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  1. I just recently cancelled premium, though I still have until the 12th of this month. But I've been looking for a live chat feature and I haven't been able to find such a thing.
  2. I changed my SL name from dsx.firehawk to kumori.kiyori over a month ago. My name shows up for me and most people as kumori.kiyori, but sometimes people still see me as dsx.firehawk and will refer to me as such and sometimes when I rent land, it says that the renter is dsx.firehawk and not kumori.kiyori. I tried to submit a support ticket, but I could not find a label for the ticket that pertains to this exact issue and I'm not sure how to fix it.
  3. So ever since last night. I'll log on and I will get the "your clothing is still loading" and my friends list also says (Loading) by every picture. My settings should not be a problem. It could be my firewall settings but I have no idea what every thing should be checked as in windows fire wall (Public, private, etc.) Please help I have tried relogging multiple times but nothing really seems to load atleast not for like 10 minutes but I usually load in like 1 second.
  4. So today I noticed speak wasnt working so I tried to change the input to my microphone and ever since I did that there has been no sound AT ALL. I even switched it back to the original settings. Nothing. I have looked at every possible setting you name It the settings are perfectly fine but there still is absolutely no sound. im using SL viewer btw. I tried Phoenix too. No sound. I uninstalled...reinstalled but guess what? still...no sound! any help?
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