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  1. Someone needed some help moving the pivot point on a mesh so I made this quick little diagram on how to do it, its pretty self explanitory check it out.
  2. Incorrect. If your download is lower then then 1. Adding a script will round it up to 1. So in certain examples it can have a drastic effect. For example a linkset of 50 0.5 download cost mesh adding a script to the linkset would increase the cost from 25 to 50. If the download cost is greater or equal to 1 then it has no effect on cost. What does this have to do with this topic anyways?
  3. "Asking around SLU forum some advanced users gave me an idea of what this means." just a FYI I am a "advanced user" I'm in SL building 10-12 hours a day because this is my job and source of income. The only thing this new addition did was add more work for builders. Previously all the info in the "more info" button was already displayed right below the prim and PE counts if you enabled "ShowAdvancedBuilderOptions". That option is simply removed from the new update so now to view critical info we are required to click more info and even have to wait for little spinning loading icons before viewing the information... when before it was instantly displayed. 3D programs for building and creating are about one thing, work flow. Work flow means fast and efficent. What LL did here was disrupt the work flow of creating in SL by adding this "more info" button. All critical info was already displayed. Why people in charge of building tools who have never even built is beyond me. The original point of this thread was just the name choice of "Land Impact". Sounds stupid and only one person here used it in a casual conversation. I still have yet to figure out what to call it. The last post here used it as "LI". I still say "prims" works universally.
  4. Lets hear someone use it in a casual conversation.
  5. Well new main SL client update and they changed the whole wording system for prims and PE now to.... "land impact"... "remaining capacity"... Seriously? Thats the best you buys could come up with? How about just keep it "prims"...? Try having a conversation with the new names: "Hey bob check out my new build its only 10 P... uhmmm land impact? no thats not right... 10....... capacity? 10... impact? impact of 10?" or........... "10 prims!" yeah doesnt work. The original idea of "prim equivs" made no sense because it made it sound like this mesh item would be this many prims if it was made with prims but its actually only this many "prims". Forget all that crap and just call it "prims" it works. Also EVERYONE already knows a prim is 1 prim. regardless of it being mesh or whatever when you say "this mesh is 10 prims" it makes sense... no need to make a new word or system
  6. Those are NOT the same model nor are they the same textures. It may look the same but it was not extracted. Look closer at the details. Not saying its alright just saying its not extracted. It was a remodel. Differences are as follows: 1. different polygon counts, most notable above the wheels 2. 4 lines across the grill on one, and 5 on the other 3. different wheel texture 4. different body texture 5. mirriors dont have the same poly shapes 6. white line across the side of SL one 7. interior seats appear to be different (hard to see from the angles) 8. head lights are vastly different 9. extra lights on the bottom front of the SL car 10. arm holding the mirrior up While they look very close you can tell its not a direct extraction. The SL one was modeled by someone else.
  7. Why did they add in all those custom options for sky timelines and daylight setting and water setting and all that if its not synced up to people who enter your sim...? its just stupid, its perfect for setting up RP settings or more realistic nighttimes. Yet its only client side... why?
  8. Idk how small you are talking about but my items I've been scaleing up by 1.25 because of the size of avatars, some people even go up to 1.5. The units in SL are SUPPOSED to be in meters, but the avatars void that out by being up to like 8-9 feet tall.
  9. the boats 24 seperate small mesh items, each one has under 8 hulls in physics, in total its under 200 polygons worth of physical mesh. It is as much as a 32 prim "prim" object. None of them are set to convex hull if they were the count woudl not be 31.9 before turning it physical. it just makes no sense its like saying "this items 100 PE only until you rez it! then its 500 PE"
  10. Can someone here please explain to me why I just worked my ass off for 2 weeks on a project trying to keep it under 32 prims physically. Finally get it working tonight my physics weight is 31.9. PE is 363. I turn physics on and the physics weight jumps up to f***ing 915..?!? which puts the entire object to 916 PE.... what is the point of it listing as 31.9 physics when clearly for some reason its simply NOT? all of the mesh physics models combined are under 200 polygons. Really losing any hope of mesh what so ever
  11. Still screws over people with linksets that has less PE then num_prims... the equations needs to AT LEAST be (current PE + 2) not (num_prims + 2)
  12. "I will admit though that one huge advantage of the script tax did occur to me while writing this. It will make a lot of creators include the provision for colour-changing scripts an such things to be deleted once they have been used. Hmm maybe I will have to change my opinion on that." ... Not going to work if the user cannot even rezz the item out if the sims near full which will be all the time with such high PE costs... Cant believe anyone would support something like this even remotely. Think about the other builders here in SL!!!!!!
  13. Its every single case for me. why would you not be adding small PE counted mesh's? With the scale system they have you cannot upload a large mesh to replace multiple small mesh because your charged more PE because you have to make it a larger scale which makes all the LOD costs go up and L$ uploads... Multiple small mesh's is INFINATLY better then a single large mesh. I cannot see myself ever making a single mesh more then 10 PE. Not to mention the stuff I've seen in the mesh sandboxes (no offsense to anyone) but most of it is garbage. This whole system takes into account polygons counts which most people go WAY to overboard. I seen a chair that had like 300 polygons to make up a rounded leg... which could be done with say 20... Theres no reason to have something that small more then 1 PE in the uploader. Point being everything I make will be multiple less then 1 PE items linked together. Noone seems to be thinking about mesh at every angle such as large scale builds... My builds with mesh among MANY others here who build large scale will make efficent mesh's and keep the PE more then half the cost of the objects in a typical linkset. So something has got to be done about this. Scripts should not effect PE. Also Drongles cubes were most likely 6 polygons probably like below 0.1 prims in the uploader so linked remained low PE, your models however most likely had a ton more polygons...
  14. Yeah but it could easily be a fixed count, have the uploader set that fixed count based on the mesh complexity and efficency etc.
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