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  1. liko211


    right new payment methods would be wonderful if someone per say dont use paypal for example
  2. liko211


    idk why i cant just call tilia and get a check i dont see why its such a big problem?? or why its such a big hassle or why its not allowed if im a real person
  3. liko211


    How do i go about selling custom work safely? some people might ask about refunds for no reason etc. some people have policys what can i do to go about this safely? do i use a tipjar or what can i do.
  4. liko211


    Yes and maybe a third solution than skrill and paypal this would be amazing cause alot of people dont use paypal
  5. liko211


    right but im wondering if there is a way if you have an ellgible bank or bank number to just make things easier?
  6. liko211


    is it possible to do an direct deposit with tilia, if i call them possible maybe with a check or direct deposit with my bank account if possible?
  7. looking for ferals, looking to adopt ferals (anthros work too but mainly looking for ferals) looking to get adopted into a loving home!, happy go lucky owner, that creates most of the time and want a furred friend close all cute furs will be greatly taken care of, HMU inworld at: Liko211
  8. where can i find those news, im looking for recent ones
  9. Yes and i was wondering is there going to be like more events like this in the future and if so where can i find them any names or dates i migth have to look out for it all seemed so fun
  10. maybe theres somewhere inworld that you can see?
  11. hi i saw this video live from museweb conference it was very nice im wondering if sl events like this are going to happen in the future or if anyone know of any id love to take part in the development of sl inworld and see what is going on if there is events or conferences that will happen soon!
  12. Looking for someone to make me an modifiable color changer script tyvm! looking for scripters of huds or if any are on the mp thx
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