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  1. I can't even get to Aditi successfully any more. I end up somewhere with L$2 to spend and no access to any island with mesh in the name. Good times.
  2. I am endlessly amused that someone using the word "Lolita" in a listing can get shunted into the "moderate" category and yet I go to the front page of the marketplace and see a Featured Item naked avatar standing there in all her giant-breasted glory. What are we doing here? My theory about the marketplace is that LL bought it rather than sort out the completely borked in-world search. I usually use the marketplace to get directions for in-world shopping. Which leaves me with the stated problems with marketplace's search and the fact that many of the in-world shops I try to visit either no longer exist or can't be found. Don't get me wrong: a year or so ago a beta project to improve in-world search came along, and it greatly improved the performance of the viewer on my computer. It didn't improve search much, but at least I could find my shops when searching by the shops' names.
  3. You have some random vertex weighting going on. Hide the body (so to speak) so you can see what's going on and then move every bone in the armature independently while watching to see what moves. For some reason in Blender I often get random weighting to the "eye bones" or to the arms on the opposite side of the model. You can go through the armature completely de-selecting any weighting to bones that shouldn't be involved at all (foot bones to a tank top, for instance), then make sure you're only weighting to the bones required.
  4. Heck, I'd be happy if my avatar had the correct feet on each leg.
  5. Are you just marking a seam or are you actually separating vertices within the model? I used to do that by accident occasionally.
  6. I was already working up ideas for a cool mesh build. How discouraging.
  7. I'm waiting for automated scaling before I do much in the way of clothing. Meanwhile, I'm creating rigged avis and building parts that mostly don't sell. I'd love to make vehicles, but the scripting burden makes that a waste of time.
  8. I can say that I'm using Blender, my models are fully UV mapped, textured, material assigned, etc., and the program knows where all the textures are located. I have the current SL viewer. The model uploader does not display textures when asked to do so in the upload window, and nor does it upload the textures when asked to do so. This did work for a long time during beta testing, then stopped and has never worked that I recall while mesh has been on the main grid.
  9. One of my favorite problems from the beta testing. It worked off and on, then stopped again, and now I just pay to upload all textures separately. Maybe we can pay Qarl to fix it.
  10. I'd kinda like free or vastly discounted uploads on items that carry no-transfer permissions. That would cut down creation costs for people already carrying the cost of land and allow for some new and better builds.
  11. It's not real money; it exists to fill the need for money transactions on the beta grid. It won't follow you back to the main grid. Neither will anything you upload on the beta grid, tragically.
  12. I thought this one was over, but apparently not! I put a house on my parcel (a house of my own design, and quite interesting if I may say so). So today what message do I get from this neighbor (through a screen name)? "your parcel looks like **bleep**" The temptation to put something really awful on that 512 is epic, I must say.
  13. That would explain the first sales in three days, but if I have to go through all that again...
  14. Turns out that didn't work, either. Nothing is being delivered. My carts are just filling up. Meanwhile, I've only had one sale go through on the marketplace today, something that hasn't happened since I posted my first product. A real cluster, this one.
  15. I don't seem to be getting order notifications. And I could not get my delivery folder to appear because the free bear is stuck in my cart. I had to use the direct-buy rather than put it in the cart.
  16. I've placed most of my secondary businesses' items in folders, but I'm taking advantage of the "unpacking required" option for my sculpties and leaving them boxed. I figure everybody who buys a bunch of sculpties has access to someplace where they can rez an object. That said, I spent about eight hours yesterday converting to the new system and linking my products, and have not had a marketplace sale since. I will test it this afternoon, when I have the time to deal with any evolving disaster.
  17. You can imagine all the things I wanted to say. I've been in SL for six years and I never...!!! I spent two years thrashing away at mesh for this...!!! If you knew who my main avi was you'd...!!! Grrrrr.... Yeah, I couldn't say any of that stuff. Darn.
  18. Yeah, this was just a mostly-empty parcel I keep for that avi's workshop. I'd only stopped by to see about the conversion away from magic boxes, only for find mine under a stranger's house! Part of the surprise is that I've been in so long I remember well the ad-farm days. She thought my parcel was unattractive? Yikes. I wonder if she's my RL neighbor... We don't get along either!
  19. I wonder if she parks her car on her neighbors' lawn in RL?
  20. I am vaguely tempted to unpack a mesh lighthouse tower I built last year. It's really tall...
  21. I logged in with a sub-avi recently and discovered that her 512 was badly overlapped by the foundation of the neighbor's house. She was covering up my magic boxes, a chair, and my email re-sender. I figured I was dealing with someone new and sent an IM asking her to please adjust her foundation. What do I hear back from her this morning? "I tried to cover up the junk in your land. It's a shame that pple like you f*ck up sl." Apostrophic elision mine. The temptation to park a massive image on the borderline of our lands was quite high. She's still overlapping two other properties. For the record, the only other thing I have on the land is a small awning my sub-avi created. It's not even as tall as her foundation. I may need to add one of the houses that sub-avi sells. A tall one, of course. I apologized for asking her politely.
  22. Rusalka Writer

    Mesh ?

    That is like saying "I'm going to France and I don't want a big hassle. Just tell me how to speak French." I learned Calculus faster and better than I learned mesh.
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