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  1. Just curious if any of you find it mroe lucrative to sell full perm meshes than to sell original mesh creations that are finished and exclusive to a brand.
  2. I learned by watching HAVEN DITKO on you tube. She has a 12 part series that clearly explains how to use blender from the very basics. Then I progressed to watching GOON SQUAD videos and other random ones including OLD AVASTAR videos I found online. The layout and whatnot is different but the basic idea is there and once you watch Haven you will understand. Haven uses Blender 1.73 or 1.74 in all the videos so they are current and easy to follow. I learned in 3 weeks!!! I do not understand fitmesh (have not tried to learn yet) but I have created my first dress, unwrapped, rigged and uploaded it YAY... IN 3 WEEKS (watching 2 videos a day)
  3. YAY! after the initial confusion regarding unwrapping (which I find fun) in order to be able to apply a texture (who knew...!? None of the 25 videos I watched told me I had to do that before saving my Dae....) I am ready to begin sizing and texturing. Pretty sure once I get my avatar shapes loaded I will be ok with sizing (can I resize without having to rerig??? I was told rigging was ONCE then resize would be ok). I am trying to figure out how to make a SHADOW MAP. Can someone lead me to some good video resources as to how to do this? I know how to make an AO map (and though I prefer this style for photoshop texturing over a uv) but really like to design on a shadow map in photoshop. Also looking for good clear video resources to learn texturing in blender. Not sure I will do blender texturing though. Photoshop is just what I'm used to and I find it easy if the map is good. Thanks for any help! I will list what I am seeking clearly below so that if you don't want to read this you can see it easier. 1. Can I resize my rigged mesh without having to re-rig? 2. Can someone point me to good video resources for learning to make SHADOW maps in blender FOR CLOTHES? Can this be done? 3. Can anyone lead me to a really good video that clearly explains how to texture in Blender? I am using the most current version of blender (downloaded it 3 weeks ago) and the most current avastar (just got it last week) Thank you in advance!
  4. I think it is rude to say it is hilarious... since you did not know but lets just explain why .. 5000L is about $14 at best. Most commisioned mesh HEADS begin at a low rate of 20K and go up from there. You want a full avatar. It is HOURS upon HOURS upon HOURS of work that someone will have to put in to make this for you. Then the cost to upload it into SL, time to texture and test. I wish you luck! Hope you can afford to save up Lindens for what you really want
  5. I am new and learning Blender (see my other post) and was wondering if I had some DAE files that I purchased on Marketplace is there a way to import those to Blender and play with them... I'm specifically wondering if i can load them and change the mesh so that I can get used to how manipulation of items is in the program. Additionally, if this is possible will it affect the rigging? Would the clothes need to be re-rigged. YES I may be speaking crazy talk but seriously I have no clue and readily admit it. Thank you so much!
  6. Thank you both! I was so frustrated with the blender classes I took 3 years ago that I gave up.. I am excited now to try it again (Thank God!) and hope to find time to make a few meshes in between texturing mesh templates. I hope that I can create things that actually look good and that people will want to wear. I think the learning curve for me will lay mostly in rigging at this point... I will likely post again when i get bold enough to try. I plan on buying Avastar soon.... Question for Gaia... Sparkles appears to me to be a resizing add on, is this truly what it is? I have been wondering how people take a mesh from one standard size and create all 5 standard sizes. I am also of the opinion that standard sizing is still beneficial.. though fitmesh is nice it can sometimes create issues when mixing meshes and system layers. It also makes things fit much tighter which may not be the desired effect in my opinion.
  7. I appologize in advance as I am certain this is not the first time it has been asked. 1. Is it me or has Blender become a thousand times more user friendly than when i attempted it 3 years ago??? 2. Does Avastar make meshing clothing and rigging easier? Is it a good purchase? What about Sparkles? 3. If i choose Avastar will it work with the most recent version of blender? I think it was 2.74 4. LONG ago in a galaxy far far away I bought a box.. free.. on marketplace created by : Minnu Palen & Thora Charron (of LeLutka), Siddean Munro (of SLink), Elie & Anouk Spot (of Mon Tissu) and Jaden Celoe & Shay Sibrian (of Celoe). It contained "standard sizing" shapes. xs-L for female and also male shapes. I believe it is not available any longer but I still have it (Thanks God) and am wondering if those same standard shapes should still be used now. 5. Anyone who has any tips for a newb, resources, etc (esp good youtube vids or websites) I am ever grateful! Right now I am simply texturing mesh templates and system layers for appliers and traditional second life body.. but I hope to reach into the deep parts of my patients and try to mesh something without throwing my computer monitor out the window. Thanks a ton! Grace
  8. Not likely a new topic but I have several gachas i want to resell.. but they will not transfer to the marketplace. They are all transfer and no copy no mod. I see other people reselling the same items. What am I doing wrong???? The error message says "likely a permissions error"
  9. and..... does anyone realize how much time it takes to actually create the demo itself?? Just saying
  10. BTW... I'm cool with a temp demo.. really i am.
  11. To the contrary.. I sell clothes that cost that amount.. and I offer DEMOS of them... otherwise they likely would not sell.
  12. This is a frustration I have had for many years now. Each and every time I go to buy a new build I discard half of my choices on Marketplace for lack of two simple things..1. the ability to view a model of the home at my convenience. 2. Dimensions &/or prim count. Now, I understand that land in world is not cheap if you are starting out.. however... you will sell LESS if you do not allow customers to see the quality of your work. I am certain that your creations are beautiful.. but photos simply cannot show me perspective. I have spent hours in the past searching for a place to see your builds in world.. I look first for a "see in world" link.... which many times leads me to abandoned land, drops me out of the sky, or places me into the middle of a home or some other shop. When this happens I look to your profile for a hint as to where i can see the build..... sometimes you sell other things.... and other times I have the pleasure of viewing your role play limits.. sigh (insert sarcasm). When i see, "IM me to see a sample of this build" I want you to know I am unlikely to wait long enough for you to be in at the same time as me to actually do this. On to problem 2. I simply will not buy something without knowing if it will fit on my land.... period. So make sure you tell me how big the thing is! ON TO SOLUTIONS 1. a. If you cannot afford/ or are simply too cheap to have in world land to view your lovely creations MAKE A DEMO. The demo can have demo written all over it.. or perhaps buy a temp rez script that deletes the build after 5 or 10 minutes. Let me buy the demo and view it in world.. Problem solved. I make bridal gowns... the cost of them is not cheap... people would NOT buy my gowns without a demo so why would they buy an expensive or even inexpensive build without a demo of it.??? hmmmm? b. If you do not have an in world store any more... change it in marketplace please. As much as I like to explore I do not like falling out of the sky. LOL 2. Measure your build.... let me know how big it is.. how many prim it is. I offer all of this as a customer. Please know that I would probably have bought some of your builds IF i had been able to see them. I probably buy at least 5 builds per year.... sigh. I'm sad that i can't see them all because some look absolutely lovely. You will sell MORE if you make it possible.. ... promise. (unless of course you are not showing me because you know your stuff is crap... lol)
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