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  1. Even the People tab that does the old legacy search? I've only had issues with the Websearch - mostly people, but sometimes the other categories a bit.
  2. That works, huh? Lil does not seem to pay any attention to the rules that the typist attempts to impose.
  3. I'm assuming that she thinks Elon Musk is not "handsome", thus took your comparison comment as an insult.
  4. That may not help. The People Websearch is pretty hosed right now, with many accounts not showing. All 17 of my accounts have that button ticked, but only 3 or 4 of them are showing in the Websearch. If I use the old legacy people search via Firestorm, they all show up.
  5. I get notifications for posts in threads/sub-forums that are in my list, for any quoting of me, for posts by people that I follow, and if anyone mentions me, but not for Reactions. I definitely remember turning that specific type of notification off long ago. However, I can no longer find any way to turn off notifications of just Reactions.
  6. This, and also I should try checking inventory BEFORE I buy, so I stop buying things I already have! Ditto on the 'unpack and sort' part, let alone actually using what I buy -- kinda hard to use something that isn't unpacked. I have gotten better at doing a search of my inventory before buying things these days.
  7. I think something changed in the last forum upgrade. I'm pretty sure there used to be an option to pick what you were notified for. I do not get any notification for 'reactions' and I am pretty sure that is because I de-selected it from some list once upon a time. Yet I can no longer find such option -- hence why I'm pretty sure it is another negative fallout of the last forum software upgrade.
  8. Clothing merchants that only have demos for some items -- and I'm talking new items here, not old stuff. Four out of six dress on the NEW wall have demos, but the other two do not. WTH is up with that ?!?!?! Even if they are buying full perm stuff and texturing it themselves, they should be able to do a demo.
  9. Web search for people, which is what the SL viewer uses and is what Firestorm defaults to, is totally hosed right now. Do as Wolfie said and log in both accounts and put them in the same spot -- pay by right clicking the avatar and selecting pay. Or use Firestorm, bring up the Search window and switch to the People tab -- that uses the legacy search, which is not broken.
  10. I see this if there are new replies while I'm reading and I click the "show new replies" link at the bottom of the page rather than doing a full page refresh.
  11. Most creators use an ad board of some sort that will specify the permissions. With Caspervend, if the ad does not say, you can usually click for Info and that will tell you. For the MP, the permissions are supposed to be part of the attributes noted on the right side of the item. If you can't determine the permissions, then either keep shopping or IM the creator and hope they answer.
  12. Please not that 'bump' posts are considered spam and are against the "Community Guidelines". Here is a comment by LL from another sub-forum about "bump" posts: You need to actually add new contributing info to a thread.
  13. There are some that do use the LL viewer and cannot permanently derender objects. Even though you mentioned the AR process in those cases, the AR process will not always work out the way you want it to. LL is pretty lenient about what is considered "in theme" as that is really very subjective. By restricting sounds to your own parcel, you also prevent yourself from hearing the Mole supplied sounds that are outside your parcel -- things like birds, insects, waterfalls, etc... By restricting those outside your parcel from seeing and chatting with you, you are making it difficult for
  14. My comments still apply. You weren't being "bashed". Don't take things written here too personally.
  15. He's not really bashing you -- he just has an odd sense of humor. One of the most important things in SL, especially these forums: Do not assume that comments are personal attacks. People come from all over the world and simply have different ways of speaking, often not meaning things in the way that folks from other areas of the world take them. You'll usually know right away when something is a personal attack.
  16. This gal is seeking a Sugar Daddy: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/466135-seeking-sugar-daddy/?do=getNewComment Skim this section of the forums and you'll find similar posts.
  17. Now I'm ticked. I almost never work Saturdays - typically only to support some really complicated production upgrade or release install. Yet, I had to work last Sat -- and the damn thing was ultimately backed out, which means we'll get to do it all over again in a month or so -- and I have been scheduled to work on Sat, Jan 23rd. This is the first time there has ever been a Builder's Brewery class that I really wanted to take -- primarily because it is not only Blender but geared specifically for creating stuff in SL. I "should" only be needed for the first hour or two, starting at
  18. Never thought of that. While against the TOS, it is totally possible and plausible.
  19. Thanks - I was trying to remember that %AppData% shortcut. I'm more of a linux gal when it comes to system variables and can never remember the Windows ones or even how to reference them most of the time.
  20. It is entirely possibly that the last few came from abandons. We know that many people nab a home and then immediately release it if the spot is not to their liking.
  21. My guess is multiple browsers and even possibly multiple computers. I don't think there is any way to "bot" it.
  22. There is at least one person that is holding (or was holding) 5-7 homes in one region last week when I was looking. I didn't take note of when they had nabbed each parcel, but given the way they name the alts and all homes in the same land group, it is pretty obvious that it is just one person.
  23. Per the UK government website, VAT is to be paid by other countries: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/the-vat-rules-if-you-supply-digital-services-to-private-consumers
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