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  1. I have been a member of SL for 4 years now. During that time I have experianced a lot of problems, stemming MAINLY from Linden Labs, which you seem not to care doing anything about. I was a premium member until you refused to take my money, from several sources (PayPal, European Credit Cards, from my account), and you suspended my account. Only with luck did I find a credit card you were willing to accept....then cancelled my premium membership so it would not happen again. All the while you were insisting that my credit was bad, KNOWING it was an internal problem with LL payment department. All that to the side, I am writing now about "disappearing items" from the inventory. 4 years ago you contented yourselves with stealing (there is no other word for it) an item here or there. Starting this year, however, entire folders are being taken out of my inventory. 4 months ago it was the entire contents of my "building tools" folder.....which took me a long time to amass and I have not even gotten the half back. NOW, I see, you have gotten your grimy little fingers on my "Objects working" folder....along with a lot of things still in the process of being created, and a LOT of my building sculpties that I use as a unit (belts, sculpted skirts, buckles, bows and ribbons, etc). While I know you will do nothing to replace these items which cost both MUCH time and money, I would just like an answer as to how much you think your customers will stand for? I realize you are stealing to enhance the flow of L$, a lot of people will spend to replace them, but by stealing whole folders you have gotten into the point where you are into MAJOR THEFT.....yes, you can get hundreds of real, live, American Dollars........ If you have any type of conscience, or feel the least amount of pity, you would attempt to retrieve these things. I know it is possible as you have done it before when threatened with a lawsuit (you stole an entire SIM with contents), which just might happen again if enough customers get together. Perhaps that is my answer......anyone up for a class action suit????????? Smoke Carter aka Zane Johnston (KZaneJohnston@yahoo.de)
  2. >>Cait, its a troll... << .......and proud to be one looking at the alternatives.......
  3. >>Smoke, you have the right to not use a mesh viewer and to limit your experience of Second Life. I will not deny you that or argue your right to do so However, do not expect me to limit myself or my experience of Second Life to please you. I will wear mesh clothing and I don't care if you don't see me properly. I will use mesh on my sims, andI don't care if you don't see it properly.<< I never implied that you should never use mesh. I would not even think of implying that you shouldn't use mesh. After all, is I implied that you should walk around SL like a normal person with clothes I would be limiting my own "personal experiance" in that I would lose hours of hilarity every time I saw someone walking around in balloons. The purpose of venting here (of course I have to limit my venting) is to warn the normally sane of the REAL story on mesh. Attempting to limit a liberal to common sense is useless.....look at what they have done to what could have been a great Nation. Now instead, you Americans will probably be receiving charity from the UK in a few years. Another purpose of this posting was to prevent anyone else following the primrose path like I did and wasting time and effort. As another has posted here, converting all his sculpties to mesh, and running into the problems that I have outlined. Of course, listening to the tone of 80% of these postings, you (plural, non-defining) could care less what happens as long as it does not happen to you. Actually, I thought an internet forum was designed for the interchange of ALL ideas, not just the ones praising LL and your point of view. Instead of respecting that I see myself being accused of "whining", feeling sorry for myself, etc. Freedoms and rights........rather than scream about getting yours, you might think about what they are.
  4. >Wasted? Is that you?< No, just another devoted admirer of the sharp minds found in this forum
  5. >My point was that I found it odd that OP claims LL lied about the use of mesh compatible viewers, as he obviously did not bother to look up all the information there was from the start - but went off creating and now suddenly realises he needs a different viewer than he prefers.< mmmmm....Did we not just have a conversation about reading? My claim was that LL lied........and what I infered was they lied about how great mesh was. Of course I neglected to read where Linden Labs told us that mesh could NOT be seen in detail any further away than two inches.....must have been in the small print. Since you are prepared to wear balloons you MUST have found it somewhere, can you give me a reference? I also believe that LL is trying to set a trend with their mesh clothing......balloon clothes to go with air heads...but that is another post
  6. >Stuff will only get returned, if buyers don't read !< I forgot, people are famous for reading things like TOS, Instructions, Warnings, etc.....where did my mind go??????????? I have really tried to get into the mindset these gushing replies but so far I have not been able to get my head that far up...........errrrr (Of course this just could be a test to see which members of this forum are actually alts paid by LL to spread propaganda)
  7. >People have indeed told me already I am either wearing a balloon or that a part of my avatar is missing. So? I explain what that is. I really can't be bothered. It is new and I find it better.< Better for whom? You? That is called narcissim, Cat.
  8. This is a reply to all three above: I hope you will retain your enthusiasm for mesh when your products start getting returned (or people keep telling you that you are wearing a balloon) because you cannot see the thing right at spitting distance.....even though it is half an avatar high. Please do not try to pretend that this is the FIRST time something "new and innovative" from SL did not live up to expectations, or that just because it is new, it is better. As far as other viewers enabling mesh......well, if I was a developer on an alternate viewer, I would really consider whether it is worth the effort. YES, mesh is that bad. I think it will be a thing of the past, unless they can correct the problem without requiring their consumers to buy extreme high end computers to handle the input. Even then, I doubt that the servers (which are ALREADY overtaxed) can keep up. Time will tell...........
  9. I have just spent a lot of time learning to make mesh objects. I did so because I had heard that this was the coming thing. I should have known better than to believe the hype….. First, to give mesh it’s due, it is a lot easier to make an object, whole, on SketchUp than to make the objects parts, resize and shape (yes, just because they are sculpted, they are usually NOT what you upload), and then align in SL. I loved this, but first got a wee bit worried when the tutorial mentioned that the object loses definition with distance. The smaller the object, the shorter the distance. Then I found out that the ONLY program now to get them into SL is Viewer 2…..hmmmmmmm. They have been trying to stuff V2 down our throats for a long time now, I am starting to believe one of the major stockholders mistress was one of the developers of V2. OK so far. I made a chair, which is fairly easy to do, once you got the component tool down, the follow tool, and a few others. Imported it into SL for 40 L$....still no complaint, were they sculpties and I a total twit, it could have been 4 uploads sooo no problem there. Rezzed it inworld (still in viewer 2) and downsized it to fit the Avatar, then found you could not see the damn chair right at any distance greater than 5 meters!!!!!! OK, I know V2 and descendants are a pile of crap….so I go to Firestorm…..huh? I see 8 blobs………Phoenix……8 blobs……..Imprudance, Emergance, V-1.23 (yes I have them all downloaded and installed)…….8 blobs. This tells me as a builder, I should stick with the harder to make sculpties so I don’t get my stuff returned by everyone not using V-2 ↑, which of course is 80% of the people on SL……. Thanks LL, not that I am surprised that you lied and overstated just how great the new thing was, but hope springs eternal that it would be just one tenth as good as you and all your employee’s alts (playing customers) say it is. I just have one last hint…….tell the guy on the board of directors to use his OWN money on his lover….not SLs. Oooops
  10. How about reverse engineering to a good interface (the old one) on that nasty viewer 2 that NOBODY but the designer likes? (I discount the little boot lickers that always suck up to LL on the forum)
  11. Welcome Rod, Let us sincerely hope that you do not continue your predecessor's penchant for driving older creators out, in the hopes that they will build "open life" for you..... One OUTSTANDING place to start is to get rid of that damn viewer 2. You have an 80% disapproval rating on that thing and when it becomes mandatory (in a few months) you are going to have a good 90% population on 3rd party viewers or gone. Myself, will NOT go to open life to build it for you, we are not stupid out here. A lot of the new improvements can be incorporated into the old interface, as is aptly demonstrated by the third party viewers....... I hope that you have a bit better business sense than the last CEO, I would hate to see a wonderful place bite the dust.
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