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  1. I noticed some folks having a problem running two avatars in Second Life at the same time after the Mojave release. I had to do some animating and was starting to panic. I found this page and their first solution works just fine on my year-old MacBook Pro. If I'd thought it through I probably wouldn't have upgraded my OS before checking here. Had a bit of a heart attack for a while. They also have suggestions for Windows and Linux, but it doesn't seem to be so much of a problem. https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_multiple_firestorm
  2. Ah, that's right! You have to hold down the Control or Option button, something like that, and that will force it to give you the Open button. It will behave after that.
  3. Just upgraded. Blender 2.46 (call me old-fashioned) is working fine. Firefox is working fine. If anything, in a brief in-world, motion seemed much smoother. Of course, it is a low-demand time of night on a low-demand day. But I shall be able to carry on with all business activities. My major worries are over. I finally pulled the trigger because I heard it might help my MacBook Pro (Aug, 2012, solid-state memory) run cooler. With SL and Blender often open at the same time, that definitely appealed! I shall report further discoveries as they are made!
  4. Ooooh, I'm getting more excited to upgrade. I'm on a year-old MacBook Pro _and_ I'm an optimist... Mahalo! R
  5. Could you mention what computer you're using (and which graphics card, if possible). I am eager to upgrade, but don't want to walk into the fan blades. Mahalo! R
  6. Downloaded the development viewer and all content is okay, so others might not see it correctly at the moment, but will. I hope.
  7. I've got some broken content showing on my five-day-old, more-expensive-than-my-car MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion. Guess I'll have to file a jira to be properly ignored. Or wait six months. Or a year. The glory of Mac + LL....
  8. The squid triumphant! With no accelerating rollerskates or anything but the basic run, I managed the third highest lap count at the Relay for Life of Second Life. In twenty-four hours I ran almost 340,000 meters, or about 210 miles. That has to be the fastest normally-aspirated squid in existence. I started the Relay on the development viewer, but went back to the newest beta viewer after the first hour. The development viewer crashed four times and had to be force-quit once (this is all Mac). The beta seemed more stable, but still suffered from all the usual crowded-sim issues. Crashing or q
  9. A bit off-topic, perhaps, but this weekend is the Relay for Life in Second Life, and I plan to be there for all 24 Hours. Hope you all stop by; it's a wonderful event. Here is the mesh avatar I shall be wearing: Mahalo, LL and the mesh team for bringing us mesh. We do gripe and complain, but when I can spend a day honoring my dad dressed as a disco squid, well, it is appreciated. Even if I never got a pony. Mahalo, Rusalka
  10. You'll probably want to do a poly reduction, too. That's a killer number of vertices you have there.
  11. Yep. In related news, Moliman is down.
  12. So I'm giving a talk later today about mesh and trying to convince folks that it's the technology of the future for SL, but I can't get the technology of SL's &^&!@&#!& past to work. I haven't been able to upload images for the last day or more. ARGH. I'd love to have all the pictures I need for my talk. Any ideas?
  13. I ran Repair Permissions and a new software check, which can unscramble things, and haven't had any further problems. A blast from the past, I guess.
  14. I had all three running, two from quits, one from a crash. I'll be spending some time in-world later today, so I'll see what happens.
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