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  1. Looking for little brother can help with your look having an sl ig is preffered but not needed il be taking you with me on all my adventures (Ages preffred 7-14)
  2. Hi im a new cc creator anyone who could help me make an bento pose with blender 2.83 without avastar or any other add on but the program itself my inworld is liko211
  3. liko211


    if you could contact me inworld id like this
  4. someone huded my land and now my avatar is spazzing out and doing all types of stuff help! it not on different parcels only the region im in help mods for this troll
  5. liko211


    Anyone else know how to get the sculptris materials for a ball inworld? just the plain materials no need for texture i can color ball iw but just the materials
  6. liko211


    ive contacted you inworld
  7. Hi! i use blender 2.83 and i need help on rigging without avastar and only use of blender im trying to get my chibi model to dance, in sl but i need to set up a skeleton for it first someone who can voice preferably i am ready to pay you a small fee for your help tyvm. My inworld is Liko211 thankyou for all help
  8. liko211


    Anyone know how to apply sculptris materials to blender and then to secondlife step by step i have the latest ver of blender if someone can add me inworld and guide me through mic it would be very helpfull if anyone even use blender (blender has some good materials too like metal etc, was wondering how to aply the materials onto the mesh because evrytime i upload a mesh i just get it gray and weird, but someone help me plz thankyouu)
  9. liko211


    i was going to be selling on instagram my own skins on my own made up brand but custom (as in people like to have their face or other faces in the game) but i wanted to know how to go about it safely so im not breaking any rules or violating any terms, i see alot of people when they receive the payment they use an tipjar to get payed, whats up with that? instead of just receiving the lindens directly.
  10. liko211


    Im gonna be selling custom skins on instagram and wondering what to think about when selling on other plattforms than the mp what to watch out for etc, i see alot of people using tipjars etc
  11. liko211


    Hi i was going to start selling on my virtual ig store i wanted to open up on my ig for my sl, i wanted to start doing custom skins and actually create something myself for the first time i was wondering, how could i go by doing that and what do i need to know how to i go by doing this safely, i see alot of people using tipjars for payment i would like to ask the community first :) thankyou!
  12. liko211


    Hi my tilia balance is 54.99 i would like to change it when i process credit how do i do that?
  13. Does anyone know a cute mesh head like the snow rabbit or the ones by sugar garden but with darker skin tones? Or maybe appliers for them Any help is appreciated ♡
  14. Hey! so recently i looked into a persons profile, and i saw an kind of sticker on the about section of their profile it was a normal sticker nothing special about it. Don't really remember what it said but im thinking you can upload some kind of pictures on the notices or about sections of the profiles is this possible? and if so.. how can you do it? and can it be done?
  15. Hi evryone i rp as a furry dragon about 5 11 that is blue and female and has a jolly personality IM if your intrested :) At Liko211
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