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    Hi my tilia balance is 54.99 i would like to change it when i process credit how do i do that?
  2. Does anyone know a cute mesh head like the snow rabbit or the ones by sugar garden but with darker skin tones? Or maybe appliers for them Any help is appreciated ♡
  3. Hey! so recently i looked into a persons profile, and i saw an kind of sticker on the about section of their profile it was a normal sticker nothing special about it. Don't really remember what it said but im thinking you can upload some kind of pictures on the notices or about sections of the profiles is this possible? and if so.. how can you do it? and can it be done?
  4. Hi evryone i rp as a furry dragon about 5 11 that is blue and female and has a jolly personality IM if your intrested :) At Liko211
  5. Drop me an IM id love to rp with you
  6. does anybody know how to make a custom AO for this instance i wanted to make one for a pony could anybody explain how to start and what to use in steps?
  7. liko211

    child sim?

    Does anyone know any kid or child sim that has fairly many people i know giggles beach but is there anything like it ? :)
  8. liko211

    any teen sim?

    Hi does anyone know if there are any teen sim? with many people exept giggles beach
  9. Hi im 16 in sl terms ooc too im a playfull nice demonia ^^ and im looking for a pet nothing specific prefrably male anthro or quadropod to collar. We also have alot of prim breedable pets but id like an avi if possible ^.^ not specifying animal looking for any kind willing to try, anything is fine. thanx if your intrested it's @ Liko211 Resident Feel free to IM♡
  10. I've got internet firefox and google chrome all working fine exept for sl t'vs idk why??? they used to work what is wrong? all other media as radio and music and such is working perfectly fine emphasis on that aswell as grapics and how its running itself. It's only the screens why is this? only the tv screens... help please? I've done all of the under and nothing seems to work D: Go to Avatar → Preferences → Sound & MediaMake sure the “Enabled” checkbox to the right of the “Media” slider is checked (For audio, check “Streaming Music”)Check “Allow resident scripts to play media”Make sure you have updated both Flash Player and Quicktime. See above concerning the Flash plugin.Make sure the issue is not with the specific television you are using, by attempting to view videos on a television that plays video normally for other Firestorm users.Make sure that “Enable plugins” is ticked in Preferences → Network & Cache, else Flash Player or Quicktime can not be executed, and you may see a message saying: Adobe Flash Player or an HTML5 supported browser is required for video playback.just incase this is what i see
  11. Hi All !. My name is Zelarin but also called Zel I am 16 years old (In character) and loves evrything about the rp I am very happy, energetic I dance on my free time and love sports im also a huge gamer nerd lol. I'm in love with music, hanging out, talking and just having fun Im an ESFP and my zodiac is pieces im kind of crazy and foolish and have my moments of embarresed jokes non theless im really kind and nice and never fight even with trolls XD As for dressing and such troughout the day i dress however I want if i feel cozy i dress that way xD etc sometimes even like a sweater only since im a demonia i also dress a little rocky edgy with-it or sensual and sometimes just cute :3 (16 Out of character) I am an very flexible role player, and have been role playing alot I can rp T1 T2 and up to T3 Para, I am online most days whenever and often even really late sometimes i do go to training on fridays and saturdays sometimes sundays too so i might go off a bit. Ive always wanted to get the possibility to have to RP family setting and never had SL little brother outside of a big bro and parents. Child teen or toodeldo i absolutely LOVE~ them all. Im all about watching the movies cozing together snuggling and having an awsome time like a family Feel free to IM me in world its @ Liko211 Resident! Id love to hear from you Bye lovlies. ♡♥~~
  12. hey guys im pretty new for furries on sl so i use my human avi lnstead i want some new furry friends for adventures and fun if youd like to add me ur more than welcome !!
  13. what does lolas tango appliers do? puffy,and perk lol? just curious >->
  14. liko211

    HELP sim?

    hi! im new and was wondering does anyone know a furry sim with alot of ppl? or other fantasy sim with crowds or gatherings just curious.. only one i know of is luskwood thanx :D
  15. how do you buy clothes from stores where??? how do you create a character
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