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  1. Basically most of my hair is flexi. I have one mesh which is great. It's very elegant and reminds of an early 60 hairdo. At the time hair was using much hairspray hahah. The drawback is that the tail doesn't move (sticks) which is a pity and a reason i prefer flexi in general.. unless flexi mesh comes to the grid lol.
  2. Hmmm, I think the look and feel of the inventory just grew too complex since the development of viewer2/3. It used to be simple except cut, paste, add and links had been missed. What also was too much of a challenge was a fast simple way to change permissions of all items in a folder and its subfolders. The viewer 1 developments had a simple Ms windows explorer like look and feel, had a simple thin title bar, and was very simple to learn the use therefore. Over time it got more bulky and visually complex with thick title bars, incorperation of appearence, etc. To diverse it into a a basic an
  3. Hmm, yes i did read that article too just before i adviced, no offense, but it is too typical and nothing new to be bluntly hounest. And in specific, no one covers the Video ram bandwidth issue, but specially that is the most crucial thingy amongst my other points based on 5 years of experience and tests in the last 14 months on a large variety of systems and viewer combinations. Therefore, i would advocate to follow the path of either i5/i7 + Nvidia 560(M) or higher.. or... Core2, Nvidia 98xx(M) + 1.23.5 or Phoenix, Imprudence, Singularity (V1 based viewers). And i dare to say... success g
  4. A few things you need to keep in mind Clarrisa concerning SL: 1. Nvidia works best for SL 2. DDR3 dedicated memory is needed at least (never integrated videomemory). 3. Memory bandwidth of at least 256 is needed (latest high end nvidia cards, or older 98xx based cards). 4. Video memory of 512 is enough since SL doesn't use much more than 400 or so. 5. Since SL 2.8, SL has become unproportional demanding on hardware; 1.23.5 is fast easy and less demanding, but the above still stands. Your card is too low for even older SL viewers. But if you want 1.23.5 it can be downloaded here now and yo
  5. Hi, I don't think it will run SL all that well... that graphics card is for low demanding games like Sims3 and WoW at the lowest detail setting. Although graphics in SL aren't all that super, SL requires a super computer since 2.8. The reason is unclear, but it certainly has to do with the poor coding and software development. Since the official V1 viewer 1.23.5 isn't available anymore for download, I would at least advice to login in SL with an alternative V1 based viewer like Singularity, Phoenix, Imprudence. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Downloads Details why: The Intel HD Gr
  6. Hi, I was wondering why so much in SL after all these years still is so aggressive like. As per example: Warning! You have entered private property, linda Brynner! You have 10 seconds to leave the area, or else you will be automatically forced to leave. This hard bold blunt language style we still see all around the grid. Why? Why not like: Hi Linda Brynner. Sorry, but you have entered a private area. Please do leave within 10 seconds to prevent you sending home. Sorry for the inconvenience. It seems a bit more elegant instead of thinking being in a police state LOL
  7. Looking a gifting horse in its mouth i do not prefer, however may i add a critical note. This perhaps is a start after 3 years of discussions about benefits for premium members, however what is exactly the benefit? A dedicated sandbox, pardon but i can't exactly see the advantage... I mean what in all are the added values other than a few extra items in the inventory for the home. There are already so many freebies of similar quality available for all. Added value would be access to monthly economic metrics, concierge style support, access to specific special groups, stipend weekly to 500, e
  8. I'm a bit reserved to actually be that enthousiastic. Mesh certainly seems a step forward to actually gain on competition when it comes to graphic looks, however i don't see the point with mesh and 5 fps or so where it was 4-10 times higher for so many... So many seem to report that problem which started with 2.7.5 for Windows, Mac and Linux with Intel Duo Cores. All that Customer Services at LL can do with new a ticked is wait with a reply and then point to at a newer SL version. With yet another showstopper. There is simply not much else they can do. Since the UI of V2/3 is horrid i will
  9. Very good comment Scars, i can't agree more on all you say. Things i want to add... Server rent (or a parcel of it) is a 3D space in SL, but it is way too expensive and could be much more obtainable at a lower rate. All prices in IT had a strong down force in the last years... except SL. LL used to operate IBM and Dell rack serves to my best knowlegde. These are very cheap these days, but if i am right SL is now operated by Apple mini servers which are even positioned at basic price while more reliable, solid and with a lot less cables. When do we see a down force of prices of 3D spaces i
  10. Wonderful idea. I have already donated to the red cross in RL. I have no words for what is going on in Japan and my heart goes out to the Japanese and espcially those effected. Can we read somewhere how much Linden Lab themselves from their own financial assets will donate in future to certain charities ? Let us also stay critical. Be aware please that the Japanese government very clearly stated they don't want or need money. Japan is a highly developed country. Hands on help is highly needed. However the red cross is a voluntary organization depending on donations. However, please do rea
  11. Although statistics sure can be manipulative i do feel the latest report to concurring what i experience inworld. The economic development of SL is going sideways since a year or two. Actually i don't think LL is that motivated to let SL grow further. Since 2007 they have established an annual income of appr. 70 Mill. US$ by tier alone from appr. 30k regions. They have created a pretty stable business in RL from a financial point of view. I do think too that tier should be cut by half at least, but i don't think it will happen; it would mean that LL should compromise their stable monthly inc
  12. A very warm welcome to SL Rod. I do hope you actually have fun rather than... let's behave funny because i have to professional wise. Your intro looks wonderful though
  13. Nice improvements, but a link to FB after all these security scandals? hmm, interesting. Is LinkedIn now becoming more of a social media than a pure business platform? It's a trend i seem to see continue here now in SL. Not good (!)
  14. A happy further travel Jack in your career. My impression has always been that Linden Lab and Jack have not been the most excellent match. It has nothing to do with Jack or LL, just the combo wasn't top to my feeling. I do credit Jack for the cleanup of the mainland. The fast growth of mainland in 2007 was a disaster. The bot policy has had some effect, but the solution isn't really top. And the Search has always been a pain for far too long. As i have seen in a Dutch interview by Jeroen Smit (a Dutch Journalist searching for what modern leaders should be about since conventional managem
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