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  1. Two hours ago I bought a full sim from Lindon lab all went through got a email saying your region has been created that I can teleport to my region, however it’s not showing on my owned land, when I went on web site under my region I click on my new sim is saying is restarting for the last 3 hours. Is it normal for this because the last 3 sims I bought I got straight away. I have submit a ticket, is there problem buying sim.
  2. still get the same fps did nothing
  3. cindy20au Harvy

    low fps

    I have 1 year old computer which contains icore 7 3.7ghz 8700k coffee lake 16gb ram 3200mhz and a graphic card 1080ti nd 500gb ssd. I only getting 20fps or 30fps when I first got the computer I was getting around 120fps. I don't have much running at background just my normal things I need. is need everything could cause to running low. Firestorm 6.0.2 (56680) Feb 9 2019 10:23:10 (64bit) (Firestorm-Releasex64) with OpenSimulator support Release Notes CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz (3696 MHz) Memory: 16319 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 64-b
  4. Are you, looking to rent 8192sqm cnr view 3750prim grass for a bargain price for 2795l per week pls. Contact cindy20au harvy
  5. cindy20au Harvy

    lindons home

    I have new lindon home when I try to add friends on my land to allow access the add button is grey is there a fault on my land, I can only ban people
  6. hi I'm trying to download new update from firestorm I keep getting this this program is not commonly download and could harm my computer. I try to skip this but it won't let me what am I doing wrong
  7. when i try to edit a object i don't see the bottom part of the menu is cover by my tool bar it move up has far its goes this happen after i've updated firestorm on 15/12/2016. i check under prefences but can't find to make the menu a bit smaller any suggested. ps i have remove the bottom tool bar still the same
  8. i'm in world i'm trying via website to tp to destination when i press teleport i get a error message saying i need a address how do i fix it i'm using firestorm viewer
  9. trying to buy stuff from market place soon i press buy now says cashier is down, is market place down today
  10. i owned a full sim call ( cindy land) while i was offline the sim restarted about 6 times in 30 mins, i've only have rights to restart the sim. i know its not done by lindons. i notice been happening everyday now its doing 6 times a day, i kept my alt on cindy land a restart came and she was log out any way i can fix this, thanks
  11. i'm using firestorm viewer when i'm 1000m up in sky, the sky background changes colour when i change clothes, sometimes you can see my picture of clothes in background of sky. i have a desktop and lap top happens on both computers, both are not wifi. only happens 1000m up in sky. my internet speed connection is 93.53 mbps download and upload 38.43 mbps. this is first time its happen. i ask my friend in sl its happenning to her, i try on my other land happens there to. both computers 1gb graphic card core 7 8gb ram 2.20 ghz i hope you can help thanks cindy
  12. i can't log in as cindy20au harvy but i can log in with my alt one i try two different computer the same result only my alt can log in. any one can help me
  13. all my friends are offline on secondlife web site i have over 80 friends on list i know there must be one or two or more online can you help
  14. everytime i log in sl i'm grey and others are the same i have to relog few times to make it right, i'm using firestorm viewer the lastest update i have clear cache but still the same, i have reboot the modem, can anyone help to solve this. thanks
  15. wonder if you can help i owned full sim from lindons if i have over 5 people on land it laggs badly, my script count is only 3.3ms which is low i have 914 script on land. with 11642 prims on land. plus i have a rented sim which the same amount of script is perfect no trouble even with over 15 people on land. i have restart the sim so many times not working. is there anything i can do to reduce the lag in cindy land. thank you for your help
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