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  1. Thanks Ipecac! I couldn't see it to click on it, but after many more attempts I finally did see it. I'm not sure if it rezzed in the open or what; it respawned each time the quest was failed. I got through it all now, the 5th quest is entriely craycray, i wouldn't recommend it unless you like being frustrated. Thanks for the help! ~Bleue =^_^=
  2. Also, I couldn't find a game forum, so sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. Admins can move it if needed - thanks!
  3. Hi efryone! Anyone doing the Horizons game? I am stuck on Quest 3, The Swamp. You are supposed to find a tablet with a secret code on it, and then enter it in the console to complete the quest. I can find the tablet, because I get this message: You have found the missing lablet! Now, it will self-destruct unless you touch it within the next two minutes. HURRY! But when I get to the other side, the console says this: No passcode. If you still have a Map HUD, keep looking for Dr. Talpa's tablet. If you just finished the quest, move ahead to the Command Center. In my hud, there is no passcode. So even though i 'find' it, i don't get the code. I cammed around when I get the message that I found it, but i don't see a physical object to click on. Has any one done this quest? Thanks for any help! Have a gr8 SL day! ~Bleue
  4. Thanks Klytyna! I went to By Snow and picked up a few - I really love the Hazel Delight set! It's a five-pak for like $75 Lindens, so you can't really beat that, most single eyes (pairs) cost more than that. And they're really good quality, the whites are a little more white than i prefer, but the retina is multi-coloured and looks deep, clear, and reflective (the three qualities i most look for in eyes), and the white-spot is realistic; some are a little too funky for me. For those who want to go - it's hard to find cuz you can't really search by "By Snow" you get land in Winter or somethun - so the creator's name is Snow Frostwych and you can get there from her first Pick, or just go here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lionheart Sarafina/233/233/29 And yeah for those of us looking for whacky non-human eyes she's got tons of varieties for you, so why are you reading this? Go go go! Thanks again! ~Bleue
  5. Hi efryone, So far the best eye stores I've found are IKON, Mesange Eyes, and Mayfly (their eyes are called Luminous). Thanks for your help so far and keep letting me know the places you recommend. I will add more here if I find more stores like these. IKON, IKON (143, 127, 500) Mayfly - Mesh Eyes, Mayfly (52, 222, 561) MESANGE EYES Mainstore, Lush Haven (60, 229, 21) I still haven't found the perfect eyes although I found several which are really great, so I am still open to suggestions. Have fun! ~Bleue p.s. i am not affiliated with any store in SL (except my own, look it up lolz, i have two items ) and I am receiving nothing for these recommendations, and in fact I've never spoken with these store owners or any of their representatives, ever. So this is just a fun recommendation, not for profit.
  6. Great - thank you so much everyone, I will go hunting for eyes now! Also thanks for your patience in my blunderosity; we're been moved to Wanted now so i hope it's all good. Keep the suggestions coming in, please. Thanks again, and have a grey8 SL Day! ~Bleue
  7. Odd, I thought I was under general discussion of the same group that I was in for my previous question (which was the most general of general forums). Sorry for the mistake; I'll close this (if that's an option) and open it there, sorry once again, I didn't see that. All the best, ~Bleue
  8. Hey everyone, hope you're having a great day! I wanted to know what you all think are the best stores to buy eyes at. I have a great pair, but they were given to me and i'd like to see what else is out there. I did some searchings on MP and inworld, and i'm a little overwhelmed. Also, i am just a regular classic avi, and furthermore a regular boring human at that, so not looking for demonic or cats eyes or anything crazy. Also as i'm not mesh when i see some stores only selling Omega and Catwa i'm thinking i need to find a different store. Or am i out of luck and everything is mesh now? So any pointers on where to buy high-quality regular classic av eyes, the kind with the eye icon, not the prim kind as i can't get them to set right, would be much appreciated! Thanks so much! ~Bleue
  9. Wow, great - glad I came back and read these latest comments - thanks so much everyone, that worked! ~Bleue
  10. Thanks guys, much appreciated! I'll try the SL viewer. Have a grey8 SL Day! ~Bleue
  11. Hi everyone, I am renting a parcel and added a Music URL to the Sound tab in "About Land" (i'm using FS and I don't want it there now. I click the "minus" sign but it still stays there. How do I remove it such that there is no Music URL on the Sounds tab? I thought I'd ask here first before bothering the sim owner as this seems like it should be simple for me to do. Thank you so much! ~Bleue (bluelacroix resident)
  12. Thank you Whirly! The more I read this, the more I think it is the Adobe plug-in for Chrome, not FS. I installed the PPAPI and restarted Chrome, but I'm wondering how it gets from FS to Chrome. When I attach the demo movie is it going to automatically open a page in Chrome, or do i have to click something first? I am already running Chrome. I'll try the upgrade of FS too but if this is really supposed to play in Chrome then I'd rather not, my FS is realatively bug-free on this version, I had nightmares on most previous, and i assume future, versions. Thanks for your reply! ~Bleue
  13. Hi everyone! Not sure if this is the right place for this but i can't view media in the Ubume x Origami event. i followed the directions to turn on media, and i'm pretty sure i've used it before but a long time ago. I attached the demo movie they have here but it just plays a static screen - i don't think it is working. I went ahead through the game and where it would show a movie it didn't, so i'm pretty sure it's not working. I installed Adobe Flash Player PPAPI and restarted Firestorm, same result. The event I'm trying is here (this was in the Linden favourite spots email 8/19): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hakoniwa/64/9/1 Follwoing their directions, I downloaded and installed Adobe PPAPI I checked Prefernces 'sound & media' and i already had checked 'allow media to auto-play' i clicked the little movie camera icon in the top right corner of my screen. It toggles between a movie camera and a pause icon. Under the 'Master' settings the Media box is checked and the slider is in the middle. At that point i wear the demo movie they give at the event but the screen is static. is there a way to check media somewhere else, maybe this sim is borked? My graphics and FS version is this: CPU: AMD A8-5500 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics (3194.03 MHz) Memory: 16326 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-bit (Build 9600) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 750 Ti/PCIe/SSE2 Firestorm 4.7.3 (47323) Aug 18 2015 03:46:39 (Firestorm-Releasex64) with OpenSimulator support Any help much appreciated! All the best - and havea Gr8 SL Day! ~Bleue
  14. lol. You forgot to mention that i fed a troll. :catsurprised: ~Bleue
  15. Hello to you too HughJegow! Hmmmm, okay, well that was not the nicest way you could have put that. I'm sorry i bored you. i was hoping to avoid a scripting solution so i didn't want to post it there, i thought it was a pretty basic 'general' question so i thought it made sense to post it here (as this is called general discussion), and from the subject line it's pretty obvious what i'm asking, so if it is not of interest to you please skip it so you aren't bothered. i hope your day gets better than it was. :matte-motes-asleep-2: Best wishes, ~Bleue
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