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  1. Those are 2 different things. Everyone is not only entitled to their opinions, but they are entitled to express them in public. It becomes an issue when, during the expression of their opinion, they start calling for violence.
  2. This reminds me that I am due to perform another purge --- noted for when I log inworld this evening.
  3. Maybe, maybe not. Other than the few regions that were released, nothing else has happened yet. No real clue as to how it all actually went and what problems might or might not have been discovered. Time will tell. If all is good, then we should get the full release sometime today. Or maybe we'll just get some more test regions for now.
  4. Wow, just like RL "Going out of Business" sales.
  5. People search via web search is totally FUBAR right now. The back end partner search is probably using the same web search process and thus it is failing.
  6. This would be me, but with coffee (yeah, I'm from the states). However, as an adult, I cannot stand cold coffee. Cold tea is similar to iced tea, which is a common summer drink here (though many will argue until death on whether or not it should be sweetened).
  7. From just a glance at some headlines this morning, I'm likely heading into a major depression. No herd immunity means the flare-ups will continue and thus the mask-wearing and various restrictions will likely continue through this entire year. The vaccine lasting only a year means that the mask wearing and various restrictions may never go away.
  8. The code has been moved -- their old data center has been totally shut down. However, the map is still broke and they have to put in a fix.
  9. While I sometimes think that the forum moderation is a bit heavy handed, it is quite irritating when it seems they are doing nothing. There are some very obvious & blatant advertising posts, in a couple of threads, that have been there for 8-12 hours now.
  10. This part of your original post isn't making a lot of sense. However, if you are trying to do a Support ticket, then you need to give as much information as you have. You have proof that it is related to SL work?
  11. I don't even bother TPing to the objects. I move away from the landing spot, derender any large trees or other objects in my way and then just cam shop from where I'm at.
  12. Sorry, no can do -- unless you'd like to write your own viewer.
  13. Post reported - as Moira said, advertising is not allowed here.
  14. Chic had mentioned some palms by fundati. Definitely check OPQ, as she does have lots of low LI with good LOD stuff. Take a peek at Reid Parkin -- It has been a while since I've been there, so I don't remember what his palms are like, but I do have quite a bit of his other landscaping stuff.
  15. Click the About Land. Click the Sell Land. Put in all the info, leaving it to sell to "anyone". When someone comes along that wants to buy it, they will click Buy Land. After they proceed through the screens, then either you or the land group will get the money. If the land was 'deeded' to a group, the group gets the money and then, overnight, it will be paid out to those with the "Liabilities" ability -- always the Owner(s) and possibly others. Basically there is nothing you need to do to "complete the sale and transfer the land". It happens automatically when the person buys the land.
  16. In truth, our President does not really have that power. He can't do anything without quite a few other folks going along, authorizing things, and pushing all the right buttons.
  17. I've spent some time searching through the JIRA, but nothing jumps out yet (well, nothing that you haven't already tried). While you continue trying to figure it out, I'd suggest going ahead and opening a new JIRA ticket. Use the official SL viewer to reproduce the problem and then zip up the logs. See this info about creating bug tickets: https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/how-to-report-a-bug-r224/Section_.3
  18. When you did the "clean" reinstall, did you completely remove the folders in APPDATA (both local and roaming) before the re-install?
  19. I don't remember exactly where the viewer hangs if the problem is a Flat Inventory issue, so this might not apply. Is your inventory possibly FLAT? i.e. contains more than about 2500-3000 items within any single folder, rather than lots of sub-folders within sub-folders, etc...? If this is possible, then open a Support ticket and mention that you might have a flat inventory issue. LL has tools that can fix your inventory in that case.
  20. Found the reference that I was vaguely remembering --- see the second bullet point. I found some comments in a few other threads that said LL still has to pay the VAT on the annual Premiums, but they are covering that fee themselves. The comments were not made by any Linden though, so not sure about the validity.
  21. I vaguely remember one of the Lindens specifically making the comment about Premium not getting the VAT charge -- possibly back when they were selling us the 'prepay' options.
  22. I don't recall the reasons behind the difference -- if we were ever told. I vaguely remember it from a thread about Premium fees and VAT. It is noted in this page: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Value_Added_Tax_(VAT)_Frequently_Asked_Questions
  23. Is paying for the Premium on an annual basis not an option for you? LL only charges VAT on the Monthly & Quarterly Premium payment plans, not on the annual.
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