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  1. Wow look at all these real life people and here I was thinking I was in going on about a virtual world named Second Life. If you want to be true to the character you are posting under, start calling it a TAX. If you want to separate your RL self from your SL character, then call it a FEE. The truth is, our local government took over the website sales market and now they are "taxing it". It wasn't enough that they had control over the currency where they can create as much of it as they want.. I have heard allot about that RL world and those ideas that are so wide spread seem to be taking over SL little by little. This whole game is a big experiment, have fun.. but know what is in front of you. Peace
  2. On the 4th of September 2012 Hilton Harpoon got high and liked it.
  3. My partner in crime (not wife) was in labor 9 months ago (my baby is named Sofia) and she was in labor for 36 hours.. The union would have helped I guess but they were on strike that day. Google Ron Paul to get a clue..
  4. Kinda like life ain't it? You can make it be whatever you want it to be, as long as you follow the rules of your masters.
  5. Hi! You bet I'm high! I would like to disagree with you but I can't. Those were the days my friend.. this fight will never end..
  6. Why debate? Lets just declare you the BOSS of everything and follow your lead.. Sound good to you?
  7. "Marketplace Commission (for delivered items)" xxxxxx$$$ Why doesn't SL call this a Sales Tax? Isn't this a virtual world? Worlds must have taxes right? (LOL) This has been going on for a while and I predicted it would happen on slexchange.com long before it was implemented.. It's sad to see this "metaverse" reflect RL in so many ways.. Pardon me for venting, but I hate to see all the potential and effort people were willing to put in to "this" go down the drain due to so many regulations. I thankfully have a life beyond SL. Peace
  8. RL laws have had much influence in SL and this community. Should we want to minimize the interference of RL laws in SL? Well, keeping our heads in the virtual sand of SL will sooner or later catch up with us if we don't care. The video is about a candidate that has proven to not be worthy of taking charge of the government LL has to answer to and that makes it relevant. Did your vision just improve?
  9. Thank you for correcting him. He said: "This is the second time you posted this video. " It is an obvious lie and I thank you for calling him out on it.
  10. Is that right? Would you mind showing some proof? I have no memory of posting this video before and will edit my initial post to remove the video if what you say is true.
  11. "UNELECTABLE" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3IDXGqKN2Q The video does not surprise me but hopefully it will surprise others who bother to watch it. Peace
  12. Has anyone seen "Elektable" ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QQl_fda5Ok
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