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  1. No such luck. It has a fixed width and depth, and its height loosely follows the worn shape, Things like attachments and mesh deformations are ignored. Also, the actual collision shape used on the server doesn't really look like anything you see in the various viewer displays, it is shaped more like a sarcophagus.
  2. For Second Life it's only going to mean that you can add normal and specular maps. Any object with modify permission is going to be "materials ready", for no-mod objects it's going to mean that the maker included such maps, or offered some scripted way to get them on there.
  3. It's probably better to avoid billing it as compatible. What you have going is the "sort of fits" that mesh body users already expect from things not made speciafically for their bodies. You could still mention in the decription that you had good luck with the combination, after a bit of tweaking, but yeah, point them to the demo in the same breath to prevent misunderstandings.
  4. Hey, why not? Sometmes I see that stuff change hands, so someone is buying it.
  5. That's a common one. To force a tiny bit of "overscan" and hide it, set the texture scale to about .98 or .99. Also make sure any sides on those panels are fully transparent - those backdrops often have a squished copy of the front texture on them.
  6. You can try doing it from the chat command line instead of the menu, using the owner command. (prospective owner has to be nearby for this to work.) /1 sr owner Superlongname McSuperlongnameington If you want to add a secondary owner, you would use /1 sr secowner Superlongname McSuperlongnameington To remove a secondary owner, /1 sr remsecowner Superlongname McSuperlongnameington To remove primary owners, you would use the runaway function. (Just in case, make sure you use the username and not the display name.)
  7. For an object to go phyical, its physics weight that you can see in the editor has to go down to 32 or less. It's Ok now if the rest of the land impact goes over that, though it will limit where you can rez it. The easiest way to fix up many vehicles is to select any child prims in the linkset that aren't going to be important for physics, and set their physics type to "none". If your item is a single mesh, you can link it to something simpler, like a plain old transparent prim, make that the root, and set the mesh part to physics type "none". Or, if you get lucky, setting the physics on the mesh to convex hull might be enough.
  8. Same deal as https://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Second-Life-Tech/Newly-Created-Group-Not-Loading/m-p/2985896#M4194
  9. Nothing you can do but wait, the central database swervers have been maxing out out at peak hours and it takes a while for the backlog to get through. They're working on making it stop doing that, but no ETA.
  10. On Windows I find that I have to add it to the shortcut like --set NewCacheLocation c:/users/cerise/goop If I use the usual Microsoft-style \ slashes, the viewer will simply crash right after launch.
  11. (On request, copying to here from JIRA, so it can show up in the answers search.) Highlight does do something, but it's a little obscure with the CSS used by LL. What it does is change the link to the top of that post in the thread, so that by default you would scroll there (provided the thread is long enough to make your browser scroll). The URL in your browser's address bar will change to match, you'll see the address has something like #M123456 appended that changes when you highlight different posts in the thread. It can be useful, if you want to share a link to a specific post in a thread. Visually, if you look really really closely, the border around the highlighted post gets a faint squared edge added to the normal rounded one. You'll also see links on the left, as "Message 3 of 5" and so on; clicking the first number there will do the same as highlight. --- Back when this version of the forum was new, I made this thing which makes the highlighting more apparent, among other tweaks. It still works, if you'd like to try it.
  12. Avatar still foloows the root prim, but updates don't always show when you edit. Try tapping Ctrl+R after you edit the prim's position.
  13. If you get stuck in a ban line, you can use the editor to move your vehicle out of it. Depending on the vehicle script, you may need to stand and re-sit, or switch the 'engine' off then back on, to make it physical again.
  14. Are you trying to use this stuff in attachment? Rotation in attachments doesn't really work, the server simply doesn't have enough information to make that look right.
  15. That's one of the older Intel chipsets, so yeah, you will be limited in available SL settings. You may still want to check at Intel's web site that you have the most current driver, so that the SL features that do work won't crash you. (Low/Medium/High/Ultra mean different things depending on what your graphics hardware can do.)
  16. Ayesha Askham wrote: Yes It is good to see this is apparently sorted out. Mind you something like a "perms" change in the simulator software ought to have been picked up at QA. Granted. And mind you, the RC channels are a part of that very process.
  17. Ayesha Askham wrote: Caleb I am seeing numerous reports of avs not being able to open notecards on Bluesteel sims after this week's roll. They're already on it, of course. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-10183
  18. BabyGia wrote: So basically what you are saying is that it can be done? Right? I'm saying that there is room for a little more customization or better facial expressions (a few heads already use this stuff), but you'll never see a mesh head in Second Life that can use all the shape sliders. They simply weren't made to be used that way in the ancient times.
  19. Mesh heads can be rigged to use head size, head stretch, head length and face shear, none of the other sliders affecting the head are avaible to meshes.The unavailble sliders don't touch the skeleton, they only run morph target animations on the legacy body. It is also possible to borrow some of the attachment points in the head for animations, and if those animations are static poses they can be used as proxies for shape changes.
  20. You can do it from the other direction. Check the avatars on the parcel with OBJECT_ROOT from llGetObjectDetails, this will tell you what they are sitting on. Then you can match it up with the objects you are tracking.
  21. Not a list as such, but that last two viewer log files will be in with chat logs etc and you can look at the tails for the last timestamp. Also if you save a chat log, you can look thru for login messages, then scoot up a few lines to find when the last episode was.
  22. Quality of animations varies a lot in SL. You won't see any body physics if the animation doesn't bother move the body around; some examples out there only move the limbs. Next, you may want to use different physics settings from the ones you use while walking around. More exaggerated physics wil be more visible when there is less movement, and a ittle more waggle makes some sense without clothes restricting movement =D
  23. If that's a mesh head then about all you can really do for the moment are hacky things like select the head, which usually makes it finish loading after a few seconds, or try camming far away then snapping back. Some patches for this have been winding their way through LL, and those patches do seem to improve things a lot, but they haven't made it to released viewers yet.
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