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  1. You are suffering from Old MacBook Pro Disease, my friend. I joined the Mesh Beta group last May and had the same problem. My poor MacBook Pro could see no mesh. I am afraid I had to cure it with a new MacBook Pro. You may first try upgrading to a semi-recent OSX.
  2. They've got the credit card info of thousands and thousands of people already and you're worried about a passport number, which as you admit is your friend's only form of ID. If you'd sent a clear image LL would already have the number. So what's the problem again?
  3. I had the same problem, created a jira (747), was told they fixed it, and still have the same problem. So now I call it a "feature." I have noticed that the large offsets seem to work, but the subtle ones fail on resize, standing from sitting or flying, and sim crossing.
  4. I'd wager that the vast majority of 3D creators in SL never had any formal schooling. I certainly didn't, and I managed to learn Blender well enough. It's not easy, but it can be done.
  5. Are you trying to make sculpties or mesh?
  6. "Well for onei looked at shops for the Bleeping Meshes and they cost 2000L. Like we got that Sort of Lindens. and Mesh looks stupid in the first place. who wants to learn 3d? umm not me. I liked the old way Making Clothes and now they have that Bleeping Stupid Mesh Whooopie. "Let Me Congradulate the Moron who thought of that Idea should be smacked." Why the heck would I need a *&^#$@ automobile when I got me a (*&@#$(* horse that works fine?!?! Let's see, mesh allows new content, makes SL run more efficiently for everyone when done well, and opens up new economic opportunities for people, even if they can't scrape together eight bucks U.S. (by the way, have you noticed that not all mesh costs L$2,000, just as not all cars cost $100,000?). And it's "congratulate." As in, I congratulate and thank the Lindens who brought us mesh.
  7. I learned bleeping Blender and I'm probably older and ornerier than all y'all.
  8. You may need to make a small purchase of Linden dollars to activate your payment link to LL. Welcome to SL!
  9. If your payment info is new, you may need to make a small purchase of Linden dollars to activate your financial link to LL.
  10. Fine day for me. Mesh just disappeared so I'm restarting, but performance is fine.
  11. Just a note to thank and congratulate the Lindens for mesh. Those of us who have been in the beta for a while have seen and occasionally enjoyed the chaos, crashing, and experimentation along the way. It hasn't been easy, and has at times been rancorous, but here it is on its feet and changing Second Life. We are entering the most exciting time I've known in SL in my four years. So thank you to the Lindens, especially those who showed up every Monday (and some epic Thursday nights), and brought mesh to the main grid. A new adventure begins. I can't wait to see where it leads. Mahalo nui loa, Rusalka Writer
  12. Vertices can pick up weird, random weighting along the way. For some reason, mine in the legs tend to want to weight to the eyes, which is useless and causes exactly that sort of problem. It's not a problem with the Viewer, and not a Jira-type problem. It originates with your weighting. I use Blender, and have to go through and look at every single vertex group, select them one-by-one, and see if I have a stray vertex weighting where it doesn't belong. I have something wrong almost every time. And if you are in Blender, you might want to find the Set Smooth button.
  13. Lindens, it's time to take out 1.23. Kill it with fire. Viewer 2 is awkward, but it does the job. Plenty of us have been building with it for a long time, gotten used to it, and are glad mesh is now part of the new Viewer 3. We look forward to improvements, but aren't clinging to hoary old 1.23. Adherents to 1.23, you are missing out on a lot of things other than mesh. Get over it.
  14. Found one mainland sim without the Model upload. Maybe not 100%? Everywhere else I checked had it.
  15. Just wait until you add scripts to your vehicle. Your prim count equivalent will jump hugely, and jump further if you link parts of your vehicle together. The joys of mesh. Unfortunately, the weighting regimes used do vehicle makers no favors.
  16. I stumbled across one tricky error with an avatar I had assembled from separate pieces using the append/link/make local route in Blender 2.49. What I didn't notice at first was that somehow I had ended up with duplicate armatures overlying each other so perfectly that I couldn't see that I had two of everything. Finally noticed the discrepancy in the outliner window. So in some cases it isn't that you're missing anything; it's that you have a surplus.
  17. I encountered this problem a couple of days ago after I accidentally deleted the armature's left arm. Ooopsie. Fortunately Blender was forgiving about arm transplants.
  18. I can take off absolutely everything, all attatchments, all rigged parts, everything, be standing there invisible in full alpha, and upload a single leg with a .010 offset, attach it, have it work and walk around with the toes on the ground just the way I want, then sit or cross a sim border or whatever, and suddenly the toe is sunk in the ground. Wearing absolutely nothing else. Just a sad little leg wandering around. I'm thinking of giving up on the pointed toes for this avatar.
  19. Ferrari cracks down on their own fanclubs if they use the Ferrari name with the long top-bar "F." That is for corporate use only. I'm just guessing they would be unhappy to see their F40 in SL.
  20. I've noticed that rigged mesh holds on to a higher LOD longer than attached mesh. I made a headpiece for a weird avatar and attached it, and discovered that it dropped to a low LOD at an unacceptably short distance. Rather than fiddle with the LODs, I discovered if I rigged it it looked fine. Unsure if this is a bug or a feature. Attached: Rigged:
  21. Go look at the new vehicle avatars provided by LL. You'll see a Beetle, an F-40, a Warthog, etc., which violate the copyrights of Volkswagen, Ferrari, Fairchild, etc. That is why I do not think LL is that bothered by IP violations. They're doing it themselves.
  22. It is still hugely failing to work, even when the only thing I'm wearing is a single pointed-toe leg.
  23. Jira is here: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/CTS-747
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