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  1. Are you using firestorm. The firestorm bridge sometimes shows up as a giant rock (I've never had it happen, but have heard about it quite a few times). I checked, and yes, the firestorm bridge is made by Eric LInden. If this is the case, detach it, delete it, then go to Avatar > Avatar health > Recreate LSL Bridge, and that should fix it.
  2. watersoul is primarily a furry escort club, but I've met a lot of good friends just hanging out there (although recently it hasn't been as active). IYC is *very* popular, but when I go there I can't move because of all the lag. The Ark used to be *the* furry hang out. It isn't as active as it used to be, but you'll usually find a small crowd there.
  3. what sort of hang out are you looking for. You want a place to just hang out and chat with people? or are you looking for some of the more "frisky" furries in adult locations? For just hanging out, try luskwood or furnation. For some of the more mature groups try watersoul or rainbow tiger. You should be able to find these in search....hope this helps.
  4. The notecard one is particularly annoying. I always reject the door spam, but sometimes I'll check a place out and decide I *want* the notecard. But at that point there's no way to get it. I'll walk around the greeter, TP out then back in again, but no notecard. One place I TP'd into I got a flood of spam....and there was a lucky board with an M on it and little time left. So I clicked the board. I tried to be very careful about going through the flood of dialogs, but somehow ended up with a landmark and no goodies
  5. Have a landmark... Have a notecard... Join our group... Can I display your profile pic... Can I change your windlight settings?.... By the time I'm done working my way through the door spam, I'm no longer interested in visiting where ever it is I've just landed. I don't know why so many people think it's a good idea to throw all of these obstacles between them and my money.
  6. Mylar

    Tinies Win

    smaller prims is also a bonus I've noticed. One of the adjustments I had to do to my furniture was make the shadow underneath each one bigger, so it would shrink down more. With the mesh chair, it's part of the same object (and only one face, so already infinitely thin), so the chair can be shrunk way down without having to worry about that.
  7. Mylar

    Tinies Win

    After speaking with a customer who primarily uses a tiny avatar, I went through and made some modifications to my entire line of furniture to accommodate tiny avatars should they decide to resize the items. Most of my stuff is sculpty, but I have one chair that is mesh, and when I resized it to a size more fitting for a tiny avatar it dropped the PE. It looks like tiny avatars are going to be able to fit more mesh stuff on their land than other people. So, tinies win xD
  8. Great list, thank you for posting. I think everything on my wish list for the feeds is on that list. Awesome
  9. I second that. It would be nice if people could follow my feed without having to friend me. I'd also like to see either an RSS button on the web profile, or a twitter-esque API so that the feed could be streamed to a website or app.
  10. Just read through this whole thread...ah memories I remember the "image missing" texture ( http://www.datenform.de/blog/uploaded_images/mi2-704131.jpg ) If you hit Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H it says "hippos!" in your chat window (but only you can see it). That's my contribution to the list
  11. You forgot to mention that, in order to get your free swag, you have to go to a "premium only" region. Makes me wonder if SL is going to start being separated into high class servers, and low performance ghettos.
  12. ah, nope that wouldn't be me. I actually steered away from lighting after looking at your shop. Figured you've got that market covered, so I could focus on other things and simply refer people to you until I had more time to tackle that market As for weighting new shops, I actually hope not. I would be worried if I suddenly shot up in the search results. Sure it would mean more traffic for a while, but it would also mean that stable businesses would be overshadowed by 'fly-by-night' shops. That wouldn't help serious merchants, and certainly wouldn't help shoppers.
  13. I would be interested to know what key words you used, and I could check myself...btw, I have a relatively new shop (three months) with competing products to yours but with fewer items (hey, I've only been at it three months ). I would be curious to know myself, since my shop is the sort you're talking about. Although I haven't noticed any difference in the way I show up in search. And, yes, when I read your post I had to run and check my visitor counter to make sure you weren't talking about me
  14. you're welcome, it was fun helping you out. Oh, and to reduce saturation; in the color picker drag straight to the left in photoshop, or straight down in gimp - just for future reference
  15. The blue to black gradient looks good. And Madeliefste is right about trying several different ideas with the logo. What I suggested was just that; a suggestion. Something to try to see if it works. The glow you have on there is good, it adds a nice accent without overpowering it. But, yeah, keep working with the logo until you find something you like that "pops" (heck, I'm still messing with mine ). Also, if you look at companies like Coke, they have at least three logos that I know of, that they interchange regularly. And the sign is looking good. Thank you for lettings us help you with t
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