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  1. Grid Status is often a wealth of information: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/
  2. Actually, there are so many problems with Group Chat that most people consider it a good day if any of it works.
  3. Actually, NO it isn't. Whether or not one creates drama is always subjective, because whether or not something is drama is subjective. Whether or not pictures are pretty is also subjective because "pretty" is subjective. Usually, not even morons would disagree with that.
  4. BTW - You are not talking to LL here. Most people Friend their alts when they create them -- to make communication between them easier. As to the Search issue -- many people have been having issues. Use Firestorm, bring up the search window and then instead of using the Websearch tab at the top, click to the People tab. That will use the legacy search and that seems to be working just fine for everyone.
  5. Subjective Unlikely - most here aren't innocent........ about many things in so many ways. Subjective
  6. I even stayed on topic -- FACES
  7. And the rest of us are nabbing up the stuff abandoned by those folks, checking to see what wonderful places are being left behind.
  8. Most folks learn pretty quick not to believe everything that people say in the anonymous world of the Internet. The rest usually get screwed over a few times.
  9. Thx🤣 There are many cheaper options also. Search the MP a bit.
  10. If there are issues with the backend stuff related to the homes, it is better to fix it before releasing anything new. Especially if it is related to system load at all. Otherwise they are just tossing more wood onto the fire and complicating the process of debugging and fixing. Not to mention the increase in Support tickets that have to be dealt with when new regions are release and many homes don't work right.
  11. Wow, you really are super touchy and take way too many things as some sort of personal attack.
  12. Not really a peeve, more of a sadness - when I see a pretty dress in the sales, but it only comes in standard sizes.
  13. We are not Support. You can add a request for that info to your ticket that is requesting the new region.
  14. The Grid Status page is the first place to look when having issues: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/
  15. My personal view on posting in multiple picture threads is "not the exact same picture". Use one with a different pose or angle or windlight or something. Just so people looking in multiple picture threads actually see different content. Overall, the person will get just as many likes, if not more, from their photo shoot, because people that think like I do will then Like all the various versions that they see.
  16. Versus what, the role playing vampires in SL? You do realize the problem here, right?
  17. This is one of the best examples of how it all works. If you check the More Info for the objects you are thinking about linking, you'll get the numbers that determine the LI and you can then just add up various combinations to see if something will or will not save LI. If you aren't sure about any large linkset, play with it in a sandbox. My houseboat has probably 75% of my outdoor objects linked together.
  18. This is what Marianne is talking about --- set these options in Firestorm and then click About Land.
  19. You probably did a Limit Buy which is sitting there waiting for someone to sell at the price you requested. Go to your LindeX History and you will probably see an Open Order -- cancel it. The money will be returned to your USD Balance - can see it on your Account Summary. Return to the Buy screen and do a Market Buy instead. It will use the existing USD balance. https://secondlife.com/my/lindex/history.php The money will be returned to your USD Balance - can see it on your Account Summary. Return to the Buy screen and do a Market Buy instead. It will us
  20. I think the "forsaken womens" should have been the title, with the rest of the crap in the text. Definitely better click-bait.
  21. People that do not understand forums and put their entire post into the thread title.
  22. Mention the issue in the Bellisseria Citizens group chat. Sometimes there are Moles & Lindens listening in that might come fix it right away. Otherwise you can open a Support ticket, which might take a while to be looked at and handled. Or try Live Chat tomorrow morning - they usually get the problem dealt with pretty quick: Start Live Chat: https://support.secondlife.com/start-chat/ Live Chat is available 9am to 6pm EST(6am to 3pm PST) every day.
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