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  1. So ever since this month I have been having issues with being disconnected from Second Life at random times. I don't even have to be doing anything intensive, getting 60 FPS and no lag, but then after ten minutes or after an hour, I'll get randomly disconnected from SL. My internet connection in itself is still find, however. I tried lowering my max bandwidth from 10,000 kbps to 5,000 kbps, and it seemed to have fixed it for about a week, but now it is back again as of today. My ISP that my household uses is Xfinity, and I run SL off of my desktop upstairs using wifi, running off of the wireless AC Xfinity modem/router from downstairs. The viewer that I use is Singularity Alpha. Attached is my connection download and upload info if needed.
  2. I don't know if this information helps, but using the texture console (Ctrl+Shift+3) I notice it's flooded with tons of unloaded loading bars, a lot of them are in pink or white text as well, and a lot of them are 1,024x1,024 in their size, which account for mostly all of the pink and unloaded ones. I notice a lot of them have the "Type" as "B_NONE" or something else. I then noticed when the texture thrashing stopped, the texture console also stopped flodding with quieries. A few other people I have talked to about this that go to this same place have also told me they experience the same texture thrashing as I do, so I guess it could be that the area is too heavy in mesh. Below is a screeenshot I took of the texture console during a moment of texture thrashing. What is not shown is the constant cylce of "INI" and "DEC" through some of the bottom-most textures. This queue is generally supposed to be empty, but at this parcel it is consantly incomplete and/or piling up with my quieries and repetative cycles.
  3. Update: I retract everything said below; t seems whether I switch between 512 MB and 1,024 MB in Singularity does not affect the texture thrashing at all, so back to square one again with all of this. I'm still open to help if anyone can figure this out. Thanks. I also should mention (if I didn't before) that this texture thrashing only occurs at two specific places thus far, and no where else suffers from the slightest bit of it. I have also had a few friends tlel me they had the same texture thrashing at the same place. Could it be that some sims are just too heavily-textured beyond any SL viewer's ability to render? So I have an update for you all: I have been using Bento-capable Singularity again for a few days (my original default viewer since 2011), and so far I have been noticing a slight improvement with the texture thrashing/loading issues; not a complete improvement, but a discernable change from before. I have my texture memory set at its max at 1,024 MB since the viewer allows it; this is leading me to believe that it either is a texture memory issue (Catznip only allowing 512 MB compared to Singularity's 1 GB), or Singularity is just generally all-around programmed a bit stronger than Catznip, or perhaps both. But if anything, we at least can conclude that it is not really related to my computer hardware. I suffer no other general performance loss as well between the two viewers, which is good because Catznip was prone to crashing sometimes, whereas Singularity never has, or if it does, extremely rarely.
  4. I look through my processes quite a bit regardless so I can see if I can free up anything, but there isn't really anything I can think of that I need to remove at this time. Well I do use a wifi connection, and we use an Xfinity dual-band ac router/modem, and my computer also has an ac wireless adapter as well; could the limitations of wireless be what's causing me not being able to receive sufficient information for texture loading?
  5. I tweaked my graphics preferences to every thing that you had suggested, and saw no improvements at all than with them all on.
  6. I never said I had 1GB VRAM, I even had it listed in the specs I listed that I had 4GB of it. The reason I use Catznip is because it gives me the best performance out of any other viewer, in FPS and stability. Singularity is my second choice, as it's only a tiny bit worse in FPS than Catznip for me. Firestorm is a nice viewer but it's too bloated and I think that is why it's the laggiest out of all viewers I've tried.
  7. RE: 1 & 2 -- I should apologise, I meant actually "Texture Memory (MB)" under "Hardware" in my preferences (I am using the Catznip viewer by the way) and the slider only goes up to 512 MB; some other viewers, like Singularity, allow up to 1,024 MB with the slider, but no higher, and even that is not enough to stop the thrashing. RE: 3 -- My cache size is at max at 9,984 MB. Since you said it could be too large or too small, I'm guessing that's too large, so I went ahead and set it to 2,048 MB, but I have not seen any improvement, unless I need to cleear my cache (which I've never once done in the few months I've been using Catznip) and restart it with the new cache size? RE: 4 -- I have always used HTTP textures, so that should avoid my hard drive for that, right? Also, if this helps, here are my current graphics settings:
  8. There is an issue that happens at some places on Second Life where the textures (whether on avatars or mesh/prims) juggle themselves around blurring in and out of focus. If I set "full res textures", it stables out all of the textures and fixes it, but at the cost of making my FPS unstable and choppy if I make any movements, and I sometimes crash. It does not matter which viewer I use, because either 512 MB or 1,024 MB are the max texture bandwidth settings any viewer I've tried can go up to, and that doesn't seem like it's enough and I am thinking it's the reason to the texture thrashing. For those that may need the information, thes are my specs: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70GHz (2712 MHz) Memory: 16314 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 (Build 14393) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 970/PCIe/SSE2 (4GB of VRAM) Windows Graphics Driver Version: 21.21.0013.7849 OpenGL Version: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 378.49 RestrainedLove API: (disabled) J2C Decoder Version: OpenJPEG: 1.5.2 Audio Driver Version: FMOD Ex 4.44.61 LLCEFLib/CEF Version: 1.5.3-(CEF-WIN-3.2526.1347-32) LibVLC Version: 2.2.4 Voice Server Version: Vivox 4.6.0017.22050 Packets Lost: 82/708,083 (0.0%)
  9. Update: 32-bit Alchemy crashes the same as well.
  10. I have to apologize, I actually have 362, sorry, I am a bit dyslexic with reading numbers. I have had this same crash happen on Singularity, Alchemy, Second Life official viewer, and Catznip, but they are all able to run when only on Intel HD 3000 as preferred device. I have not tried 32-bit viewers, no; I will have to try and get back to you later on that.
  11. This is a bit funny but heh, I cannot even run ShadowPlay because I do not meet the graphics card requriement for it. So that's out of the picture.
  12. This is an issue I have been facing for about a week or so now -- no matter what viewer I use, even if it's the official Second Life viewer, it crashes without warning after "Detecting Hardware". I have noticed that this only happens if I have my graphics card (Nvidia GeForce GT 540M) selected as the preferred device through Nvidia's Control Panel's Manage 3D settings to run the viewer client. However, if I have my integrated graphics selected to run the viewer client (Intel HD 3000), it does not crash. I have always been able to run any Second Life viewer with my graphics card as the selected device for years with no issues, all the way up to just a week or so ago. I've tried countless troubleshooting methods, but no matter what I do I always have the exact same results every time.This started to become an issue ever since I had updated to Nvidia's 320.00 driver. I have tired downgrading to older drivers and even done clean uninstalls, and I still get the same crashing upon viewer starup. For those that need to know, my specs are: OS: Windows 10 64-bit PC: ASUS K73SV (laptop), owned since 2012 Processor: Intel Core i5 2430M @ 2.4 GHz Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT 540M / Intel HD 3000 (integrated graphics). Graphics driver: Nvidia Game Ready Driver version 320.00 RAM: 8 GB (two 4 GB sticks).
  13. More than half of the time I exit my viewer, the "SLVoice.exe" process hangs in the processes section in the task manager, and I have to manually kill it. Why does this happen? How can I make it always close along with my viewer?
  14. There are a lot of special characters in people's usernames and gestures for example, that have special characters, though they appear to me as hollow squares to me due to my viewer not rendering them. I can see them fine on my web browser, just not on my viewer (which is the newest version of Singularity by the way). Is there any way I can get the characters to render for me?
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