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  1. Usually, teleport fails because people set their bandwidth too high. SL hardly ever provides more than 1500 and is usually between 1000 - 1200. Have you checked your bandwidth settings in preferences? It's usually caused by a setings over 1200 actually.
  2. Ever cached 300k+ items after a clear? Good luck with that hahah. The actual point is that the higher the number the higher the chance of corruption and fails are. And then it is good luck sorting that all out, lol.
  3. Basically most of my hair is flexi. I have one mesh which is great. It's very elegant and reminds of an early 60 hairdo. At the time hair was using much hairspray hahah. The drawback is that the tail doesn't move (sticks) which is a pity and a reason i prefer flexi in general.. unless flexi mesh comes to the grid lol.
  4. I'm almost 7 years in SL as well. I always have kept it around 10,000 items maximum and all well orginised in folders since day one. Just ditch all older stuff older versions and so on, lol. And there is a lot of rubbish from LL that i ditched.
  5. Hi there Even the highest graphics cards today just still can't handle shadows of SL all that great, even on an GTX 880 today. SL does load all via internet and this is different than many other MMO's. I am to buy a notebook with an 880 and i've seen it. So all shadows on simply is the main killer. It's that simpel. Some stuff with (although less) impact: Avatar impostors at 12 is enough indeed. Full rendererd avis does 'kill' FPS. Check your bandwidth settings in the viewer's prefences. SL simply hardly delivers above 1500.Usually it's somewhere between 1000 - 1200. So set it there. AA at 4 is enough.these days and i would turn on Anisotropic on. HTTP on doesn't do well for many or some either. I'd experiment with that on/off as well. When stuff is loading, FPS will be pushed down. In my case HTTP on does result in a longer load, but it depends per hardware, internet and so on.
  6. Hi blue, Well, actually in SL there are some 'game areas'. This has nothing to do with Adult, Moderate or General. Owners of sims and parcels can set that game mode on or off. If they have set it on, this is shown by a heart symbol in the top of your viewer, that is if you have activiated the option in your viewer to see land names, options and coordinates. Anyway, in those areas your avies life starts at 100%. Whenever you are shot or hit with a weapon you lose a certain percentage till zero. Usually upon reaching 0 you are automatically teleported to the place set as your home. SL is not exactly a game, but this is more or less a left over of old SL, and still in use if users want to game.
  7. Hi Dsx, It can be so many causes, but this seems a typical internet connection problem. The list by Thinkerer is a way to start indeed. In such cases, most of the time the internet route bewteen your computer and the Second Life servers somewhere has failed, and that is what you get. Sometimes the fail started at a critical point of logging in and then this will repeat forever. I know that all internet traffic to Second Life goes via Above.net these days, and Above.net has had many problems in the last weeks. Not to get too technically detailed, but they have had high packet losses, high ping rates. It just means the internet connection (via Above.net) has had a fail if you experience such a thing. If the list of Thinker hasn't given a solution, the normal way is to completely uninstall (including all subdirectories) and re-install your viewer... and then login at a different location in SL. Always start SL with a fresh started computer and router. A router reset isn't good enough, you litterarly unplug it for at least 5 minutes and plug it again to restart so that you internet provider can request and authorize a new IP. Hope this all info has helped and good luck
  8. Be prepared for such a mess in sl... Welcome to sl (*rolling my eyes). Choices remain: how to bring message before any eject or ban... it can be done in many ways... umphatic... emphatic... SL mostly = umphatic... sadly. It doesn't have to be... really...
  9. Well, i'm an oldie. My thoughts are that sl is just full of this kind of ridiculity and unempathism. I've seen it so often. One day i even had a ban for a question to the hostess of 'Blackhearts' me asking what she had voted rl. Instant ban... Isn't that just too rediculous. She made a game out of it. I've seen her ban everybody for noting. Long time ago i had a ban because i gave somebody a notecard, really silly... but... Some sim owners or staff play 'i am god here' and make a game of ejecting and banning. Why? I've never understood. However i just think they lack emphaty in rl actually. There are so many ways of saying something, why would anybody think the worst immediately and disgrace somebody. And somehow there is a difference between rl grace and sl bluntness over nothing and short disdain replies. Why? I suppose sl is just too full of social inadequate and unemphatic people at the keyboard... sl is filled with those... most unfortunate. Another sim you want to avoid is 'Berlin 1920' Owners and staff are like "Halt Polizei"... yak !! Very, very unfriendly. Rules are ruls, but we people should have the capacity to actually think as humans, not as apes. And why should we make a 'hell' in sl as well... Most Sim owners do... unfortunate... Welcome to sl. Well this you'll have a lot of times in sl. Mind you, most sim owners also blog here, so they will hardly agree... lol (uhuh i did mention names, against the Tos? Nop...)
  10. Pfffff.... 1 word.... YUK !! I've turned away from official V2/3's ever since 2.8 came out and i am glad i never looked back... Linden Lab totally doesn't get it do they. Somehow they have the 'art' to make their viewer a total unwanted crap... Terribly sorry... this is horrid more than ever... what the .... what are they doing... pardon...
  11. Oh, it looks like fun. I wrote down your name will try it sooner or later Grumpy people? LOL. Anyone who is really interested, doesn't matter about the gateway, there are so many ways. I'll go via your profile picks Thanks, i'm looking for something different in SL, and this i might give a go
  12. Hi NJMike, I'm an oldie in SL and i can confirm your observation. Like you i am always observing and picky as well. I've used about all viewers now and on different computers since it depends on where i am in the world. What i see is that Singularity has always given me +10 Basic FPS indeed under similar circumstances. What i understood is that Singularity is a hybrid V1/V2/V3 accordiing to the developer. He wanted to maintain the V1-look, however under the hood it is based on V2/V3. The rendering engine for example is V2/3. Rendering at LL changed since V2 due to license issues, and all TPV's went LL's direction on that matter. All V2/3-functionality and more options are brought into Singularity so it's not V1-based, it just looks like it. This is something nobody thought would be possible, but this developer did it. And no i am not doing any commerce lol. I just prefer the V1-look and its much higher speed. And i can confirm your observation.
  13. 19 February 2013. Somewhere in 2011 I found this place. First impression... 60/70-music....older person's gig going, with all respect really. However, all modern music styles are offered 24/7, depending on the shift (2 hours). I visited every half year or so to see if it was developing. DJ's actually are genuine and quite good, perceptive for fun and they go around sl. Some are very grumpy and then it's time to leave I suppose or ignore. The rest of the staff just adds traffic at Muddy's and they tip eachother, lol. So I tipped the DJ's but not the hostesses. The group of staff avatars is around 100, so you might quickly think they are actual visitors. The reality is that most traffic is created by roulating/cycling staff avatars by logging in, say hi, park AFK on the dance floor with/without staff titles, they tip, some dance with eachother, then activate their staff title going on stage, say hi again, go off stage AFK or dance with another AFK staff member, and log out. That's pretty much it. You can check their sl old names against this url which shows the names of staff and see for yourself (make sure you can see sl old style names inworld via preferences). http://bouatmuddysmusiccafesl.weebly.com/management-and-staff.html The little deceit can be observed over many hours over more moments over two years which hardly anyone does. I actually did, and clearly started to see a pretty deceptive pattern, although I certainly had my moments of fun. You can go along with that, try to make your own fun, mind your business, enjoy the music and perhaps you can find a new friend. DJ's mostly play your request unless they are in a specific theme they like themselves. Although I'm certain that alternate staff avatars are in use, real people seemed to be behind it. They just cycle in a very cheaty way actually and make about 50-75% of the traffic. You can all ignore that and just enjoy Muddy's like a 3D music player, but what's the point of that, since they have little to say or just sarcastic. Recently they have doubled the numbers of parked staff, changing their usernames (you can still notice their old sl names if you activate that in your preferences). They dress them with high avatar cost by massive overuse of poor designed mesh clothes...... hence the lag has become unbearable. The location changes frequently. I wonder why that is. I have dropped a notecard to the owner. I didn't expect much of it since she has never said a thing as parked avie over time, but at least I tried to get through this time. She didn't respond when I came back although she was active this time, and staff avies just made it even worse about avatar rendering cost so I guess she wants the place more for their own fun, or they just doesn't understand it or ignored it. That's pretty much it. The music can be great by some flexible and nice DJ's and you may find a friend, just realize that most avatars are inactive staff actually. They just go there in a cycled method to add traffic and hardly go anywhere else, and they have little to say. I'm not making myself popular there now I suppose, but it's just not a very useful club really at this moment. I've seen many clubs in sl go down by such scheme, pity. Muddy's has seen better days.
  14. The next logical think for LL to work on has little to do with tech. They are behind on that already big time on navigation and mobility. However, tech will develop as it is... The next logical thing to do is to get more users online; they have been falling since 2008/9. The question has to be raised why Second Life doesn't catch on and remains so isolated, even being a geek thing perhaps. SL isn't moving on that matter. One of the many complaints i hear from ppl who left is that SL seems a dominant place for social inadequates, geeks and sexual frustrates all over the place. It's no fun to get socially bold and frustrated IM's all the time. Of course it depends where somebody goes in SL, however the chance of being brutalized is always very very very high. SL really needs to get a mature marketing in place and change their bad/wrong image. Now why have they never done this?
  15. Actually, i would not concentrate on Phoenix anymore. It's too heavy, lacks latest tech and certainly lacks the modern rendering 'machine'. It's not flexible in terms to transfer it into an LL variant. Firestorm (a modern variant of Phoenix based on LL-2-3-code) does actually try to, however it's heavy as well and therefore very laggy. And it's always behind on LL. I've used Phoenix for a year since i had no alternative for Asus high-end notebooks and Mesh, i am on. However, for the moment the Singularity Viewer (SV) is totally my thing. V1-look it has at your screen indeed, but under the booth it has fast 2/3 technology, rezzes mesh super fast and it adds tons of Basic FPS. If there is any viewer coder to make it into a SL 3 hybrid, it would be SV.
  16. Hi, About lag many factors come into play, however lag has increased indeed for many is what i do understand inworld. There 2 reasons at Linden Lab's side one: LL has recently changed to another data location. Two: All viewers based on the new rendering engine plus mesh capable have had a major drop in Basic FPS. The latter is one of the biggest critisism about Second Life today seen on the internet. Firestorm, LL official viewer and all viewers based on 3 or 4 (FS) have the same problem. Terribly low Basic FPS. And this causes a very choppy and constant freezing experience, hence you can't move very well or not at all. I've been trying all viewers availabe today on the same system. Phoenix has high FPS, but i's heavy like FS and it is phased out. The Singularity Viewer (SV) has all new features is based on the new rendering engine, and mesh, is stable and Basic FPS is very high compared to all other viewers. No one ever thought it was possible, however SV has proven it actually is. SV uses the V1 user interface, but if you don't mind that - it also has a dark black glassy theme like Emerald had -, i suppose it will the the viewer for you, specially looking at your computer specifications which are basically light for SL in the first place. From your side: Seeing your computer specs: Use SV, don't use a wallpaper with windows, do not use the Windows glass theme, start SL from a fresh started computer, make certain no other programs are running, disable all automatic updates of windows and all other applications, don't use SL while having Windows Outlook run in the back ground, turn off and disconnect the power cord of your modem/router and apply it again before you start SL (routers need a clean fresh memory, power off/on isn't enough, the power cable litterly needs to be pulled out for 3 minutes and then pulled in again), set your bandwidth at 1200 max in SL preferences (SL hardly provides more, max 2000 in 2/3/4 viewers). Turn off: water reflections, AA, Anistropic filtering, shadows, Lightning and shadows, set draw distance at 64 - 100. Just a few powerful matters to consider. Have fun
  17. Hi, you can safely remove them and it will not have any effect on your friend list. Perhaps it is handy to keep the calling cards of your actual friends in case the friend list get buggy which has happened. The calling cards do show her or him online as an alternate option. After you unfriend someone and you don't wish her or him still being able to track you and you see online, then do remove the former friend in de calling cards as well. The calling cards seem to be a desitant remainder of earlier sl. What i can remember is one could right click an avatar and give a card instead of friending immediately. At the time it was handy perhaps, however it was hardly in use to my opinion. If you don't want to friend someone immediately then one of you will find the name anyway and keep a recurring contact. If not then there hasn't been actual interest to my understanding.
  18. I have changed to the latest Singularity viewer too actually It's very smooth and super fast and also less confusing and less buggy than Phoenix and FS. But like any viewer Singularity isn't flawless. However much better and more stable than Phoenix to my experience and to many others who wave away SL3 and FS. Although it depends very much on hardware and internet, in general it can be said that viewers 2.8 and higher produce less basis FPS on the same hardware and with the same graphic settings, seeing inworld as a very choppy experience. As said, it depends on hardware and internet, but in general this is an overall complaint by many older users who have known and used the V1 viewers and V2. The fastest and most stable viewers still seem to be the V1 based, however older 1.23.5 and Snowglobe are very much out of date concerning the many newer featuers introduced in the last years. Phoenix seemed a V1 alternative for me but i've always found it very buggy since i use it in Jan. this year (the know bug with dissapearing objects after going into Appearance) and it crashes for me too often upon entering megaprims with alpha textures. Around mesh it brings my experience to a very low basic FPS. I am waving away Phoenix and FS, it never did it for me really, but nothing much more better had been around. Sigularity's developer is more focussing on stability and what others thought was impossible he actually did; combining the V1 look, feel and speed with all latest SL features. It runs silky smooth and fast. One annoyance i encouter is that '...loading' shows in the Inventory at every object at times after i have uploaded something. A relog seems to resolve it. This is quite annoying, but it's hardly a problem with common play in SL. Singularity crashes every other 2 hours or so in my case, probably still an old memory leak, but it's the same problem i had with 1.23.5. Sofar i'm happy with Singularity in my case.
  19. Soooo... Any chance someone is bound to explain what pathfinding is about is English? We're not all comp geeks ! Thankies
  20. Soooo... Any chance someone is bound to explain what pathfinding is about is English? We're not all comp geeks ! Thankies
  21. Since V2.8 Basic FPS has been very crippled. Despite all excuses and what all say, it's simply cut by half. I know a few ppl who have bought a super duper computer for gaming... and the same problem persists for SL. Rediculous performance. I hear all kind of excuses and academic blahblah, LL even keeps on repeating the same service robotic like answers, but i know it is as it is. In all V1 based viewers me and my friends have 30 - 40 FPS easy with draw distance at 256m, with exactly the same settings like AA 4x, AF on, water shadows on, lightning & shadows off, etc. I get 8 - 15 with all V2/3 based viewers. My vid card? An Nvidia 9800MGT. Turning on VBO, AA off, FA off even makes the performance worse. Crazy. I tried a newer Nvidia driver.. no joy. It's in SL's program code. A current friend of mine can play SL with low settings only while having a top the rnage vid card. Madness. And indeed, would you think a new vid card like the 600 series of Nvidia would improve the experience? Uhuh, nope. Have tried that on a friend's computer. No joy. Btw, SL isn't so popular anymore. It is far over the hill since 2009 and then came viewer 2... Most of my friends left SL, because it was a mess for them and it pushed their computers over the edge. In RL, like me, they were rational students, professionals, not gamers. They wouldn't buy a new computer specially for SL for which i can't blame them since it's more luck then wisdom these days to be able to experience SL or not. Concurrent daily logins? Not more than 55k where it was 85 once. I've been part of IT projects many times, project management. What i can tell is that the development process of LL is low-mid quality and even based on very old codes, almost child like processes. Certainly not like a high end gaming industry. The new CEO from Electronic Arts hasn't been able to make a difference as well. It's the business culture of LL you see. As long as i can login with a V1 based viewer (Phoenix, though very bugged as well), i enjoy SL for what it's worth with very high FPS and high settings. Should V2/3 become really mandatory, it will be a matter of clearing my place and abandon it, reduce my membership to basic. Because then it simply becomes unplayable. With viwewer 3.3.3. i did notice a gain of FPS however it's still a far cry to what is was. Firestorm 4.1.1. is as bad as pre 3.3.3., and even worse. However... I think LL is on it... Not much you can do at the moment other than use the much faster V1 based viewers.
  22. I can second that Peggy. Heat can cause big problems, crashing the viewer and even the computer. SpeedFan is free, light and easy to use. Temps are shown in the Windows taskbar. http://download.cnet.com/SpeedFan/3000-2094_4-10067444.html I try to stay below 92 C. The following things are of major influence regarding heat: Dusty fans in your computer as Peggy suggested, so do clean them every half year or so. In SL you can avoid extra heat as follows (the GPU has to work hard on those). 1. Turn off shadows. 2. Decrease the value of Debug setting 'Renderglowstrength' as glow heatens up much. 3. Avoid mesh. 4. Decrease Draw Distance in Preferences. 5. Avoid places where alpha based textures are used by the masses like grass, plants, trees. etc. Usually they aren't a problem but some regions in SL uses them massively like some parks. They heat up the GPU quick. Other things SL is very sensitive about is speeding up the computer by turbo modes (like the Asus notebooks can) or any overclocking. SL usually becomes crashy. Personally my viewer crashes whenever i am surrounded by too much mesh objects. Or sometimes even my avi being present at only two objects made of mesh. Mesh is still very buggy and a huge hit on performance, hence crashy.
  23. Well actually, from a user point of view i cannot really see the benefits of mesh. It has only made matters and performances worse. I can use the 2 and 3 viewers, but the cost of loss of performance is just too much, hence i still prefer the V1 based viewers. I rarely have come accross mesh btw. But i can see them thanks to the latest (still very buggy) Phoenix viewer. I haven't seen a viewer yet which has come to an acceptable level of usage since mesh however. They are all either too buggy or too slow. None of the 3rd pary viewer actually works well for me since mesh. None of the official LL viewer iterations have come to an acceptable level either. Moreover, fashion like a full dresses aren't looking all that well by applying mesh, as patterns of the upper and skirt part are impossible to align and 'light' flawlessly looking as one whole assembly due to lightning effects which are different on system clothes and worn mesh/sculpts. I usually make my own (from RL ported) high fashion dresses and the best results i still get by using the system skirt or flexy primmed. If used well and if designed well and if the avatar propirtions are set superb no mesh can beat a one assembly dress design. And what others think of me, i have never ever cared about much btw, not in RL, not in SL, not on any life. I have never followed trends, groups or friends because i make my own ideas lol. Just follow your own path. Like Abraham Licoln wisely said: "Always bare in mind that that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing". Linda
  24. Well, i agree with you mostly, but i don't need so much text to explain LOL. The copy thing of assets in SL is frustrating, but... fact ot life... and little that can be done as a full proof solution. There's always some smarty who finds a way around. Textures for example are the most simple to copy, nothing that can be done about it. I don't think the copy mess is a real problem since SL assets aren't worth a rl penny. Of course there a handful of big players in SL, but they live with it. About all the rest, yes i do firmly agree. Another matter that bothers me is that the rendering code has been totally rewritten since V2.8. The cause was license issues due to its viewers open source policy. The result is a lower basic fps for many, compared V1. If one can't move around decently, there is no reason to experience SL as fun. SL has missed the internet boat a long time ago due to major instablity issues, an isolated technical development, irrelevant position towards large companies, and the spin simply was too huge. I mean, to commercialize a product it is normal that its best sides are shown, but LL was telling huges lies. Anyway, yes the basic V1 engine back, revamp the skin to a more modern look, add the latest options, back to the original rendering engine and... bam... everyting is much more simple and way faster. It is possible, Phoenix has proven it can be done. However, shouting to LL is like shouting to your bank or government LOL, nothing will change...
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