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  1. came across my very old comic i used to do .... superdry
  2. bump! DRD, fun memefull discord group with giveaways and crazy ppl https://discord.gg/6ekZytd
  3. Watched the movie and i cant stop listening to the cheesey songs
  4. Binge Watching Jelle's Marble Runs on youtube, it's what i needed in my life right now. production top notch quality And the new league just started 🤣
  5. OOh, would be nice to see the results of that ^^
  6. I'll chime in as a builder myself and having built complete sims for fantasy fair etc .. and building massive structures for my store inworld. a building like this would fit on ,i would say half a sim. It's not like building a nice sim made out of existing items or putting prims together, I do that in a day or 3. for me personally ( working with 2 people everyday for about 10 or more hours) this would take about 2 to 3 weeks minimum and 4 to 5 weeks maximum -custom mesh from scratch and textured creating handmade custom materials- might be a bit longer depending on the insides it's .. a lot, specially if you want a good quality build. If i would take on this job, it would have to make up for what i lose on time for the store and new releases. It would be about 600-900k for a job like this in total. but thats a a personal quota. I hope this helps giving a bit of an idea on what to expect from experienced 3d builders. I'm unsure if anyone would do it for lower then 100rl dollars but you never know in SL. I hope you can however find someone who is up for the task and has the free time to do it on a low budget. Good luck and take care !
  7. I'm also going to just leave a bit of advice , you can take it or leave it .. When i started my store I had even less items for sale, i literally had 3 prims that i set for sale with a shirt in them, i rented a wall for like.. 25L or something at a very dodgy club..I never thought it would lead anywhere to be honest. but it all started from there , few months later i ended up with a booth, a booth turned into a parcel, a parcel turned into a quarter sim, a quarter sim turned into half a sim and half a sim turned into 3 sims .. but we are 12 years later now... it didnt happen with a lil fingersnap. it's been a long ride ... that's for sure, i've taken bad advice, good advice .. ignored critique, accepted critique .. the whole shezaam .. been trough managers, admins, co creators, co owners.... But in the end I've always stayed true to myself and i been determined to get better and keep learning , i never gave up , even now im learning new things and its been years. You can't just ask someone to do everything for you and pay everything, you can't pop up a small brand in a day.. (few exceptions) I've seen small brands grow fast but you just need to sit down a bit and rethink /rebrand and make solid ads , a solid logo, a solid consistant template for products and just keep trying your best, stay connected , follow SL communities, discords, groups etc.. make up a good brand plan for yourself and keep the products coming and things will move forward. it doesnt take a lot of lindens for uploads , just invest a few bucks for initial uploads , do your test uploads on opensim so its free and have fun with it... As long as you have fun , enjoy what you do it should not be a lot of effort .. don't put pressure on yourself , dont have too high expectations .. just go with the flow and see where it takes you Grtz Jaimy ( DRD )
  8. They can hurry it up a bit this review is taking a week now , bit unethical to completely block someones earnings imo.
  9. hiii i made this themepark for my store as a new release and i thought it be sooooo cool to make a trailer for it , so i did my first try at videomaking in sl , i have a new respect for machinima artists!! this was so hard quality isnt all there but its a good first attempt ^^ im happy how it turned out haha you can watch it a bit better on flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/jaimyhancroft/16442687458/ I hope u like! lemme know some thoughts :D
  10. We are game company called dwarfins,its a communtiy fantasy building game , dwarfins mine up gold and items like blueprints so u can create your interactive which the dwarfs will interact with , they carve birthrocks,create new dwarfins by carving out a new rock, they drink a lot of ale , harvest their own food trough gardening and fishing, they are a quirky fun bunch and do tons of cool things. we are already in full swing and have been for 2 years now, but untill now i (jaimy hancroft) have been the one mainly creating everything from sculpts, to mesh to textures, ads, everything that needs to be created + i own a shop in sl and the work load for me right now is getting a bit to much, we recently hired a sculpter but we are still looking for two more experienced sculpty creators that would be part of the team and be part of creating these cool lil dwarfs. Send me a notecard or IM inworld (jaimy hancroft) if you need more info and want to give it a shot , experienced sculpt creators and serious candidates only with knowledge of blender preferred. texturing would not be needed you can visit the sim : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dwarfins/155/150/23 here is a sim introduction video if you want to get a feel of style and what we are expecting : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LT-Hg21WLgc u can allso visit the website http://www.dwarfins.com or here and check out what the actual sculpts they carry look like, http://www.dwarfins.com/FoundTraits/ 'choose proffesion and hover over it to see or just visit the site and look about :). thanks for reading ! and a fun video draxtor did : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAQzKgUb6ec since then we have updated and expanded a lot :)
  11. Looking for someone with -sculpting- skills, yes the old school sculpties **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://secondlife.i.lithium.com/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif" border="0" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" /> (no need for texturing) only serious creators with experience, please contact me inworld , jaimy hancroft
  12. Looking for someone with -sculpting- skills, yes the old school sculpties :) (no need for texturing) only serious creators with experience, please contact me inworld , jaimy hancroft
  13. I did a sell order the day they announced this to see how long it would take. sell order was on the 7th .. its the 16th now and still nothing on paypal ... that just NOT normal... +i still have to wait 5 work days from pp to bank
  14. PODEX: Tonight at 2.00 o’clock all my accounts related to Podex Exchange were put on hold by Linden Lab. I really believed that the new ToS is meant to protect avatars from the risk of fraud. That was my goal as well so I was looking forward to cooperate with Linden Lab. I could not imagine that over one night they would want to destroy our cooperation and everything what I built for 6 years of my virtual life. They did. I believed that they would answer my requests to start discussion. They did not. All customers whose transactions have not been completed are asked to contact our support. I personally promise that they will not lose their money. Podex is still working but its Second Life activity is now stopped.
  15. exactly the same for me .. and no one seems to have an asnwer for us with this issue ... im super stuck atm
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