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  1. You are making a requirement that can be difficult to meet in sl. There can be different reasons to why people put in a link in the listing. Some customers expect that they can visit a store before buying, to make sure that it is not fraud, and other customers would like to see what else of items there is in the store and use the marketplace only as inspiration for their shopping. It also costs money to have items on display in the store as a prim is very expensive in SL, and if it is a trader who has been many years in sl and has made a lot of goods over the years, then it can get quite exp
  2. Halloween is getting closer.... Are you ready for a challenge? Are you a Hero? Or are you a brave Treasure Hunter? In the dense forest with secret caves, you will find zombies and other species to shoot and kill, and treasures that you want to fight for. Be careful!!! Open the whole month of October. Scourge Island. They say that those who land upon the island never depart. An eternal damnation of wandering; not quite alive, not quite dead. The first were pirates, condemned and exiled to the island for various heinous crimes. The rattling of sabers together with the howls of despair still hea
  3. They have forgot Window Treatments. There is a category for rugs, but not curtains.
  4. Saturday october 13 at 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM They come in darkest night, in many shapes, many sizes. As you explore the village, you wonder, of course, if it is haunted, like they say. Take your time, but not too much, for danger lurks in the village tonight. Maniacal mummies, skeletons and zombies from the pit of hell await you. Take a gun, if you are smart. Beat the top-score. Join the village group to be able to shoot. Join-sign is at the entrance. If the zombies dont get you DJ RCE will play some cool music, and at the dance platform the zombies dont dare to come. Haunted Halloween Vi
  5. Yeah, I did that, and there wasnt any change at all. My card are integrated though, so maybe thats why it didnt help...i dont know....
  6. Yeah i thought that at first too, but in the old viewer 3 version it didnt drop at all, and then i cant see how that could be my graphic card overheating then, because it should have done that too in that viewer which it didnt. I read somewhere about a bug in the old viewers that made fps drop when you look at something with flexi, and there are several jiras about it too, which are now closed because LL think they have solved it. So there has been something about this earliere that apparently has come back. The fps goes back up again when doing something, not always sure what though, but op
  7. ahhhh...I didnt know that. Thank you sooo very much
  8. Unfortunately I was forced to update the sl viewer to the new version 3.3.4. The 3.3.3 version works fine without the fps drop bug and it was the only viewer that worked, all other viewers has the fps drop implemented too...lol It starts out fine with my normal fps around 15-20 and then suddenly it drops below 5 and stay there, unless i focus on the ground with nothing else visible. There are a lot of jira's on this, all closed because LL think they fixed it and they did...until yesterday! I would like to know where i can get the 3.3.3 version instead of being forced to use the 3.3.4, now that
  9. Search works for me again now. So they did something apparently.
  10. My shop has disappeared totally too. Wonder what on earth is going on in LL these days with all those merchant-unfriendly bugs. reported in WEB-4724
  11. Join us for 1 ½ hour of DJ RCE's heavenly music with Dance and Romance. The "Secret Serenades" Ballroom's royal ambience and intimacy can transform any social gathering into the memory of a lifetime and adds a glamorous touch of class to any special event and important celebration. Located on the center of the Alquimia Sim and overlooking the adjacent ballroom park, this large, elegant ballroom is the one of the crown jewels of SL Ballrooms. The Ballroom Hall itself is surrounded by little alcoves where you can relax and if privacy is needed the curtains infront of the alcove can be
  12. ahhhhh, thank you so very much Miyo.... I thought i was going mad here. It helped with running the compability mode. :matte-motes-kiss:
  13. ABSTRACTIONS Art Gallery is having a contest and you are invited to enter. To enter, visit the gallery and find a display clearly marked. Write a description of your interpretation of the display and place it in the receptacle beside the display. Judging is based on originality and the contest will run for one week only, beginning today, Wed. May 4 and running until Wed. May 11. Three Cash Awards = Second Runner Up - $L 200 Runner Up - $L500 Grand Prize - $L1000 All entries will be displayed at the gallery. Awards will be Announced Sunday May 15 at
  14. hmmm...what do people consider as crap? I do actually think that is very different from who you are. As a newbie you would never know what is crap and what isnt. As new you think everything is cool. When you grow older in sl you start to be able to see the difference of the merchandise around. And when you start to be able to make your own stuff you most certainly see the difference around. But it takes time to grow in experience. Thats why i think that even the merchants that makes "crap" can sell today. Maybe only to new people, but no matter what they wouldnt pay rent for a shop if t
  15. I had a few curtains that had changed maturity to adult. How can a curtain be declared adult? I really prefer not to think of what people use my curtains for, if that is so...lol No, I think there was a bug in the code that was converting the items to a different maturity level. I had 3 magic boxes affected (of 25 in total), and it was only the middle items that was affected in all 3 (middle when you look in contentfolder of the box). Just a few in a row. And they were all items that wasnt updated, since they arrived from xstreet, so that might also be a factor. But they didnt include any "w
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