means of an electronic device;" school employees are required to report any known instances of bullying. An individual who uses social media to bully another person (with violent threats, specifically) may be , a Class A misdemeanor, but this becomes a Class D felony if the victim is 17 or younger (and the defendant is 21 or older) or if the defendant has a prior harassment conviction. What Are the Penalties for Cyberbullying? The penalties are as wide-ranging as the laws discussed above. Depending on the state and applicable cyberbullying laws, sanctions could range anywhere from civil penalties, such as school intervention via suspensions and/or expulsions, to jail time for felonies and even some misdemeanors. In fact, the main points of difference among state cyberbullying laws has to do with administrative vs. criminal sanctions for violations. For instance, Florida law doesn't include criminal charges but directs schools to enact administrative penalties such as suspension and expulsion for acts of cyberbullying. But Missouri courts, on the other hand, may charge offenders for violent threats made through social media or other electronic means. Learn More About Cyberbullying Laws From an Attorney. Cyberbullying is a rapidly evolving area of law, and the laws will vary from state to state. If you or someone close to you has been charged with cyberbullying, it may be wise to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney - who can help explain the current state of the law and how it impacts your case. Roleplay Graphic and Template Terms An example of an RPG post template you can create for your character. The Roleplay Images category and guides go more in-depth into these terms and how they are used in the forum roleplay world. You can learn how to create your own roleplaying graphical templates with the Roleplay Image Tutorials.Or you can create your own custom Roleplaying Code Templates. Signature The forum signature, which generally occurs beneath each post of a given forum account. The signature is usually the character’s name, current status, adoptable advertisements, etc. Avatar The forum avatar, which generally occurs to the left of the post of a given forum account. The avatar is usually a physical representation of what the character looks like. Faceclaim A “claim” on a particular face or representation on roleplaying characters. Generally only applies to roleplaying games where real humans are used for character images. The thought process is — no one wants two characters to use the same face-claim unless they’re identical twins. Having two characters who look exactly the same “breaks” the universe in a small way. Thus, many human RPGs opt to have face-claiming lists. Post Template, Post Table, or Post Layout A form of RPG graphic, usually coded in HTML and CSS, that emphasizes the mood of the roleplaying post or presents an alternative image for the character’s appearance. See RPG Post Templatesfor more information about how to create your own roleplay templates. Types of Roleplay Helpers & Aids An example of an RPG post log. You can use them to track your currently active threads for one or more characters. It helps you stay on top of your current roleplaying posts. The Roleplay Code category and guides go more in-depth into these terms and how they are used in the forum roleplay world. Post Log, Post Trackers, Thread Logs, Thread Trackers, and many other things A form of RPG graphic where active roleplaying threads are listed. The Post Logs code template section has helpful tutorials, templates for your post logs, and more. Archives (And many things post logs are called, too) A form of RPG graphic where finished or inactive roleplaying threads are listed. The Simple Roleplay Thread Archive can help you get started with RPG thread archives. Character Sheet or Character Profile Can refer to either the actual character forum profile, or a separate informational listing. Character sheets and profiles are, essentially, tracking methods for different character traits and aspects. Forum Roleplay offers a multitude of RPG character sheet templates, as well as a whole character profile site. ALL IN ALL; this is a suggestive topic; and if I missed some edits, please let me know. It is THE GENERAL GUIDE.PLEASE PLAY FAIR; you DO own your sim- but if your inviting in others , you have to play fair. healthy opinions, healthy good storylines, in short; if someone says NO ; they mean no. absoloutly not. NOT : BUT ! NO. IT IS NO. if your Banned? The best choice is to properly APPEAL it. I cannot even join some sims at this moment due to no one asking my side; at all, ( and believe me I know most of you have not.) I have had enough of unfair treatment; despite you owning the sim, please understand that I am just trying to remind you guys of how to treat others kindly. Dear reader; I am getting to understand that some of these are forgotten. I am saying,even though you own a sim- if you act like a jerk, and don't follow the basic rules; you will wind up with an empty sim, and wasted time and energy, and such. I do not think you want to spend a YEAR , on some projects; and then lose them to an empty plot? be fair , be kind, ask for both sides of the stories; in my case I have had my proof for years and no one wants to see it. They don't wanna get involved; I understand, but when someone is trying to "fight."So hard, for their respect? back? Would you not think that maybe those"Rumors" are fake? and that they have the other story side? You cannot accept just one sides; its unfair to the "Victim." you have to be fair parties. regardless if your sim or not; you want to entertain , do you not? being a jerk will only chase what your tring to accomplish away- Believe me, I lost sims due to it.- I had to re-work the idea; I am using this time to re-adjust how I handle situations. it is okay to see it as YOURS. it is NOT OKAY TO BE MEAN about it. Please read all of this, or it won't be knowladge that you accept if you hurt; one another over it. it is not okay to be a jerk what so ever; don't hate, create .I am not the original creator of roleplay; but I have not in my many days;seen such bad treatment of one another. it is toxic; and it will kill your communities if you don't put back the rules. some have them and avoid it. ALOT Of recent ADMINS? are OUT OF LINE and Power HUNGRY; friends or not; you need to understand one simple thing: RULES ARE THERE TO MAKE SURE SOCIETIES; COMMUNITIES; DO NOT COLLAPSE IN SHAMBLES. Ignorance is not a bliss. Please; do not make something hectic just because you don't like it . stop assuming ;start thriving on creativity again and you'll see more sims come up. you chase people away with anger. Sometimes people have no choice but to shut a sim down; maybe it is time for you all to remember what this is teaching. BE OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS; on HOW TO BETTER YOUR SIM. it is NOT okay to be a jerk; just please be kind.those who try should be praised; promoted, not ignored. those who actually roleplay, and tell the story it was presented, shouldn't be ignored. ROLEPLAY IS the game here; so why open a ROLE PLAY SIM; if no story is going to be told? You would be wise; to understand FULL HEARTLEDY I am TRYING To, dear reader, make a point. to much problematic's in the community IS BAD. story focus- Is GOOD. listen to those actually wanting to tell your story. don't ignore them. SamanthaPrater Resident(C) Original Sources .(Only reason I am not giving the names is due to the forums rules.) ~S.P.~ This will also be featured on My blog. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. I will look that up; thank you. are they allowing Para Post ,etc?
  3. Guys; I just want to do a PSA; with out being insulted for it. please remember in roleplay sims, your goal is to have members, so why the heck, would you insult your members for giving a fair opinion and say"YOU WANT IT YOUR WAY?" When I just want to see people happily sharing a good story? if you want someone who is a detailed roleplayer; please add me beacause I have no luck in finding other people who understand what it is like to speed type. please ignore the "Drama " Claims because in short- they are to blame - I asked people to stop so many times, it isn't logged on their end, it is in my firstorm. my discord. please learn that you can trust me. I have all sorts of characters but the one I wanna bring into a sim is a Psionic Elf that I worked really hard on.I do adjustments for each sim. if your looking for a high experienced player ( PLEASE IGNORE THE POSSIBLE ATTACKERS BELOW. ) who detail posts; can roleplay fast, and get the job done, Despite popular rumors; follows the rules; but will step up to remind you owners that even though you have a sim? your members make it thrive too. who is someone who just is blunt, not over sensitive; who just wants to tell a good story. samanthaprater resident, contact me in world because I am losing all hope that logic still exists.please don't say I am pitty partying myself. I am trying to move forward; but ya'll keep causing havoc over absolutely dumb disagreements; if you want an experienced ( Since I was nine, twenty nine on the twentieth,) role player who would be willing to learn your ways, work the ropes; please absoloutly ask me. I am tired of not fitting in. I do not gor. I do not slave. sorry, but I am looking to tell a story;a adult is fine as I'd prefer it; but not all about XXX.. I just wanna emerge myself into a fantasy world so I can avoid issues. is that so hard? ps. I do grammar check when I roleplay. I repost and repost; a lot on word. I just want to tell a good story. that's all.if you care all about the money signs , you'll only chase off your storytellers. why does no one see it? CONTACT ME IN WORLD ; I DO NOT RESPOND HERE . SamanthaPrater Resident. Elf; Mer, Fae, Dragon, Moon Elf, Seelie; Lava Mer, other misc's I can play; I do not like Family Sims.
  4. I did:) thanks again.
  5. Up to five accounts per household. No more than two accounts in a single 24-hour period." <---Up to five account's .answers me. thanks!
  6. What's the official statement,thats saying someone can have how many account numbers? TOS may be a little outdated because I think that should be greatly upped. Some folks have 20+ and one of them is using them to harass me on.I'd just like to know what the official number is? thank you.
  7. WHY CAN'T THINGS BE SOLVED THIS EASILY FOR ME? -eye twitch- What did you say to get help with people defaming you etc?
  8. THEY need to focus on THIS World more then Sansar. instead.they need to implant new graphics on SL and stop being memory hogs x.x ; I love SL but I would rather have SL as it is instead of Sansar trying to be something like every other world. they need to improve this. not let it falter.
  9. ps. if it helps , I've been role playing since I was age nine and can detail post.
  10. Hello, Some of you may know me and some may not, I'm a long term member with a full bento avatar and a customized shape I'm proud of. I'm seeking a Drama as free can be, (because as some of you know I don't want in,) I'm a hard worker, I've worked at several places, I just want a safe ADULT rated place to work.I'm verifiable. I'd like to begin working and learning how to properly do a card as well.I used to host and do other things a lot. I'd like a place that just is accepting that I'm willing to put the time in. PLEASE CONTACT ME IN WORLD! !!!! I barely respond here despite recent issues. I just want to move on and enjoy my sl. can you blame me? I'd like to put my mind and objects where I can be needed. I also do Graphics and logos. but I want something that'd keep my mind occupied :).
  11. I am wondering that myself. because LL usually reacts to things like this right quick lol.
  12. In my up and coming sim. Ears are close enough, I would SO love a pair of ears that are omega, like this? that can accept bento.
  13. If anyone would like to get to know me, PLEASE message me in world! I barely pay attention to the forums. x.x Samanthaprater resident.
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