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  1. I'm beginning to wonder if the entire legal team was let go in the purge. Whichever Linden(s) are supposed to be providing these answers are oft-rumored but never seen.
  2. Yes, that's what threw me. I spent a week uploading and reuploading the building, completely cramming my inventory with the same bunch of textures loading again and again, and then to face a stark white avatar, no sign of textures, was startling.
  3. Just following up on a topic raised in a mesh beta meeting a few months ago that was of interest to anyone crafting avatars. First, this may have changed. I'm just looking for clarification. We were told that any avatar rigged using the SL Armature could only be sold if it carried the same modify permissions as the armature. Now, this is where my memory is hazy, because it might have been all the same permissions (MCT) as the armature. Someone with a better memory or access to facts help me here? I'm asking for clarification since we're getting closer to mesh on the maingrid as a commercial interest. I tried briefly to make my own armature, which the viewer didn't understand at all. I got the right buttons for uploading an avatar, but didn't get the final upload button (a first). If we want to control permissions on an avatar we make, should we craft our own armature? Can we? Since the new armature has to carry all the same names as the SL Armature, can SL tell the difference between our armature and theirs? Will all new avatars have to go out with modify perms or more?
  4. Well, when you load a building, for example, that you've UV mapped in Blender it loads textured and the textures are loaded with the model. The avatars don't seem to be working the same way. I did upload the textures separately for one, and dragging them onto the parts of the avatar did correctly texture them into their assigned materials areas, and the mapping held up. I'm just wondering why they work differently. So hard to distinguish bugs from unintended features.
  5. I've been doing fine with Blender (2.49) UV texturing an entire house, no problems. Then today I tried a couple of avatars. They load fine, I can wear them fine, but their UV mapped textures don't come along. The avatars are white, and the textures are not in inventory. I have tried: 1. The latest successful Darwin build (230926). 2. Reimporting the Collada file into Blender. The textures loaded fine. 3. Dug through the jiras. Nothing there. If it helps, the scale panel on the importer doesn't seem to work on avatars, either, although it does on buildings.
  6. Heck, even when I find an infringer, it takes an hour to file a DMCA. We never received the on-line DMCA filing system promised in February, 2010. And I'm a known sculpty maker in SL. My customers notify me of infringers. Sculpties are SL and related world-specific, whereas mesh is not. How is anyone supposed to know if a given mesh is ripped off from some mesh cache somewhere? It looks impossible. I'm sure LL is concerned in a general sense that they don't want to be sued, but at the same time I doubt they're going to issue the licensure or limitations that might protect mesh creators. I'm thinking it's going to be a "roll it out, hope for the best" event.
  7. This viewer (OSX) works so much better than any that have come before I can't believe it. Not only does search work vastly better, the whole thing is better. It feels like someone snuck into my house and gave me a terrifically faster connection. Textures and sculpties rez, there's practically no lag, this is a spectacular experience. Thank you, everybody who worked on this. I am going shopping.
  8. It's not exactly dreaded. Jewelry, especially with nanoprims and sculpties, places a large burden on the rendering engines of SL and adds to everyone's lag. LOD will try to drop jewelry as fast as it can, since it's wasteful to burn bandwidth on something that practically nobody can see or will care about. When you dress your avatar, be sure to check your ARC (avatar rendering cost) and see how much rendering cost you're blowing on your bling.
  9. Good job and thank you. I'm a Red Cross volunteer on Kauai and spent Thursday night at an evacuation center, hoping we wouldn't have to open a shelter. We were lucky, but so many have been less so. This is pitch-perfect and much appreciated. Mahalo.
  10. Still haven't been able to upload a textured mesh since the NDA was lifted and the server changed last month. The lighthouse I blogged about in the Building forum Sept. 14th? No longer exists and I can't recreate it. Any attempt to upload a textured mesh causes an instant crash of the OSX/Darwin mesh viewer. I was hoping the public beta would release a working viewer, but no luck. For a couple of weeks the viewer wouldn't even open. Now it just won't work. I was having a great time with mesh this summer. No more. It has been a long, frustrating month. OSX 10.6.4, 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7, 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M
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