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  1. alot of people will try to go around the question etc, idk why they love to do this on these forums but basically put your picture infront of you before you go and set home and then voila log off and log back in and your new splash screen is set,
  2. liko211


    Hi! Anyone know how to get the catwa male head devkit preferably stanley (only the obj files) any forms to fill out. (Pretty new to all this) thankyou!
  3. thankyou all for these amazing replies it literally means alot this thread is closed until further notice
  4. yes literally i can resave my meshes and have all their files on my computer since it was ofcourse (a while) since i had made them but what erks me is that someone can sit down and have time to do this? and this is really not the first time its a stalker of mines that is following substantially every single move i do-
  5. im an student i cant afford an attorney like wdf? its my textures and my meshes and evrything i make is my ownn??? literally who has time to do this
  6. but no this is different someone is abusing my marketplace and reporting it with intellectual proprety when clearly i make evrything myself, like is there somewhere i can call? mail? except to that adress. i can make an ticket on abuse but this is not correct and i keep getting forwarded by mail i need help!
  7. Hi im looking for correct answers only so please do not be rude thankyou! im trying to contact linden labs directly, someone has filed incorrect intellectual property claims on all of my items on my store for no reason, nothing is copyrighted i would like to email them where can i get their adress or mail? Linden Research, Inc.945 Battery StreetSan Francisco, California 94111Attention: Intellectual Property Team the email to this here adress please and thankyou, this is very urgent please and thankyou. or i can get in contact with the governance team directly please and than
  8. Thankyou how can i call them from europe??
  9. Thankyou everyone for you replies its greatly appreciated
  10. okay so lets say i sell now 1999usd? will i be put in another limit and please do u have discord?
  11. okay so in short that means i can sell up to 1999usd but if i do will i be put in another limit again?
  12. Or someone that understands what that means ^^^^^^
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